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White-headed Capuchin and Operation Clean Sweep personal essay help Religion and Theology assignment help

? Queenisha Payne May 29th, 2013 Biology I Honors Period 6 “Outbreak” Movie Assignment: 1. The mercenary camp in the Motaba River Valley of Zaire was bombed in 1967 because in 1967, Motaba, a fictional deadly viral hemorrhagic fever, is discovered in a mercenary camp in Zaire and kept it as a top secret; two soldiers ordered the camp to be boomed to cover up the discovery and to stop the outbreak of the disease. 2. No, I would have removed all the people and disinfected all of them so the virus would stay in the forest ad nobody would die. 3.

Sam Daniels and his crew were sent to the Motaba Valley, Zaire because there was a level 4 virus. 4. The mystery disease got to the Motaba Valley because one of the host animals, a white-headed capuchin monkey was illegally brought to the United States by James “Jimbo” Scott, an employee at the Biotest animal holding facility; he stole the monkey and takes it to Cedar Creek, California, to sell on the black market. During the trip, Jimbo is infected with the virus. 5. The tribesman’s explanation of why the disease was affecting the tribe was because it was the god’s punishment for cutting down the rain forest.

I do not feel that there could be any truth to the explanation because it does not make sense how other nature couldn’t be happy with loss of the plants and forests. 6. The characteristics of the mystery disease was that there were blistering everywhere, severe headaches, and bleeding from every orifice. 7. Casey showed so much concern about the small tear in Daniels’ suit as they were about to enter the BS4 area of the lab because they wore thick space suits and multiple airlocks, ultra- violet light rooms and workers must be intensely trained.

8. 9. The measures that were taken in Cedar Creek to contain the outbreak 10. Operation Clean Sweep is a plan by the military to bomb the town of Cedar Creek, with the approval from the President of the United States, who was the Ford’s partner at the African camp in 1967 and was responsible for its destruction, plans to use the bombing to cover up the virus’s existence to advance his weapon objective. Many officials thought it was necessary

because they didn’t want to spend time curing the whole nation with the serum. 11. The reason that the E-1101 antiserum against Motaba virus kept it a secret because 12. Daniels was so intent on capturing the monkey in Palisades, California because they found out that the monkey is the host of the Motaba virus. 13. Daniels prevents the success of Operation Clean Sweep because Daniel and Salt took it upon themselves to fly in the way of the bomber to stop it.

With support from Ford, Daniels is able to stay in the way of the plane long enough to convince the pilots that information was withheld from them. The pilot detonates the bomb over water instead of the town. Ford, having had enough of McClintock’s single-minded obsession, relieves McClintock of command and places him under arrest for withholding information from the President. McClintock promises to take Ford down with him, but Ford refuses. Sam and Robby make up, and the remaining residents of the town are successfully cured.

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Write an analytical summary of your learning outcomes from chapters 5 and 6. In addition to your analytical summary, address the following:
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