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Becket includes elements of both tragedy and comedy in this section. Despite the clear presence of comedy within this passage, the extreme morbidness overshadows most elements of comedy. Becket includes comedy to give the audience an intermission from the intense, harrowing, continuous presence of tragedy in this section. The passage begins with Vladimir asking the simple question: What do we do now? , Estragon retorts: “What about hanging ourselves? “, immediately Becket forces us to confront the idea of mortality, not only mortality but suicide. It is an extremely tragic activity for Estrogen to suggest to ‘pass the time’.

Estragon could be desperately searching for an escape from the monotonous act of Waiting. Yet, we could perceive this line as comedic, the practicality of ending ones’ life to ‘pass the time’ while waiting for Godot seems utterly absurd; if Estragon and Vladimir did hang themselves, they cease the act of Waiting and instead are dead. The interplay between tragedy and comedy continue; Vladimir considers the prospect of suicide and responds: “it’d give us an erection”, Estragon then retorts ‘highly excited’; “An erection! “, this highlights their obsession with bodily functions and the mention of ‘an rection’ likens them to adolescent boys.

Additionally, Beckett portrays Estragon and Vladimir as rather naive as they do not seem to know that hanging one selves will result in immediate death- not an erection. Estragon is ‘highly excited’ about the prospect of arousal, so is Vladimir. Theyre both considering the act of ‘erotic asphyxiation’ this act mixes sex (which is pleasure) with death. Becket subverts the idea of death into an act of pleasure. He suggests that the ultimate pleasure is death; this is a plausible interpretation as Becket was an Absurdist who believed life was eaningless.

This line is shrouded with tragedy as Estragon and Vladimir are both willing to sacrifice their life for the mere prospect of an erection. Vladimir’s then precedes with a balletic like retort: “With all that follows. Where it falls, mandrakes grow. That’s why they shriek when you pull them up”, in this line Vladimir is referring to the act of erotic asphyxiation, as it was a common folklore’ in some countries that mandrakes would only grow where the semen of a hanged man had dripped onto the ground. Estragon recognizes the reference and exclaims: “lets hang ourselves immediately! as not only are they faced with the prospect of Just an erection but the act of ejaculation too. This underlines their obsession with bodily functions. The interplay between tragedy and comedy are significantly prominent in this line. We, as the audience, find this line greatly demoralizing and dismal as we have to watch while Estragon expresses his excitement about the prospect of death. This links into how feeble life is, as Estragon is so vehemently willing to give over his own life. Death or wait until death tragically ends it for them. The idea of mortality is very present in his line, and is rather unsettling for the audience.

It seems ludicrous to the audience that estragon is so elated about death. It’s almost comical. Although there’s are slight hints of comedy in this line, there’s an underlining sense of tragedy as audience believes they may precede with hanging themselves. There is an overt sense of comedy in the proceeding lines: Vladimir: Go ahead Estragon: After you Vladimir: No, no, you first. The audience are presented with a double act again, both are excessively polite to each other as theyre both trying to delay the deadly act. Yet as the act of delaying ontinues, the sense of comedy slowly transcends into tragedy: Estragon:Why me?

Vladimir: You’re lighter than I am. Estragon: Just so! TheyVe stopped delaying the process by acting overtly polite to each, instead theyVe started squabbling instead. This shows that neither Vladimir nor Estragon trust each other and cannot make the first move. They may be presented as a double act, however, fundamentally, they are alone. Also neither of them are moving, they are continuously stuck in stasis. Estragon grows increasingly frustrated with Vladimir and the situation all together, this evident in this line: “GOGO light- bough not break- GOGO dead.

DiDi heavy- bough not break- DiDi alone. ” The broken language in this line reflects the defective situation in this part of Waiting for Godot’. This line almost sounds like a chilling nursery rhyme, the use of baby-like nicknames ‘GOGO’ and ‘DID” exacerbates this. These nicknames also suggest familiarity and fondness between the pair which highlights the tragedy within this line as Vladimir and Estragon are a double act; all they have in life is each other so theyre both absolutely terrified of being alone.

However, the ‘baby talk structure of this line presents elements of humor yet, overall his line is extremely tragic. We see more evidence of comedy when Estragon adds: “If it hangs you it’ll hang anything”. This is comedic as, through a hyperbole, Estragon suggest Vladimir’s overweight. We see evidence of their reoccurring double act. Vladimir continues: “But am I heavier than you? “. Estragon replies: ” I don’t know. “, in this sub section Becket presents them as humorous, clueless fools which can be seen as comedic.

Becket creates constant confusion for the audience as previously in the play, Estragon was certain that Vladimir weighed more, yet, now both are ignorant and unaware of their eight. Although, Estragon may be deliberately ‘playing the fool” in order to delay the process of hanging themselves. Maybe Estragon is scared of dying or he doesnt want to be alone Just incase the bough does break. So in a sense tragedy is still present in this section, as the audience is still made aware of mortality and Estragon’s supposed fear of death. anything.

It’s safer. ” Yet again, we witness the interplay between tragedy and comedy in this line. Its comedic as Estragon’s desire to end the subject contrasts from his previous desire of wanting to hang himself. He was hurriedly excited about hanging imself when the prospect of arousal was alluded to, yet as he realized that it may leave him alone or dead, he swiftly changed his mind. This line is also tragic, as Estragon leaves them stuck in stasis, theyd rather do nothing, it’s like they’re stuck in limbo where they can neither live nor die.

In this point of Waiting for Godot’ not much is known about Godot himself. Becket presents him as an elusive fgure, he hasn’t once made a physical appearance yet Estragon and Vladimir continuously refer to him. The sole reason theyre both in this dreary, unidentifiable place is theyre both waiting for godot. Neither Estragon nor Vladimir know who Godot is and both are uncertain to why they are waiting for him. We are curious to know more about the intangible person, yet, rather oddly Vladimir and Estragon seem rather indifferent to know more about Godot, Estragon repeatedly forgets who Godot is.

In this section we learn more about Godot through the way Vladimir and Estragon discuss him. Vladimir: Lets wait and see what he says. Estragon:Who? Vladimir:Godot. The question arises when analyzing these lines; Why would Estragon and Vladimir entrust their lives with a stranger? Theyre waiting for Godot, and when they finally eet him (if they ever do) theyre going to ask Godot whether hanging themselves is a good idea. So essentially, theyVe given Godot control over whether they live or die, this is similar to the idea of God. Could Godot be their form of ‘God’?

Vladimir and Estragon are stuck in a type of purgatory- waiting for Godot. This is similar to the actual process of afterlife, as God decides whether you rot in the damning pits of hell or live serenely in the pleasures of heaven. Yet while deciding where a person will go, God leaves one waiting in limbo- purgatory. Vladimir and Estragon have no clear sense of what theyre expecting from Godot: Estragon: What exactly did we ask him for? Vladimir: Oh… nothing very definite Estragon: A type of prayer These quotes support my point. Also, why would they ask him for a prayer?

This links into the idea of Godot being a ‘godlike’ fgure. These lines builds up the audience’s anticipation for Godot,as we get the sense that Godot is a figure of high authority. “His agents” “His corespondents” “His books” “His bank account” This is extremely tragic as theyre both listing things they both don’t have, audience the audience learns exactly what Vladimir and Estragon do not have. Although this section is epressing as it highlight the absence of normality in Vladimir and Estragon’s lives, while they are listing, they are also collaboration and talking together.

Godot unites them in a way as they both wait for him. Godot is also a link to normality and could also be a symbol for hope. Vladimir and Estragon are also mocking Godot. As Godot has to consult so many things and people “before taking a decision” that he is never free to make a decision by his own will. Estragon: It’s the normal thing. Vladimir: Is it not? Becket could be using this passage to criticize the norms of life and suggesting that normal’ people, with friends, family and bank accounts, are not free. Also it conjures the question of who is really free?

Who lives are really tragic? Is Godot similar to Estragon and Vladimir? Vladimir and Estragon remain in stasis until Godot appears, yet Godot also remains in stasis as he is held back by so many elements of his normal life. In conclusion, there is strong evidence of interplay between comedy and tragedy in almost every line of this passage. Becket also portrays the continuous themes of mortality throughout the book. Godot is presented as a fgure of high status and as a link to normality for Estragon and Vladimir.

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