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Why A Nurse Should Study Sociology Essay

Nursing and sociology are terms that rather tightly connected with each other, because nursing is a profession that is focused on helping patients, their families and whole communities in recovering optimal health whereas sociology is the study of society and how people should live in it. The main question to answer in this paper is: why sociology is important to nursing? It seems easy and hard question at the same time. In the beginning of this paper I want to quote Porter’s words that were presented in Cooke’s and Philpin’s (2008) book and they will be introductory words to this paper: “The activity of nursing inevitably involves the social interaction of human individuals. As a consequence, if nurses are to do their job properly, they require an understanding of the nature of those interactions, and of the context in which they take place. In other words, they require a knowledge of sociology”. In this paper, I will give the definition of nursing, the definition of sociology and will explain why nurses need sociology studying in their nursing practice. I strongly believe that this paper will show the necessity of sociology to the development of reliable and more professional nurses. First of all it is necessary to define the term “nursing” and according to Kim and Kollak (2006) “nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or well and in all settings. Nursing includes the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled and dying people. Advocacy, promotion of a safe environment, research, participation in shaping health policy and in patient and health systems management, and education are also key nursing roles.” This definition shows us that the essence of nursing profession is to take care of people and help them not only when they ill, but also when they are healthy but need some help. Defining the notion “sociology” we should mention that this word has a very long history and the beginning of the term comes from the Latin word Socius that means companion and term’s ending comes from the Greek word logos. In general terms sociology can be understand as the science of society, certain social institutions (government, law, morality, etc.), social processes and social communities of people. Contemporary sociology – is a lot of streams and scientific schools, which in many ways try to explain its subject and the role of different answers to the question what is sociology. There are various definitions of sociology as a science of society. And according to one of them sociology – is a science, in which focused social communities, their origins, interactions and trends. Each of the definitions is rational. Most scientists tend to believe that the subject of sociology is a society or certain social phenomena. Therefore, sociology – is the science of generic properties and fundamental laws of social phenomena. Sociology is not simply selects the empirical experience that means sense perception only by means of valid knowledge, social change, but theoretically it generalizes it. Thinking about nursing, Godin (1999) said that “ideologically, nursing attempts to emphasise differences between itself and medicine. Nursing thus portrays medicine as reductively bio-medical, and itself as holistic. It is perhaps a false dichotomy. Both medicine and nursing knowledge have in recent decades become more informed by a broader conceptualisation of the patient as a whole person, but medicine could well claim to have been influenced by such holistic ideology much earlier than nursing.” He also added that “furthermore, psychology and sociology were included as discrete subjects in the curriculum of doctors’ training much earlier than in the case of nurses.” It becomes understandable that nursing in its turn can not exist without specific knowledge and it draws on knowledge from various disciplines and sciences such as medical science, biological science, psychology, sociology, ethics, politics etc. Connecting nursing and sociology it is possible to say that connection between these two directions were formed long time ago. For example, with appearance of sociology new possibilities of penetration in the internal world of personality were opened, understanding of individual’s vital aims, interests, and necessities were discovered. However, sociology in the nursing context studies a not person in general, and his concrete world, but it studies social environment, communities which he is interested in and live in, the way of person’s life, social connections, social actions. These new knowledge also open new opportunities in patients’ care, because it allow nurses to understand not only personality of the patient, but also circumstances of his existence and his reaction on surrounding world and surrounding reality. Do not diminishing the value of numerous areas of social science, however, sociology is unique ability to see the world as integral system. In the frames of sociology the system is examined by this science not only as functioning and developing system, but also as experiencing the state of deep crisis. Modern sociology tries to study reasons of crisis and find the ways of exit from the crisis of society. According to Earle and Denny (2005), nurses in their nursing practice should to know that basic problems of modern sociology are a survival of humanity and updating of civilization, its raising on more higher stage of development. Sociology searches the decision of problems not only at global level but also at the level of social communities, concrete social institutes and associations, social conduct of individual. Sociology is multilevel science, presenting unity of abstract and concrete forms, macro and micro theoretical approaches, theoretical and empiric knowledge. Thus, taking into account above discussed information it is possible to come to the conclusion that sociology is an important tool that will help nurses to understand the communities where their future patient’s live in and will make them more effective in nursing practice. The sociological vision will help to find the essence of problems and then solve them in a right way. Sociology has positive influences on nurse’s mind and it allows them to deal with people, to understand main mechanisms of society and make horizons of problem perception wider. In the paper were given definitions of nursing and sociology and also were presented their connections between each other.
Harvard University Improved Immunization Strategy Discussion.

Request: The purpose is to read the attached article entitled “ An Improved Immunization Strategy: M-Absolute “. After that you need to write a 2 pages summary-analysis, the best way is to make sure that one page is the summary of the article while the other one is an analysis of the information provided (do not repeat). The paper needs to be written in APA format but with Times New Roman,12, single spaced. Since this is a writing task, it is important to make sure there are no grammar errors and no plagiarism as points will be deducted for these elements.Thank you a lot for your support
Harvard University Improved Immunization Strategy Discussion

CAPS 401 West Coast University Wk1 Evaluating Cultural Ethical Resources Paper

CAPS 401 West Coast University Wk1 Evaluating Cultural Ethical Resources Paper.

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You will find three scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles on your topic. Remember that next week you will submit a paper on Cultural and/or Ethical perspectives of inquiry, so use this week’s assignment to prepare materials and collect information for that purpose.Use articles that will help you explain and describe cultural and/or ethical, legal or regulatory issues related to your topic. You will analyze and evaluate these articles in your submission, which should include:A brief introductory paragraphThree separate paragraphs, one for each of the three articles, each presenting:A brief 3–4 sentence summary of the article (use in-text citations)An explanation as to what makes this source credible (in the WCU Library go to Research Guides > Research Basics > Evaluating Resources)An explanation of why the article will be useful in addressing your problem or issueA brief conclusory paragraphAn APA Style reference list on a separate pageYour paper should be 1–3 pages in length (including the References page). Adhere to APA Style throughout. -Attached you will find the topic that is needed to complete this assignment
CAPS 401 West Coast University Wk1 Evaluating Cultural Ethical Resources Paper

Statistical Process Control Analyze

custom writing service Statistical Process Control Analyze.

Complete SPC Project (Submit before the identified deadline date) – See details below:There are two cases in this project. Below are the details on the two cases in the SPC Project (Based on Chapter 6S Statistical Process Control). In this module, there is an Excel spreadsheet labeled SPC Project – BLANK New_2019 that has the sample data and includes spaces to add your SPC Control Chart data (for Case 1 Frito-Lay) and includes the data to build the SPC Charts (for Case 2 Stensil Fertilizer and Chemical Company). Make sure to substitute your name for the word BLANK when you save the Excel file.Case 1: Frito-Lay Salt TestRead the first case (Frito-Lay) description is below.Watch the video in this module for the Frito-Lay case.You must also submit a Word document containing a memo to Angela McCormack and answering the additional two questions.Case 1 DescriptionFrito-Lay, the multi-billion-dollar snack food giant, produces billions of pounds of product every year at its dozens of U.S. and Canadian plants. From the farming of potatoes in Florida, North Carolina, and Michigan to factory and to retail stores, the ingredients and final product of Lay’s chips, for example, are inspected at least 11 times: in the field, before unloading at the plant, after washing and peeling, at the sizing station, at the fryer, after seasoning when bagged (for weight), at carton filling, in the warehouse, and as they are placed on the store shelf by Frito-Lay personnel. Similar inspections take place for its other famous products, including Cheetos, Fritos, Ruffles, and Tostitos.In addition to these employee inspections, the firm uses proprietary vision systems to look for defective potato chips. Chips are pulled off the high-speed line and checked twice if the vision system senses them to be too brown.The company follows the very strict standards of the American Institute of Baking (AIB), standards that are much tougher than those of the U.S Food and Drug Administration. Two unannounced AIB site visits per year keep Frito-Lay’s plant on their toes. Scores, consistently in the “excellent” range, are posted, and every employee knows exactly how the plant is doing.There are two key metrics in Frito-Lay’s continuous improvement quality program: (1) total customer complaints (measured on a complaints per million bag basis) and (2) hourly or daily statistical process control scores (for oil, moisture, seasoning, and salt content, for chip thickness, for fryer temperature, and for weight).In the Florida plant, Angela McCormack, who holds engineering and MBA degrees, oversees a 15-member quality assurance staff. They watch all aspects of quality, including training employees on the factory floor, monitoring automated processing equipment, and developing and updating statistical process control (SPC) charts. The upper and lower control limits for one checkpoint, salt content in Lay’s chip, are 2.22% (UCL) and 1.98% (LCL), respectively. To see exactly how the limits are created using SPC, watch the Frito Lay Control Charts video in the Module below that accompanies this case.In the Excel document (below in this Module) you are going to create a new set of UCL and LCL measurements based on the below sample data and using the provided population parameter for standard deviation. Calculate the measurements and show your work.Angela is evaluating a new salt process delivery system and wants to know if the upper and lower control limits at 3 standard deviations for the new system will meet the upper and lower controls specifications currently used (2.22 and 1.98). The population standard deviation is s = .07 and each sample is n=4. In a Word document, write a memo to Angela explaining whether or not the new salination process (from which we obtained the sample data) is delivering a new set of UCL/LCL measurements that is within the specifications set by the current set of control limits. In other words, does the new set of UCL/LCL measurement exceed the prior limits (meaning it is unacceptable) or equals or is less than the current specifications?Additionally, in the same Word document, answer the following two critical thinking questions about Frito-Lay’s current quality process. Question 1: How much of an improvement in variability did Frito-Lay make by implementing SPC? Question 2: What are the steps Karen Engels and Barbara Boudreau go through as part of a testing cycle?The data (in percent) from the initial trial samples using the new salting process are:Sample 1:1.982.112.152.06Sample 2:1.992.02.081.99Sample 3: 4: 5: 2: Stensil Fertilizer and Chemical Co. Inorganic Fertilizer TestingRead the second case (Stensil), the description is below (also found in the Excel file, second tab).Watch the second video in this module which explains how to build an SPC chart in Excel.You must also submit a Word document containing a memo to Bill Evans, Quality Control Manager for Stensil.Case 2 DescriptionStensil Fertilizer and Chemical Company produces both organic and inorganic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are generally safe, but inorganic fertilizers are carefully monitored by the EPA due to the presence of hazardous waste materials (hazmat). Most bags contain some hazardous content, but theoretically, there should be none. The EPA allowable specification is 90 parts per million (PPM). The quality control department at Stensil feels that there is no problem with hazardous material content, which has been averaging just over 50 PPM. The production department estimates that a substantial investment would be required to lower the amount of this contaminant. These two departments, after consulting with the marketing department and the EPA, suggest that a control chart should be set up to monitor hazmat content. Five samples will be tested per day and plotted as one point on the chart. Use the data in Table 1 to set up the control limits. Then, after the limits are in place for this process, use Table 2 to determine whether or not the process remains in control for the week of September 6—10.The Excel file includes a second tab for the Stensil Fertilizer Case (Case 2). This is the data you need for the problem. Build an appropriate SPC X-bar Chart and R-chart for the Table 1 data on this tab of the Excel worksheet.Then, test to determine whether the Table 2 data indicates the process is under control for that period. Show your work for this part in the same Excel worksheet and submit it.Assuming the role of Quality Control Analyst, write a memo (using Word) to the Manager of Quality Control for Stensil Fertilizer & Chemical Company (Bill Evans) explaining the process you went through and making a recommendation regarding current hazmat levels in Stensil’s fertilizer.
Statistical Process Control Analyze

PHT 125 FIU Home Assessment for Fall Risk Great Concern in Most Communities Essay

PHT 125 FIU Home Assessment for Fall Risk Great Concern in Most Communities Essay.

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STUDENTNAME:DATE:HOME ASSESSMENT & RESEARCH ASSIGNMENDescription:Your patient was seen for Initial Evaluation by a PT. You aretreating the patient at his/her home and are concerned aboutthe patient’s home environment due to the patient being atrisk for falls.1. Watch this video regarding Home Safety Tips:2. Read APTA Falls PowerPoint (Posted on inWeek 3)3. Perform a Home Assessment using the following… (Posted inWeek 3)4. Find a relative or friend (client) who may benefit from a home assessment.5. Write an introductory paragraph to describe the medical history of the client (please do not provide any client’s personal information) and the reason why you decided to complete a home assessment for this client.6. Based on the Home Assessment, describe in a narrative format the following information related to the six areas mentioned below:• Identification and description of safety concerns (explain and apply the importance of inspecting the physical environment for safety)• Recommendations of items to be discussed with PT to address each safety concern with specific environmental modifications in order to reduce risk for fallsThe following six areas should be described individually in a paragraph format: A. Pathways/Entrance to HomeB. HallwaysC. Stairs and StepsD. Living Room – Family RoomE. BathroomsF. Bedrooms7. In addition:1. Select ONE research article from a peer-reviewedPhysical Therapy Journal that supports yourrecommendation. Suggested key words for yoursearch may include “physical therapy best practicesfor fall prevention at home”, “home assessment”,“balance”, “fall prevention”, “risk for falls”, “physicaltherapy interventions”, “best practices”,“environmental interventions”.a. Suggested journals may include PhysicalTherapy, Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy,Journal of Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Journalof Sports Physical Therapy, SPINE, etc.) A research article is not a clinical commentary oran editorial review!).b. Read the article thoroughly.c. Include in the narrative a summary of the article and your analysis and interpretation of how this research article is clinically relevantand provides evidence to support your clinicaldecision making/recommendation.
PHT 125 FIU Home Assessment for Fall Risk Great Concern in Most Communities Essay

The British Petroleum Company Social Responsibility Essay

Introduction Companies need to practice strong business ethics and good corporate social responsibility. These aspects have a great impact on the operations of the business. In essence, these two concepts are critical for the company in its attempt to foster good relations, both the internal and the external, within the communities in which they operate (McWilliams

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