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What It Means To Be Irish Ethnicity History Essay

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the world would have to be Ireland. I am part Irish but mostly English. I had an interview with my dad in which he told me that our family is English, Irish, and German. My ancestors came over from Cork, Ireland to the United States in 1847. Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and most of the chief products come from the River Lee which is on the banks of Northern Ireland. There are two reasons why my ancestors moved to the United States in 1847. The first reason was impacted because of the Great Potato Famine. The Great Potato Famine was a hard economic time for Ireland. This occurred when Ireland’s main crop, potato’s failed which kept my ancestors from working. The other reason my ancestors left was because of religious hardships. My ancestors were Catholics and they were in a war with other Irish residents, most Irish were Protestants at the time. With everything that my Irish ancestors were going through they finally had enough and they came to the United States of America. When my great-great-great-great-grandparents got settled into the United States they worked on a farm. They already knew how to do this because they were also farmers back in Ireland. I think by coming over to the United States from a different country is not only a risky move but it also is a brave thing to do. This is why I did my paper on being part Irish instead of doing it on being English or German. Even though I have those other ethnicities in me I know that I have some brave Irish blood in me too. Before my ancestors came to America in search of freedoms they were fishermen, farmers, and they herded sheep in their homeland of Cork, Ireland. My ancestors had a boat out on River Lee. They would go hunting for fish by putting a big net underwater and bring it back up after an hour out on the river. Then they would gather the fish from the net and put them in a big pot of cold water so they wouldn’t lose the fish. Some of the technology that my Irish ancestors used would include: the boat, the net to catch the fish and the bucket to contain the fish until their day was over on the river. They used these tools to obtain the fish so that they could eat and sell the fish for food. By doing this my ancestors made their own little business. This subsistence strategy was used a lot because thousands of Irish people would go out to the banks of Ireland and fish. The division of labor was done physically because everyone was moving or lifting something to help the other one out. One person would crank the net down into the water, someone would be steering the boat, and then everyone except the man steering the boat would help bring the heavy net with fish in it up to the surface. Not only did my Irish ancestors fish they also were farmers. They used plows to pull up the rich soil and manure to farm the potatoes. My ancestors also herded sheep by using a dog to keep the sheep from getting too far away. These are some of the subsistence strategies that they used agriculturally. This subsistence strategy was also used a lot by Irish people including my ancestors. One of the divisions of labor that my Irish ancestors used were called plow men. They would help plow the field were all the crops were being planted. My ancestors believed that if you did not do this to your land than the crops wouldn’t grow effectively. The work was divided by physical and manual labor between the family. They didn’t practice industrialism within my Irish ancestors but it was practiced just like it is today daily. There are products that are made through industrialism in Ireland like textiles, metal products, and electrical equipment. Some of the technological tools used are production lines which workers work on one specific job and pass it down the line to the next worker. They also use computers to order the parts needed for the metal products and also parts needed for electrical equipment. The division of labor for industry work would consist of two kinds of workers. One is a production line worker who is a wage laborer. A wage laborer is someone who gets paid by the hour of which they work. The second kind of worker is a management worker. They are paid more but they only get paid by the year. They are paid more because they have more responsibility, more experience on the job and they have a college degree. My Irish ancestors also planted wheat in their fields. They had over 5 acres of this domesticated crop. The wheat would come up every year because my ancestors knew how to keep the wheat from dying. They would dig deep into the ground to find the most deepest and moist part of the dirt. They would plant the wheat in that region because wheat grows better in deep and moist places. My ancestors would get manure from the cows and surround the wheat so that the wheat would be fertilized. Also everyday they would have to go out and water the wheat so it would continue to grow. When the wheat would come up they would use the grain to make different foods. These foods included: noodles, flour, pasta, and cookies. My Irish ancestors would sell half of their wheat and the other half they would keep to use for food that they could store if they needed it later. The technologies that my Irish ancestors used were shovels so that they could dig the deep holes needed to plant the wheat into the ground. This subsistence strategy was used by everyone in Ireland back in the 1840’s because farming was very important and that is how they got their main crops like potato’s or wheat. The division of labor in horticulture was split up into many jobs. On my ancestors farm you had someone take the shovel and dig deep into the soil out on the land and plant the wheat, to pick up the manure from the cow and spread it around the wheat plant, and someone to take a bucket of water and water the crop every day. My Irish ancestors also practiced pastoralism. They raised Galway sheep and cattle. They usually raised about forty Galway sheep which were herded by their dog and they had around 100 cattle on their land. The Galway sheep were used for meat and the cattle for milk, cheese, and later as meat. The tools used in pastoralism were the dog that herds the sheep, the fence that keeps all of the animals from going all over my Irish ancestor’s farm, and also the food that we feed the livestock with. The division of labor on my ancestor’s farm is split up between every person on the farm. One person will make sure the livestock is not cooped up all day and that they get something to eat. They will milk the cows and goats so that they will be able to get the milk which also can lead to cheese and other foods. All of these categories apply because if they didn’t do these jobs every day the livestock would die and they would not have enough food, eventually they wouldn’t be able to survive. There was no tourism to Ireland during the time of my Irish ancestors. Everyone was leaving because of the struggles occurring in Ireland at the time so no there were no tourism going on at the time. If there were no struggles occurring than I would say yes to tourism. Ireland is a beautiful country where you can see many amazing structures that have been around for centuries. The tourism is protected by the president. The president of Ireland is called the head of state. He doesn’t have specific powers but he acts as a ceremonial figure. The head of state is voted by anyone who is thirty-five or older and it is done through the secret ballot under the alternative vote. There is no vice-president so if for some reason the head of state cannot fulfill his duties as president than the presidential commission will take his place. Ireland operates beneath the Constitution of Ireland. This constitution follows a liberal democratic tradition. It tells that certain rights are given to certain people and defines what Ireland’s government consists of. The local government doesn’t have as much power as the city council. Cork’s City Council makes sure that their city is taken care of. Examples of this is paving roads, making sure street lighting is corrected, and parks are kept clean. The city council is made up of thirty-one members who symbolize six electoral wards. The thirty-one members come from these groups: eight members from Fine Gael, seven members from the Labour Party, six members from the Fianna Fail, four members form the Sinn Fein, four members from the Independents, one member from the Socialist Party, and one member from the Workers Party. These thirty-one members make up a parliamentary representative democratic republic otherwise known as the Republic of Ireland. Like in the United States, Ireland has an Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches. There is a common law jurisdiction in Ireland. The judiciary consists of lower courts, high court, and the Supreme Court. Ireland also has two kinds of civil services. The Civil Service of the Government is the first civil service. The second civil service is the Civil Service of the State. Together they make governmental decisions and uphold political impartiality which effects Ireland’s economy. Ireland uses a negative reciprocity. They exchange goods for profit. Ireland’s economy has changed in the past few years. They used to have an agricultural economy and now they have changed to a more contemporary knowledge based economy. Ireland is considered one of the richest countries when it comes to gross domestic products. With the considerable growth in Ireland comes inflation. This is increasing prices especially in their big cities there and it is making prices for materials more than anywhere else in the world. Right now Ireland is in recession and has been in recession since 2008. This has happened because the government has borrowed too much money and problems with Irish banks being able to manage their money. The problem keeps getting worse in 2009. Ireland lost its AAA (triple a) credit because of government debt and its dreary economic stance. Ireland’s economy has always been important in Ireland but their religion used to be a big conflict. Ireland is made up of Roman Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Presbyterian, Orthodox, Methodist, or other religions. About eighty-seven percent are Roman Catholics. They make up most of Ireland’s Republic of Ireland. They have the second largest Christian value but since the twentieth century it has been dilapidating. They do on the other hand have the most largest amount of people going to mass in the western world. In the last thirty years that statistic has diminished which means people have been turning away from the church. In the Republic of Ireland the atheist or not believing in any God has risen to 4.5 percent and more people are starting to believe in the Muslim religion. This belief is called polytheistic which is believing in more than one God which is practiced by the Muslim faith. To believe in these different religions means that there are going to be different ways of marriage proposals. In Ireland’s Republic of Ireland there are many different beliefs. One is Christianity, which is where you only believe in one God and pray to him. If you are Christian you pick the person that you want to spend your life with. The residence that you stay at is your new home that you make with your wife. Family is not that important. You love your family but it maybe a couple years before you go and visit them. Kinship is never talked about so it is not important. Every social class in Ireland is pretty much the same. They all get equal rights. There are two groups of social classes that we do follow in the United States. One is Marxism and the other is Proletarianisation. The social classes were not that interesting to me because we basically practice the same groups as they do in Ireland. Here are a few things that I thought were interesting to me when I researched my paper. First Ireland is called the Emerald Isle. This is due to the stunning green scenery. The flag of Ireland has three colors, green which represents the Roman Catholics in Ireland, orange which represents the Protestants in Ireland and the white which for unity. The official languages in Ireland are English and Gaelic. I thought that it was interesting reading about their government. The fact that the head of state otherwise known as the president of Ireland doesn’t have too much power and doesn’t control what the inner cities and towns do in Ireland. I also thought the fact that Ireland used to fight over religious freedoms and now people in Ireland are being atheist or don’t even attend church anymore. They used to be the second largest country in the world to go to church and now they are not believing in any God at all is really sad to believe. Ireland is not in good shape right now. With the dropping in church goers, the economy is doing poorly with the lack of money and now so has to tourist that are coming to visit this beautiful country. Residents who live in Cork, Ireland just like my ancestors did back in the 1840’s are feeling this recession. Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and the article that I researched tells me the kind of events that would occur if you were to visit Cork, Ireland. This article talks about what happens in thirty-six hours of being in Cork. At four thirty in the afternoon bells will ring to welcome all new comers to Ireland. The last event that you do is they take you to the River Lee where my ancestors did their fishing. This is an amazing place to go because not only is it a piece of history to me but it is breathe taking and you definitely don’t want to miss it.
Strayer University Accounting and Audit Enforcement Paper.

Using the Internet, Strayer databases, or the SEC’s Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases Archive 2019, perform a search on several publicly traded U.S. health care companies and choose an organization that has been accused of committing health care fraud.InstructionsWrite a 5–6 page paper in which you:Evaluate the level of SOX regulations that applies to for-profit and not-for-profit health care organizations, indicating whether mandating SOX requirements for nonprofits might reduce fraud and increase corporate governance. Provide support for the rationale.Determine whether SOX has been effective in regulating ethical behavior of for-profit health care organizations. Defend the position.Review the audit report issued by the external auditing firm from the company’s website for the year it was accused of fraud. Then, determine whether the external auditors were negligent in preparing the audit report for the company. Formulate an opinion regarding which internal control was deficient or which GAAP was violated. Defend the position.Determine which provision(s) of SOX was/were violated in the health care fraud case in question. Indicate whether SOX adequately provides sanctions to deter the behavior or whether changes are needed to the regulations to remedy the issue(s) and thus ensure compliance.Based on the fraudulent activity that occurred, recommend two improvements to the internal control environment to reduce those occurrences. Provide detailed recommendations.Use at least four quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as academic resources.
Strayer University Accounting and Audit Enforcement Paper

NUR3846 University of Nairobi Diabetic Disease Process Concept Map.

Develop a concept map for the Diabetic client. Remember to use your resources, include a cover page, and do a reference page.


Describe the Diabetic Disease Process

Summarize a complete assessment of a client with this disorder

Complete collaboration of care, management of client care and potential complications sections

Paper must be 250 words using correct grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.

Appropriate use of APA format; correct citing of sources in essay body and references.
NUR3846 University of Nairobi Diabetic Disease Process Concept Map

Calculate the percent ionization of a 0.331 M solution of formic acid, HCOOH..

Calculate the percent ionization of a 0.331 M solution of formic acid, HCOOH. % Ionization = %
Calculate the percent ionization of a 0.331 M solution of formic acid, HCOOH.

Management in the Apple Company Evaluation Essay

Management in the Apple Company Evaluation Essay. Introduction The Apple Company is one of the most successful electronics companies around the globe. The company designs and produces the state-of-the-art products whose quality has captured customers to maintain their buying behavior. The electronics giant is well known for its unique software and hardware structures whose success has been attributed to its focus on some unique and hi-tech internet-based services and merchandise such as personal computers and cell phones. For instance, its phones use the iOS operating system, while other Smartphones use different operating systems such as the Tizen OS for the Samsung Company. This paper discusses the Apple Company’s organizational culture, corporate governance, organizational structure, leadership, organizational ethics, and corporate entrepreneurship. These managerial economics topics are very important because they point out the secret behind Apple Company’s success in the electronics industry. The Contribution of Leadership to Apple Company’s Success Leadership plays a very crucial role in managerial economics in terms of determining the future of any organization. The leader develops the path through which the organization will follow towards success or failure. For Apple Company, developing a successful business platform is now the company’s core leadership agenda. The leadership has built up a well-structured business strategy that has the client at heart as the company’s most valuable asset. The leadership shifted its attention to transforming the business world by producing several customer-friendly goods and services (Albanese, 2014). Despite the challenge from its core competitor, Samsung, which revealed its plan to produce OLED displays that caught the attention of many customers, Steve Jobs had an excellent plan to drive the company to greater heights. In fact, after reviving the company, which would have otherwise been closed in 1997, following leadership and management challenges, Steve Jobs had envisioned a time when he was to revolutionize the world of “personal computing, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, retail stores, and digital publishing” (Isaacson, 2012, Para. 1). Steve Jobs deployed a transformational leadership style that focused on seeing every stakeholder play his or role of lifting the company’s productivity. Workers who did not perform their duties diligently were fired. Apple Company’s current business position under Tim Cook is founded on what Steve Jobs established. He was a perfectionist who needed everything to be the way the company’s objectives had stipulated. Tim Cook, his successor, took over at a time when the launch of Apple Maps was being done. He has positioned himself into Steve Jobs’ leadership shoes. Good leadership is about developing a competent managerial team that is committed to working. Having returns of 11% a year is a clear indication that Apple Company has the best leadership (Albanese, 2014). The motivation behind Apple’s leadership is customer experience, unlike its competitors who focus more on the market share. Ensuring the best customer service has made the company rise to be the best electronics business worldwide. The company has demonstrated a healthy relationship between its leaders and the management team. Apple Company’s Organizational Structure and its Importance In managerial economics, an organizational structure is a key pillar that defines how the different stakeholders and organizations’ staff members interact. Apple Company has a very secretive organizational structure. It is believed that even some of its staff members cannot describe the structure. The reason for this secrecy is that the company does not want its competitors to know about its strategy. However, the company has a structure where all employees, leadership, and management departments work collaboratively. Initially, when the company was steered by Steve Jobs, the company was utilizing the Top-down structure where all decisions originated from the leader down to the managers and employees. The current structure that was developed under Tim Cook’s leadership is collaborative. Several communication channels have been established for employee contribution before information reaches the company’s top management. These channels comprise the supervisors who report to the project directors and then to the heads of the department before reaching the manager (Yarow, 2013). Apple Company demonstrates excellent resource coordination as required in managerial economics since everyone has a chance to practice his or her expertise. Recruiting new staff members is a process that Apple Company’s supervisors have taken with a lot of seriousness to recruit the best team that can take the company towards the witnessed success. The company’s employees work in their areas of specialization. Specialization in Apple Company has paved a way for proper scrutiny of all activities. According to Yarow (2013), employees have a chance to broaden their skills, attain new experience, and/or learn more in their areas of expertise. Specialization has helped Apple Company’s employees to become innovative. They have come up with iPod, iTunes, iPhone, App Store, iPad, and the Apple TV, which have helped it to retain its existing clientele while at the same time attracting new ones. How Apple Company handles Corporate Governance Corporative governance is very important in any company’s management since it highlights the operations, connections, and procedures that direct and control the business. The work of Apple Company’s board of directors is to check the performance of the company’s management (McCrum, 2012). It ensures a balance between the company’s management and stakeholders. The company’s board is also responsible for setting ethical principles that guarantee worker professionalism and responsibility. Such ethical principles have been central for Apple Company to the extent that the company has vowed to produce quality and user-friendly products at affordable charges. Although issues arose concerning gender balance on the board of directors committee arose when it had only one female member amongst a panel of several White male members, Apple Company promised to counter the issue by bringing more female shareholders to the board as a way of ensuring that all stakeholders were represented. According to McCrum (2012), the company “has bowed to investor demands to give shareholders greater influence over the election of directors, a move that will make it far harder for other leading US companies to ignore calls to improve corporate governance standards” (Para. 1). Apple Company’s corporate governance is set to steer it towards great achievements. The company upholds preponderance appointment of directors whom it needs to remain at the top of the competition. The procedures for selecting committee members who are committed to getting the best-qualified women and other minority groups are included in the board. This corporate governance move has helped the company to handle the issue of diversification. It has also adopted better approaches to deal with the issue of investors under the new management. Apple Company’s Plan to Maintain Balance between Rewards, Culture, and Boundaries Apple Company has a culture of straightforwardness, stylishness, and modernism. The company’s rewarding plan has helped to increase demand for the company’s products around the globe while at the same time boosting worker motivation. For instance, the company rewards its workers with salary increments together with hi-tech iPads among other perks, which keep them motivated to serve its clients devotedly. The company knows well that such a worker treatment is not a loss, but an added profit since motivated employees end up increasing their input to the company. This culture has rewarded the company to the extent that it has risen to be the best international electronics business company (McCrum, 2012). Whenever the company hires its employees, it seeks to ensure that each worker’s talent are nurtured and tapped for the benefit, not only of the company, but also of the individual employee. Such a unique culture helps the company to mark its boundaries based on its core values without being swayed by its competitors’ products. Apple Company has remained in its line of production, not giving in to any persuasion to incorporate its competitors’ software into its devices. For instance, the Nokia Company tried to include Android in some of its devices. However, this move was not profitable as it was expected. Remaining true to the culture has created the boundary between Apple Company’s products and those of its competitors. This uniqueness has made the company develop a customer-centered norm, which has made it remain relevant in the market. Apple believes in the philosophy of ‘working diligently. Such a philosophy led to the launch of the first music player gadget, namely iPod. The customer-centered culture has helped to define the company’s business boundaries. Supervisors in the project levels act as advisors to the employees, rather than their bosses. Apple Company’s Organizational Ethics Managerial economics dictates organizations to uphold moral principles. The company maintains very high ethical standards where every person who is associated with it is treated with utmost respect. The company does not discriminate its clients based on their buying power. It values the contribution of all its stakeholders, regardless of the share. It has well-established programs that seek to motivate and train its workers. It trains its employees to demonstrate impartiality and respect when handling the company’s customers (Lashinsky, 2015). As part of the human rights observation, the core objective of the company is to maintain accountability and transparency in its business operations (Warren, Gaspar, Laufer, 2014). The company has education programs around the world where it offers free classes on the business-related subject. These educative programs are a positive way of giving back to the society. It instills some skills that are not taught in class to help in boosting learners curriculum vitae. The company’s employees have insurance covers. Their health is the company’s top priority. The company maintains integrity by ensuring that no counterfeit Apple products can be manufactured and sold to its esteemed clients (Lashinsky, 2015). Steps taken by Apple maintain Corporate Entrepreneurship The reason behind Apple’s success is not just its unique culture, but its well-built entrepreneurial structure. Steve Jobs was able to know what his mission was when he established the company. He maintained customer satisfaction by guaranteed innovative products from its qualified human resources. The company has maintained the entrepreneurial structure by observing and delivering what the customer needs. The company has created a very good global marketing strategy. It has ensured that all best advertisements, which require some concepts of socializing, have an Apple product in them. The company has some of the best staff members who have worked tirelessly to place the company in its current top position. Professionalism has built the company to its present condition. Specialists play the supervisory roles. Maintaining high standards is among Apple’s mission. It has always worked hard to achieve its agenda. These Standards have helped the company to maintain its uniqueness, thereby attracting more customers. Reference List Albanese, A. (2014). Has the tide turned for Apple? An appeal hearing keeps the door open for a reversal in the company’s e-book case. Publishers Weekly. Web. Isaacson, W. (2012). Real Leadership Lesson of Steve Jobs. Web. Lashinsky, A. (2015). No. 1 Becoming Tim Cook. Fortune, 171(5), 60-72. McCrum, D. (2012). Apple yields to governance reform call. Web. Warren, D., Gaspar, J.,Management in the Apple Company Evaluation Essay

CMN 588 UNH Patient Doctor Relationship Exam

programming assignment help CMN 588 UNH Patient Doctor Relationship Exam.

One full letter grade deducted per day late.Write your paper so it demonstratesyour understanding of relevantreadingsbyapplying key concepts/terms from them to the specific details of the data corresponding to the Option you select. Explain whatthe terms/concepts mean and apply them where they’re relevant to answering the questionsbelow. Include a list of references(citing specific readings) that you use in your analysis at the end of your paper.Use APA style format (following how the readings are listed on the Syllabus).Things to avoiddoing in your answers:-Don’t evaluate/judge the participants.-Don’t simply describe or paraphrase what happensin the transcript.-Don’t write in generalities (e.g., “Often teachersstart by…” or “Most parents feel like…”).Instead,show how your claims are connected to the specificsof the interaction you’re analyzing.
CMN 588 UNH Patient Doctor Relationship Exam

A Report On Company Job Satisfaction Management Essay

Job satisfaction involves an individual being contented with his/her job. People are said to be satisfied with their job if they are happy. A company can make the employees satisfied through job enlargement, rotation and enrichment. Various theories have supported job satisfaction saying that, it also improves job performance. Job satisfaction is influenced by various factors such as management culture and style, empowerment and employee involvement (Spector, 1997). Employee satisfaction is important as it ensures that they are creative and productive to the company. It also ensures that employees stay committed to the employer. When you compare two companies one with high job satisfaction, for example, coca cola and another company with low job satisfaction, for example, big eight, the operations differ greatly. When you compare companies like coca cola and big eight, it is evident that the employees in the coca cola company rarely live the company to go work somewhere else. In big eight, the staff turnover is high despite being a big accounting firm. The employees in Big Eight lack commitment to the organization whereas the employees in Coca Cola Company are fully committed to the company and they rarely leave to other companies. Coca cola also has better management and organizational strategies than Big Eight. Coca cola does not waste most of the time and resources recruiting new employees as opposed to Big Eight. Coca cola has great media coverage because their employees are happy and therefore makes everyone believe that their products are good too. If you ask everyone including a small kid, people recognize Coca cola more than the Big Eight Company. The two companies are large companies with high turnovers and revenue. However, despite of this similarity their employees’ turnout differs greatly. The coca cola company gives the employee an opportunity for professional development. The employee prefers to stick around because they learn new skills giving them an opportunity to develop in their careers. Big Eight on the other hand do not give their employees a chance to learn new skills or mentor them. Even though the two companies have the best as well as performing employees, who are qualified in the various fields the two companies differ in providing positive work environment. The Big Eight fails in providing inter-workers socialization and co-operation. Every manager works on a project and reports to the senior. There is no time left to have retreats occasionally outside the working environment to tackle their problems and interact. Coca cola on the other hand plans outings occasionally, which encourages co-operation and builds their morale up. Dr pepper Snapple is a marketing firm with low productivity as compared to Coca Cola Company. The two companies despite the differences in productivity have similarities in their operations in that, they both ensure there is job satisfaction among the employees. Both Coca Cola Company and Dr Pepper Snapple provide a positive working environment for their employees ensuring there is teamwork among them. Both companies offer a chance for career growth to the employees. Dr Pepper Snapple and Coca Cola Company give their employees good working conditions ensuring they get leave to take their children to hospital and other emergencies. The difference between Dr Pepper Snapple and Coca Cola company is that employee in the Coca Cola company have more benefits than Dr Pepper Snapple in terms of gas mileage, company car. The jobs in Dr Pepper Snapple are alternated or eliminated due to the nature of job, which is not common in Coca Cola Company. In conclusion, once the employees are satisfied the company performs well and gets recognition worldwide. Coca cola performs better than Big Eight in terms of productivity. Coca Cola performs better than Big Eight because the employees are satisfied. Dr Pepper Snapple also performs because despite the low productivity, its employees are satisfied. Job satisfaction is a key factor in company productivity and development (Kalleberg, 2007). Employees will always be committed to a company that offer them job satisfaction even though it has low productivity or does not pay well.

UC IT Importance in Strat Plan Redesign of Business Processes Discussion

UC IT Importance in Strat Plan Redesign of Business Processes Discussion.

If you have you been involved with a company doing a redesign of business processes, discuss what went right during the redesign and what went wrong from your perspective. Additionally, provide a discussion on what could have been done better to minimize the risk of failure. If you have not yet been involved with a business process redesign, research a company that has recently completed one and discuss what went wrong, what went right, and how the company could have done a better job minimizing the risk of failure.Your paper should meet the following requirements:Be approximately 2-4 pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.Follow APA7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook. Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.
UC IT Importance in Strat Plan Redesign of Business Processes Discussion

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