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In my life. there have been so many friends that have touched me. changed me and supported me. But one time in a piece person comes along and stands out above the remainder because of their foolproof trueness. much-needed wit and true kindness. Her name is Vicki and she entered my life merely a few old ages ago. In that clip. I have come to cognize her and have found that she is merely that sort of friend.

Vicki has ever proven herself to be really loyal. A few old ages ago. we were both working on a undertaking with other squad members. We were under force per unit area to complete and of class piques flared in the group. I left the room to travel do transcripts for the undertaking binder. When I came back. people were really quiet and no 1 would do oculus contact with me except Vicki. I merely knew something was up. Subsequently on. I asked her if “something” happened while I was gone. It turned out that one of my alleged “friends” began to speak about me behind my dorsum. Vicki chose to lodge up for me and state something in my defence while the others merely sat soundless. It’s atrocious hard to make that in a big group of adult females but she did because trueness affairs to her.

Bing funny at merely the right minute is another great thing about Vicki. Her wit is speedy and witty! She’s non a large speaker so she listens good. This is how she knows when you need to express joy. I remember a tough clip in my life with both work and place. One afternoon. I was really disquieted about something and I couldn’t see a manner out of it. Vicki looked at me with that oblique expression in her eyes and came up with a speedy small comment—some existent poetic justness that made me laugh before my cryings came and turned my twenty-four hours around. That’s the wit I needed and she knew it.

But Vicki’s kindness is what truly draws you to her. Throughout the old ages she has shown me such kindness. whether she shared nutrient. programs. money. personal inside informations and even giving me thoughtful gifts for no ground at all. Recently. I came into school in the forenoon and found the most fantastic knitted wool socks in my letter box. Knowing how much clip it took her to do them and so the fact that she choose to give them to me. truly warmed my bosom.

Clearly. I am fortunate to hold found such a sort. good story. and giving friend. My life has been enriched by my friendly relationship with Vicki and I wouldn’t have it any other manner. With so many people coming in and out of our lives. it’s non merely hard to happen a true friend but harder to keep on to them as the old ages continue to process on. But I think if you know what to look for ; it’s easier to descry one. And one time you do. retrieve to ever maintain that true friend near. I know from experience that friendly relationship will do your life better.

Write a news release and Media advisory letter

Please read the following document called Transfer Energy Oil Spill.docx and write a News release using the News Release Template.docx. The News release should have a :
-Headline ( Assume it’s the only section journalists read -Keep it brief (8 – 15 words) -Provide most newsworthy information -Use strong active verbs; use present tense (do not use past tense)
Lead -Most important part of the release -1-3 sentences to hook the reader and tell the basics -Highlightmost newsworthy elements -What, who, when, where, and why -Easy understand -3-5 lines (no one sentence should be more than 3 lines)- Only put the most important information
Body of the Text: -Inverted pyramid style ;Think of it as three parts :1. Lead – must have info 2. Helpful, not necessary info – elaborates, amplifies, supports (addquotes) 3.Nice to have, but not need to have – fewer than 400 words -Limit the length of each paragraph to 3-8 lines
Boilerplate: •Standard paragraph at the end of the release with basic background info on: Business, Market position, Mission and value, and size — Aim for 100 words or less
Once this is done please the same information to write a Media advisory using the template Media Advisory Template.docx. The Media advisory A.k.a. media alert should inform editors of an upcoming event. It can Bulleted items rather than paragraphs
The overall structure looks like a news release :Headline- Brief description of the event (similar to a lead; 1 – 2 sentences) – 5 W – Interview opportunities – Boilerplate -Contact information

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