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I thought after my first heart break it would be my last.Little did I know my path of pain just began.
Ive been hit so hard by this thing called love it has me constatly questioning my self wasn’t I good enough? Wasnt I good enough for our relationship to be just between you and I?My thoughts are no longer my own their full of hate and regret.Tears have become my best friend and sleep is my escape from reality.Should a person have to live like this is it normal for a young girl who barly experiance life hate it already .

You have no idea how much pain you have felt until you look in to the eyes of the one you love and you see nothing…nothing but the glare of lightWaking up every morning knowing the perosn you love doesnt love you anymore is terrible.I had to wake up knowing this.Everyday that pass I become more craized with anger.It used to get to a point were I would skip meals and spaz out at any given moment.When I ever I would get angry,I would tremblem because I knew the truth and sooner or later it would come out and I dreaded every moment of life.

Sometime I think I fell in love with the idea with love and not really the person whom I’m in love with.That’s why expect I everything and anything thats happens that he does..You see,he was the first boy I was truly in love with and a blinked my eyes for a secound and now he’s in the arms of another girls.Where’s the justice in that.It should be against the law to break someones heart and fell no remourse afterwards its the same thing as murder I personally think.Your killing the persons most important organ of their body-their heart,but no everyone can walk breaking it.You need your heart to pump blood throught out your body but how could you do so when its broken.

Although it seems like I’ll never get over this.I try to remember time heals all wounds ,its horible to have your heartbroken,but its leagal,men and women go around take advantage of the fact that someone is willing to give them the world but they choose to throw it alway because their self theyll never understand the sacfircates a person makes to love another.Forgiveness? I don’t think so ill never forgive a person who broken something so valuable to me.Never again will I love another person.Loves unfair and its shoud be illegal.I would advise and person never to fall in love save your self ther heartache and soul-suffering pain.

The man I love lefted me for another woman .It rans through my head repeatedly. The thought, the feeling. I would collapsed to the ground just thinking about them together. Then tears were falling, but I would make no sound.I missed who we used to be. I missed how we used to be. I missed being carefree and in love. I missed him.The guy I fell in love with,who is in love with another.

project charter

This relationship map should be on the fast food chain Raising Canes.
Rummler-Brache Relationship Map. Use the format from a google search on Rummler-Brache process relationship map. Develop the relationship map with inputs on the left-hand side, a box representing the company, the regulatory environment, competitive environment, and the customer on the right-hand side. Within the company box identify the specific departments and entities impacting the customer order fulfillment process.

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