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What you will want to do is think about the underserved population I have chosen and explain a current

What you will want to do is think about the underserved population I have chosen and explain a current issue or challenge.

Problems the students face:
Their self-esteem may suffer.
Being unable to communicate with their teachers and peers can cause the student to act out in class.
They become demoralized and disengaged. …
They’re misplaced in an academic setting.

You will then give some ideas for helping this based on what research says and have three goals you can work toward to do this. You will also give a summary of how you think this might be able to change things at a bigger level. I would recommend one Powerpoint slide for each.

As you view the following media, consider how these doctoral students focused on social change in their educational settings:

Read the following resource:
Think about the problems or challenges faced by your school setting. How might addressing these problems or challenges enact positive change in your classroom?
Select one problem or challenge to be the focus of the change plan you will present at the Town Hall.
Conduct a search using school or district resources to locate data to support your effort for change.

Use peer-reviewed literature, locate information to place your problem or challenge within the context of the global educational environment.

Human resources

Human resources.

Read Chapter 1 and 2 of this book Human Resources Management (Version 2.0) by Laura Portholes Diaz Flat World Knowledge, 2015 Electronic version , you learned about the challenges and transformation of the Human resources professional’s role. The seven main HRM roles (Staffing; Development of workplace policies; Compensation and benefits administration; Retention; Training and development; Laws affecting employment & Worker protection) are constantly affected by social and economic changes. For this assignment, you’ll need to find one article addressing Human Resources issues or challenges and one article about current Human Resources trends. Following APA format, address the following questions and include the two articles in a reference page. Explain how Human Resources has changed over the past two decades. Present specific examples and cite the sources that support your rationale. List and explain what are some of the issues or challenges that human resources in the hospitality industry are currently facing. Must include a minimum of 3. List and explain 3 or more trends currently shaping Human Resources practices. Minimum 250 word Follow APA format, including a title page and references. Include the two articles in a reference page. .

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so if you are depressed you can respond this about yourself doesn’t have to be long just good answers

What you will want to do is think about the underserved population I have chosen and explain a current 15 Social Work Questions for a client living with depression Name………, Medical Social Worker at St. Thomas Medical Hospital Questions list 1. For how long have you lived with depression? 2. What was your experience when you were diagnosed with depression for the first time? 3. Does depression affect your daily life in any way? 4. How does depression affect the way you view yourself? 5. Could you tell me your understanding of self-help or self-management as far as living with depression is concerned? 6. Kindly tell me what self-management means to you. 7. Let me know what activity/s you think you do that improve the quality of your life. 8. How did you discover the activity/s named above and how does it help improve your life? 9. What enables you perform the named activity/s? 10. What are some of the barriers of performing the above activity/s? 11. What are some of the ways you use to get information about your health? 12. Do you get any professional support/treatment for your depression? 13. Let me know if there are any barriers to accessing the professional help. 14. What support do you get from elsewhere, for example family and friends? 15. What impacts does your financial status have on your health?

Health Information Technology Role,The CEO is now ready to introduce her vision for the coming decade. Its success will rely heavily on the support and execution of hospital leadership.

Health Information Technology Role,The CEO is now ready to introduce her vision for the coming decade. Its success will rely heavily on the support and execution of hospital leadership..

The CEO is now ready to introduce her vision for the coming decade. Its success will rely heavily on the support and execution of hospital leadership. You have been asked to prepare an analysis, based on what your research can discover, on the role of HIT, including artificial intelligence, supercomputing, and clinical support systems. How are these likely to change healthcare? What role does healthcare leadership play?

Your paper should be 5-10 pages in length, excluding the cover page, abstract, and references.

Due end of Week 10

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Culture and Society in International Perspective

Culture and Society in International Perspective.

1.Critically assess the notion of “environmentalism of the rich.” To what degree, if at all, is it helpful in thinking about how to respond to climate change? (Students are required to write a 2,000-word essay on ONE of the following questions. )

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Social work

Social work.

 For the assignment you have to answer these 5 questions from the book 1) As we all know, a child’s school experience has the power to influence his or her development. But, this is mediated by the realities of the child’s family. Explain how this is the case and describe at least three examples. 2) As your text states, “children can hurt other children.” Describe the characteristics that tend to be found among victims of bullying. Next, describe the characteristics of bullies. Remember, be thorough. 3) “Appropriation and reinterpretation of adult ideas begin at an early age.” Explain what this means and discuss three examples of it. 4) Children who grow up in single-parent families (90% of these in the U.S. are mother-headed families) are at a greater risk for some challenges in childhood and young adulthood. This does not mean the mother causes these to occur, so what are the actual factors that contribute to the greater risk? As you address this issue, first describe some of the risks that are higher and then explain why they might occur. 5) Socialization research is quite complex and examines all types of sources of input a child receives while growing up that teaches her or him how to function as an individual and in society. One type of socialization is called “consumer socialization.” What is this, what are the sources of input do children receive that is of this type, and what are the results of consumer socialization in children’s lives into adulthood? The only source that is to be used is the book called Children and society. The sociology of children and childhood socialization. The authors is Gerald Handel Spencer E Cahill and Frederick Elkin

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how to use equation t = (2y/ay)1/2 = (-2y/g)1/2 to find time of flight

I have a projectile motion lab report due today, I already did the first part which is filling a table now I have to use that equation to calculate the time of flight bt I’m not sure what numbers I have to substitute for or how to use the equation.

American Fed Government.

American Fed Government..

Description The supreme court case Browder v. Gayle is important to the cause of advancing civil rights in the United States. But, as with your textbook, the case often goes unmentioned in any recounting of civil rights history. Research the Browder v. Gayle case and decision. Write an essay describing why the case was initiated and how it moved through the federal court system. The essay should also summarize the supreme court decision and a description of the importance of the decision to the civil rights movement.

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Fundamentals of Databases , 4 questions

You must submit two separate copies (one Word file and one PDF file) using the Assignment Template on Blackboard via the allocated folder. These files must not be in compressed format.
It is your responsibility to check and make sure that you have uploaded both the correct files.
Zero mark will be given if you try to bypass the SafeAssign (e.g. misspell words, remove spaces between words, hide characters, use different character sets, convert text into image or languages other than English or any kind of manipulation).
You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
You must use this template, failing which will result in zero mark.
You MUST show all your work, and text must not be converted into an image, unless specified otherwise by the question.
The work should be your own, copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO mark.
Use Times New Roman font for all your answers.

Quantitative and Technological Analysis

Quantitative and Technological Analysis.

A merger will lead to a bigger firm and a greater market concentration. This can have both advantages and disadvantages for the public interest. A merger is likely to reduce competition and give the new firm more market power. Therefore, it will be able to increase prices leading to a decline in consumer surplus and could cause economic inefficiency. This occurs when goods are not distributed optimally according to consumer preferences. However, it depends upon the market share of the new firm. When, if ever should a government intervene to prevent a merger or takeover? Write a well researched, thorough response to the questions posed above in an APA formatted. Include 7 scholarly references in your paper.You will need to do an in-depth literary search on the topic in order to create a fully-developed response. You will need to include in-text citations and a references list for external references used in supporting your points for this question. You should have no fewer than 7 references for your response to this particular question, 4 of which must be from peer-reviewed sources.

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