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Whopper points Essay

The Toulmin analysis should contain: claim, grounds, warrants, backing, qualifiers, and where available rebuttals or reservations.
Identify the respective spheres in which each argument is being made. Who are the primary and secondary adherents to each argument?
Discuss the value(s) upon what each argument is based. Discuss the policy on what, you believe, each side’s decision is based. Also, assess what you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s argument.
Back your analysis with a minimum of three authoritative sources for each side both pro and con. Discussion points must contain in-text citations from your authoritative sources and a Reference Bibliography at the end of the paper.
The paper, in-text citations, and Reference Bibliography must be formatted in APA. Separate the paper into two main sections presenting one side’s argument and your analysis uniquely in each section. Use bolded sub-titles within each section to designate each part of your analysis.