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That fgures shows that Whole food were in the beginning of the Organic and natural food expansion , that what can prove the right strategy choice by betting on organic and atural food. Whole Foods is not a low-cost provider like most of their competitors, but offers differentiating features with a high value proposition. They are attracting buyers who seek out the value in organic and natural foods and from there they are carving out their own target market.

In the other Hand ,the Appearance of the new USDA standards for labeling organic food products helped the sales growth of Whole food industry. Because the labels has always been a selling point for the consumers whom want to avoid pesticides and chemicals. And to continue riding in the wave of he growth opportunity , Whole Foods merchandising strategy, its appealing stores, and its wide product selection put it in excellent position to effectively promote organic products and to sell consumers on the advantages of buying organic products.

Whole Food also took benefit from the organic and naturel growing demand of supermarket and consumers, that was growing 20 percent annually, and increased their production, that what makes Whole foods product more present in houses , in this way In 2000 for the first time, more organic food was sold in conventional supermarkets than in the approximately 14,500 stores that specialized n natural and health foods.

Whole food’s strategy was considered one of the successful strategy and called “winning strategy’ in that period , because all factors and strategy was well matched with the industry and the growth of organic and natural food. So Yes Whole food adopted the right strategy at the right moment , putting it in a very good position to attract new customers, and fghting competitors like Fresh Market and Fresh & Easy, draw shoppers away from leading supermarket chains, and grow its sales and market share at the expense of rivals. Whole food market strategy analysis By midox

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Young adults seek for friendships from others who have similar interests. Such interests might be in music, sports, or video games. It is crucial that they find a common interest with others peers to establish long-lasting friendships which matter. Young adults need to discover their interests and what they like doing and this helps them to choose the persons they meet and who become possible long-lasting friends. The early years of adulthood helps one to try and define their identity, gain independent and establish important relationships.

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Friendships are the voluntary interpersonal relationships between individuals who match their interests, equal, and who mutually influence each other. Friendships may appear different from family relationships, romantic relationships, and acquaintances and are voluntary in nature hence are more vulnerable than others. Young adults must learn how to form intimate relationships both love and friendship. In cases where this skill is not learned, the alternative is isolation, alienation, inability to depend on others and fear of commitment. As young adults, one must experience freedom and mistakes due to the anxiety of getting away from parents. Some people may become too careless with relationships and this can change everything to become meaningless (Latham, Don & Melissa, 2014).

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