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As a nurse you can take your skills wherever you want to go. There are many nursing positions available throughout the United States as well as internationally for qualified people from every ethnic and religious background. Nursing isn’t just confined to the hospital; you can practice in hundreds of settings such as: home health care, hospice, corporations, us public health services, independent practice and many more.

You can also diversify into different areas of nursing: caring for children, adults, and the elderly. Job opportunities are expanding in the nursing field; nurses are now providing more direct care to patients than ever. As a nurse most jobs you can have are secure, nursing serves as a great stepping stone for a medical career also. Nursing is a challenge but as a nurse you have to remember that each and every day you are helping someone and any word can brighten a patients day.

Giving it your all 100% of the time is the key to being a nurse and I give 100% in everything I do. When you are a nurse you’re making a real difference in people’s lives every day. No two days are the same, and nursing provides you with knowledge and experience you can use for yourself, your family, and you community, in addition to the patient. I enjoy helping and caring for people that’s what makes me happy. To make the decision to dedicate your life to the care of others is a big part in nursing.

When you become a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours and that’s what being a nurse is all about to me. As I research and read many articles about nursing one of the values of a nurse stood out to me; Human “dignity” human dignity is defined as the state of being worthy of honor and respect. I read that in nursing you are taught to treat patients with dignity, you are to treat each person as equal and not refuse care to anyone regardless of their past or other factors.

During good and bad times I will remember why I became the nurse and the vision to what I want to achieve as a nurse. Nurses must remember their core values and follow them to their best ability and I am more than ready to take the next step in my life in becoming a nurse. I choose to further my education in the field of Nursing because.

1906 San Francisco earthquake

1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Description In your paper, you will address the geologic aspects of the earthquake (some topics to include are listed below). As this is a course on environmental geology course, you will also research the effects that the event had on people, those living in the Bay Area at the time as well as the much farther reaching global influence of the quake. Geologic aspects:In this section, you will discuss the general plate tectonic setting, then the geologic setting and info about the quake including info such as rupture length, amount of displacement, focal depth, etc. Review the chapter on Earthquakes to get an idea of the types of info you should include. Effects on people:What secondary hazards were triggered? What damage occurred? What was learned from this earthquake? What were the long-term impacts of this earthquake? What scientific contributions were made as a result of the quake? Is it likely to occur again? What is the current state of geologic stress in the bay area? Once you begin the research, you will have a better idea of the important information about his earthquake. Be thorough, but concise in your writing. Include anything you found interesting or applicable to your major in some way. This earthquake has social, financial, structural implications so you can approach this topic from a variety of standpoints. Formatting and organization. Your paper should be 1200-1400 words, double-spaced, in 12-pt font and in an appropriate style (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.). You should have a brief intro and conclusion (no abstract is necessary). Each of your paragraphs or sections should be clearly organized and should include a heading. Use APA style for headings and subheadings. Citations and ReferencesA list of references (minimum of 6 although more are strongly encouraged) with appropriate in-text citations will be required. Use APA style for citations and references. No footnotes or endnotes! See the following websites for examples:APA: Your sources must be reputable, although ideal if you are able to understand them, you don’t necessarily have to use peer-reviewed journal articles. Reliable internet sources are acceptable as well. Wikipedia does not count as reputable, but the sources used for Wikipedia articles may be. You will be graded on content, clarity of writing, and organization. As always, e-mail me with any questions you may have. The writing center is also open this summer and you can set up an appointment for additional help if needed. You may not use direct quotes. The paper should be entirely in your own words and demonstrate thorough research and understanding. Avoid simply summarizing sources or paraphrasing. Try to draw from a variety of sources to write each paragraph and be sure to cite everything!

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