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What types of violent crimes occur when the weather is hotter?

This assignment will be the second stage of your research proposal. As such all students must revise their first assignment to have an introduction, concise integrative literature review (i.e. compares and contrasts findings and methods from previous studies), followed by at least one clear research hypothesis. The aim of this assignment is to put lecture and reading material into practice, letting the student face the challenge of thinking
on the first methodological stages of their proposed study. Students are asked to use proper terminology as reviewed during the lectures and from Gideon’s Book as well as other research methods texts (as needed). After introducing the research problem/s and clear research question/s and relevant
studies followed by the research hypothesis, students are asked to write their own proposed methodology section. The methodology section must have clear definitions of the variables identified in the research question and corresponding hypothesis; as such you must define the variables you suggested to examine in your own proposed research question/s and hypothesis. Definitions should have the two components of variable definition (i.e. nominal/ conceptual and operational/ construct definition). Students should
also define a relevant research population using the population definition components (i.e. time, place, scope). Following the above, students will need to present a sampling technique they see as best fit while dealing with power issues to determine the appropriate sample size. While doing so, students should consider the pros and cons of their chosen sampling method and the way in which they can overcome sampling and sample size problems (if at all). Students should also identify a proper research design
that will correspond with their proposed research question. Once you Identify the proper research design for your own proposed study, proper explanation and discussion of the design are expected and you should consider the pros and cons of your proposed design Students should use proper terminology (e.g. validity, reliability, etc.) to discuss the pros and cons of their proposed methodology.

How should it look like?
1. Introduction
2. Literature review
3. Right after the previous section in a logical manner – research question/s followed
by hypothesis/ hypotheses
4. The research methodology section should begin by re-stating your research aim
and/ or question, along with the following:
4a. definition of variables
4b. definition of population
4c. sampling method and rational
4d. sample size and statistical power issues
4e. research design
1. Bibliography list

The first assignment is attached below (titled CRJ715.03 Part 1)

Second assignment example format is provided and attached below as well (titled Second Assignment Example)

Add 3 more sources on top of the 5 already used and provided (a total of 8 sources needed for second assignment)