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Although some would argue that the education system we have today is sufficient, evidence and experts retort that notion and assert instead the necessity of taking a creatively driven approach to education in order for students to obtain future success. Sir Ken Robinson’s article referring to creativity as the most crucial 21st century skill and his Ted talk about the ballerina that became a multimillionaire after being allowed to express her creativity, both highlight the necessity of permitting students to explore their creative sides and allowing them to build a future with it, leading to success in the long-term.

In order for kids to be personally invested in their education, schools need to find ways to invigorate and impassion them. According to Robinson, the United States has a 30 percent high school dropout rate, and it gets even worse in minority communities where dropout rates are as high as 80 percent. Clearly, there is something wrong with the education system for the numbers to be that high. We are not stimulating them but rather alienating them from their own talents.

If we are not appealing to their creativity then students gradually lose interest and what we are left with is a generation of potentially very talented individuals who were taught that their original ideas are not as important as the quadratic formula. Without the flow of innovative ideas, there would be less technological advancement, fewer jobs, and an even higher high school dropout rate. Thus, it is crucial that we encourage the usage of creativity now to increase the flow of innovative ideas and grant students success in the long-term.

In his Ted Talk, Sir Ken Robinson refers to a famous dancer that, as a child, was sent to the doctor by her mother for having a short attention span that caused her to do poorly in school. However, she was gifted in a way that the school and her mother had failed to see. Upon seeing her dance, the doctor had declared that there was nothing wrong with her, she’s merely a dancer and he insisted that she register at a dance school.

If she had gone to any other doctor, she might not have been as successful in life as she is now. By reinforcing her love of dance, her creative ability, the doctor had allowed her to explore her own talents instead of doing what the school had tried to do, which was to systematically teach her something that didn’t interest her and suck the love of dance out of her. People perform better when they’re in touch with things that inspire them; therefore establishing a system based upon creativity will engross students and cause them to be more involved in school while being connected to their passions and yield future success.

The school system we have today is not serving its purpose to its fullest. It is far too often crushing original ideas and trying to replace it with words in textbooks and formulas, and although words in textbooks and formulas are important in their own way, creativity is no less as important and its time people stop pretending it is. Through that evidence provided by Sir Ken Robinson and the success of the ballerina who was given the opportunity to scrutinize her creative capacity, it is clear that schools need to reorganize and approach education in a creative way now in order to provide students with success in the future.

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I relate to the first leading question. I feel that a balanced team is one where each person plays an essential role in the team. A personal example of this would be my aquatics team. I over see the aquatics department but then it tiers off where I have a lead lifeguard and then a lead swim lesson instructor. Each lead is in charge of making the programs successful. I rely on them to create schedules and assist with in-service training for each team member in the area. I oversea the training and changes in the schedule and that the marketing, hiring, and participants are happy. Although I can run all the areas, the department works better when I have equal assistance in each area. Agree or Disagree within 2-3 sentences

A great team is the one which works at the highest efficiency level and responsively reacts at lightning speed in all situations. However, a team requires enabling conditions to thrive; a strong structure, a compelling direction, and a supportive context, for it to succeed. Also balanced teams consists of recruiting and training staff capable of making dependent decisions, thinking in systems, mobilizing key stakeholders, and learning from one another towards joint goals.