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The defeat of the Nazi armies in Russia can be attributed to several factors, which all proved disastrous to the Nazis. These factors include overstretched supply line, poorly equipped soldiers and Russia’s massive size. The main factor leading to the Nazi defeat was Russia’s massive size and weather. Due to the sheer size of the country, the German soldiers soon became exhausted and their morale lowered.

The size of the country also resulted in the Nazi supply lines becoming seriously overstretched leading to supplies taking much longer to reach the troops, meaning the troops would either starve or run out of ammunition, both of which would mean the defeat of the Nazis in the USSR. Also, the vast areas captured were near impossible to control due to the lack of troops and intense partisan activities meant that the Nazis could exercise very little power over the captured areas.

Also, due to the large size of Russia and intense partisan activity, the invasion took much longer, in resulting in the German army fighting in the winter at -40 degrees Celsius, using summer gear. And finally, there was also the simple, but important fact: that Russia could afford to use more soldiers that the Nazis were capable without losing control of invaded lands. There was also another major mistake made by Hitler, which was take command over his generals instead of letting them command their troops, leading to further mistakes.

In conclusion, all of these factors contributed to the defeat and undoing of the Nazi invasion forces in Russia, each adding to the overall problem, which could only end in defeat for the Nazis. How great a turning point was Hitler’s decision to invade the Soviet Union in 1941? Hitler’s decision to invade the USSR was perhaps the most influential decision of the Second World War. This is due to many factors. Hitler’s goal was to invade the USSR in three months, as Lebensraum for his people, but there were several problems.

The first of these problems was that now Hitler was fighting the largest country in this world, not only in geographical size, but also as one of the largest populations and amounts of recourses. This also meant he would be fighting a two front war. This would mean he could be attacked of both sides – which also meant he would need to stretch his army in order to keep his occupied lands from fighting back, as well as the invasion force for Russia.

The factors making Hitler’s decision to invade Russia a great turning point include the result of the invasion. These include the fact that most of Hitler’s armies were defeated there, and that some of the largest and bloodiest battles occurred there. Another factor was the fact that by 6th June 1944 – D-Day, the USSR had already started driving Germany out of the Soviet Union. Overall, Hitler’s decision to invade the USSR was a great turning point in the war, and this was attributed to many important factors.

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