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– What would an Artificial Intelligence need to be like for us to have to treat it with moral concern?

Essay proposal: between 200 and 500 words.

Annotated bibliography: 3 scholarly citations that I will use to support my thesis, with brief (50-150 word) explanations of the main ideas of each of those citations. All 3 sources must be peer-reviewed article or book.

Rubric and example of the assignment are in the attached file.

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The director´s convention (will) be held this evening — Future Perfect
A sleek black cat (began) coming to our house house at dinner time — Past.
Juna (will be running) in the ten yard dash on Saturday—- Future.
The term “Assessment” (is) frequently encountered in educational articles— Present.
I (have been thinking) about a vacation in France— Present Perfect Progressive.
Every recruit (will have finished) his training by September— Future Perfect.
The midnight train never (arrives) on time —- Present
The exchanges (were conducted) in friendly manner —- Past Perfect.
I (decided) on cherry pie for dessert —- Past.
The class (had been told) about proper writing formats—-Past Perfect.
The ansence of a fever (has given) him hope for a quick recovery— Present Perfect.
Before the semester ends, all of the class presidents (will had been selected)–Present Perfect.
All of the participants (had finished) the race before sundown.— Past Perfect.
In the meantime, I (was studying) for the Collage Board Exam.—- Past Progressive.
No one (has ever escaped) from this island.—-Past
Mrs. Baex (has been awarded) the international Assessment Prize—- Past Perfect.
(Will) the brave knight save the capture princess.—- Future.
The detective (had been given) important evidence at the crime scene—- Past perfect.
I(found) a wallet full of money— Past.
She (will) call the candidates later—– Future.
I (like) apples and cherries—- Present.
I (walked) by the store alone.—- Past.
Juan (drove) to the park last night—- Past
I (will) run for office next semester.—- Future

Chapter 2: The Role of Biology in psy

– What would an Artificial Intelligence need to be like for us to have to treat it with moral concern? Know the parts of the nervous system, the structures involved, and what they do:Central and peripheral nervous systems
Somatic and autonomic nervous systems (Note: there is additional information on this in sections 2.8, 2.9, and 2.10) Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

What are four main parts of the typical neuron and their functions? Dendrites
Cell body (also sometimes referred to as soma)
Terminal buttons (also known as; terminal buds, synaptic knobs, axon buds)

Synapse (synaptic cleft, synaptic gap)
Myelin sheath
How do neurons communicate?Resting and action potential
Synapse (synaptic cleft, synaptic gap)
Neurotransmitters (you do not need to know the functions of the different neurotransmitters, just the general definition of what neurotransmitters are and what they do).

What are the three major divisions of the brain?

What are the functions of the parts of the hindbrain?Medulla

What are the functions of the parts of the midbrain? Substantia Nigra

What are the functions of the parts of the forebrain?Subcortical structures: thalamus

Cerebral Cortex (cortical structures): Identify the lobes and regions of the cerebral cortex and their functionsOccipital lobePrimary visual cortex

Parietal lobePrimary somatosensory cortex

Temporal lobePrimary auditory cortex

Frontal lobePrimary motor cortex
Prefrontal cortex

What is the corpus collosum?

Know the left and right hemispheres’ function
What is the endocrine system and how does it communicate with the rest of the body?
What is plasticity? Neurogenesis?
What is neural pruning?
What is brain reorganization?

{You may skip sections 2.11-2.13 on genes and genetic influence}.

Management Question

Read the journal article and write a research paper based on it.
Your paper should contain the following headings:
Summary of the article
Relevant points made by the author
Critique of the article
Application of the concepts in the article

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Why is managing HR so important? How is it important? If you were an HR manager how you would let people know that they are being laid off or fired Text, E-mail, Zoom, Teams App, In-person, why?
1. Your responses to the material assignment. Your perspective should select an angle and analyze the pros and cons of that angle. This is worth up to 50 points. It should demonstrate critical thinking at its best. Simplistic comments that lack analysis is not encouraged nor receive good grades.
2a. A specific, detailed actual organizational example of your point that is from your own organization (or an organization where you were previously employed). This is worth up to 25 points.
2b. An actual example that is NOT from your workplace nor any organization in which you have had an affiliation. It cannot be an organization that your family members or friends have any affiliation with, either. This is worth up to 25 points. Your organizational examples cannot be hypothetical at all. They must be actual and can be from any industry or type of organization. More details are better than fewer details.