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When and Why a Spanking Should Be Given Children are different in many ways, and one of the most important, is the fact that they need to be disciplined differently. Timeout works for a lot of young children, taking away personal items works for every age group, except for those children that are high strung, with a wild spirit; it is sometimes called being hard headed. As children grow so do the consequences of bad behavior; when they are old enough to know right from wrong and to go ahead and do something Just because they want to without any regard for the consequences that is when and why a spanking should be iven.

While many parents believe in spanking their children other parents and professionals are opposed to this form of discipline. According to a study by The Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology there was a high percentage of 94% of parents used in this study that had previously or currently still use corporal punishment in the form of spanking as discipline on children ages 4 and up. There is not one study that combines all logical aspects of life and then determines that a spanking damages a child psychologically.

The hormones in food, and the poverty ate, how children need love and affection and the fact that timeout is not doing a thing for the adults in our prison system. It only breaks them down and institutionalizes them. Yes, some people need locked up and the key thrown away, or maybe instead of wasting taxpayers’ money they should be executed if they need to be sentenced to life. Particularly today in society spanking is frowned upon, so is the behavior of the young children. There is a major problem with crime and drug use.

There seems to be a connection between the way children are being disciplined and ow successful they become in life; during adolescents and as well as an adult. Children are being molded into monsters. If the consequences of bad behavior as a young child are not enforced enough, then the child ends up having no respect for any authority fgures in their life; especially their parents or law enforcement. There are many theories about why children behave the way they do; most of it is being blamed on the type of discipline that parents use. Meanwhile there are many hormones in the food.

Research shows that the hormones do greatly affect children, heir weight which affects their social skills which leads to all sorts of problems. Oyoti, D. F. , Frongillo, E. A. , & Jones, S. J. 2005, December 1). The environmental issues they are exposed to and the economic crisis that their parents are going through; kids are always listening even when parents do their best to not discuss stressful problems in front of them. Aside from the hormones in the food, today most researchers believe that corporal punishment causes children to lash out and hit when their mad.

Other studies also snow that parents that where spanked as a child are accepting ot this type ot iscipline and are more likely to use a spanking as a type of discipline and are more likely to do so in stressful situations. ( Simons, D. A. , & Wurtele, S. k. 2010, January 4). They also believe that children have a need for love and guidance, which leads to security; so how about they do a study on children who get hugged, rewarded and praised for doing good. Children need to be loved, a parent can feel love for their child in their heart, but are they showing their children that they are special and making them feel secure and confident?

When a parent combines all of these things ogether; discipline, love, and affection then it is likely that a child will be well rounded and stable. Moreover studies show that the incarceration of adults tend to have a psychological impact on the inmates for the worse and many would be better off and more rehabilitated if they were flogged than institutionalized. And there is not a very high rehabilitation rate in our prison system. Many are repeat offenders. Let the evidence speak for its self, if nothing else it deserves some thought.

As stated before there are many young children who do not need spanked, but for those repeat ffenders it is definitely worth a shot when all else fails. Furthermore life has become hard for this generation of parents, everything is so expensive that most homes cannot be run on one income; requiring both parents to have to work, leaving children left alone and starved for that needed attention and guidance from their mom or dad. Sure there are daycares and sitters, but that is definitely not the same. In Fact a spanking does not cause psychological damage to a secure, loved child.

Disciplining a child is a big part of loving a child and if time out and grounding does ot work then do you Just give up or does the love of a good parent cause one to keep trying. The point is that if all else fails try a spanking . Spankings are a form of corporal punishment, Corporal punishment is defined as a “form of physical punishment that involves the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer, or to deter attitudes or behaviour deemed unacceptable.

The term usually refers to methodically striking the offender with the open hand or with an implement, whether in Judicial, domestic, or educational settings”. Corporal punishment In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia t. 2013, October 28) “Corporal punishment is defined by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child as: “Any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort, however light. “(Corporal punishment In Wikipedia, The F October 28) Spankings should not leave bruises or marks that do not go away within a few minutes.

A spanking is usually a tap on the buttocks with the hand or a belt. Belts cannot determine how hard a child is being hit on the other hand if a parent uses their hand then they can eel how hard they are hitting a child. Anything more than that is, and rightfully considered abuse. In conclusion there is hope that this information has resonated and that everyone may open their mind up to explore all aspects of the ancient old form of discipline. Corporal punishment was recorded as early as c. 0th Century BC in Book of Proverbs attributed to Solomon: “He that spareth the rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him correcteth him betimes. Withhold not correction from a child: for if thou strike him ith the rod, ne shall not die. Thou shalt beat him witn the rod, and deliver his soul rom hell”. (C. 10th Century BC in Book of Proverbs attributed to Solomon). Combine all the problems that the children are faced with today and it spells disaster. Children today have it harder than any generation before ever thought of.

The subtitle of Frankenstein is The Modern Prometheus.” Why? How does this relate to the idea of the Romantic Hero”?

The subtitle of Frankenstein is The Modern Prometheus.” Why? How does this relate to the idea of the Romantic Hero”?.

The subtitle of Frankenstein is “The Modern Prometheus.” Why? How does this relate to the idea of the “Romantic Hero”? 

Choose one of the topics below related to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Your essay should answer the question completing and use cited references to the novel for support. For this essay, you are required to use at least two outside sources in addition to the primary text (Frankenstein). Your essay should include a thorough investigation of the topic as well as evidence from Shelley’s novel to support a relation to the text. Your response should demonstrate that you have read the novel in its entirety (not just the first chapter). Choose one of the following topics: The subtitle of Frankenstein is “The Modern Prometheus.” Why? How does this relate to the idea of the “Romantic Hero”? As part of your essay, you may provide a brief summary of the novel (no more than ½ a page in length – imagine that your reader is already familiar with the work). Be sure to refer specifically to the primary text (with citations). You are required to use at least two outside sources (in addition to the primary text) for this paper. Your sources must come from the library resources (books or databases) or other college-level, scholarly works (no blogs, study websites, essay-writing mills, dictionaries or encyclopedias). In general, no websites may be used unless I have approved the source in advance. There are writing tips and information on how to use Chipola’s library databases in the Important Course Documents and Resources Module on Canvas. You should also use Chipola’s research guides as needed: (Links to an external site.). I recommend that you use journal articles and books from Chipola’s Library (instructions on how to use the databases are posted in Canvas). Your essay should include a thorough investigation of the topic as well as evidence from Shelley’s novel to support a relation to the text. Your response should demonstrate that you have read the novel in its entirety (not just the first chapter).

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