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Why Customer Service Should Be Pro9Mpt and Professional? extended essay help biology Communications assignment help

Why customer service should be pro9mpt and professional? 1 – Explain, in approximately 200 words, the reasons why customer service should be prompt and professional. Include three effects on the customer if it is not and three effects on the support organisation if it is not. R: Customer service should be prompt and professional, to create relationship advertising focuses on getting customers and keeping them in the longer term using a combination of marketing, be capable of help to retain customers, on the way to prevent any anger and frustration as well safeguarding reputation.

To satisfy customers, as satisfied customers, they will recommend you to others, resulting in an increase in new business, improve profitability, help to attract further new customer over time. Three effects of the customer of not being prompt and professional are; * They may get complain. * Client possibly will lose money. * They may misplace contacts. Three effects on the support organisation if it is not are; * With Customer experiences poor service, they are more likely to tell other people of bad experience, which is not a good advertisement for the business. They may deter others from even trying the company server out and so we will not get the chance to impress them. * The organization may possibly go down profitability. 2 – Describe three different ways of providing technical support, including at least one remote method (other than technical helpdesk). * Phone, you can take phone support further by offering a remote-desktop feature to help customers right on their computer. * Email, start with email support.

Simply publish an email address, and answer queries as they come in. * Social media, Support via social media has become so important that many large companies are far more responsive on Twitter than via traditional means. * Ticketing system, Ticketing systems make the process of providing support easier when multiple staff members are involved, because you can see whether a request is being responded to and who is working on it. * Real-time chat. Users might trust the product more if they know they can speak to a real person.

Arthur Shawcross

Arthur Shawcross.

This paper needs to be about Arthur Shawcross, a serial killer. Detail the number of people he murdered, both confirmed and uncomfirmed. (kind of like how ted bundy has people they have evidence he killed, then people they know he killed but dont have the evidence to prove.) Also list the details of how he was caught.

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