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What is the relationship between anxiety and long hours worked among women?

• The first assignment of the project consists of a descriiptive analysis that motivates the research question and the proposed hypothesis, the statement of the research question and of
the guiding hypothesis in such a way that they can be analyzed through statistical inference
methods. The students are asked to identify a research question that is relevant for them,
state the hypothesis and motivate the relevance of the research question and the proposed
• The second assignment of the project asks students to state the causal mechanisms that they
want to analyze in the study using the different tools of the potential outcomes framework
and, in general, those of causal analysis.
• Finally, the students are asked to identify the appropriate empirical strategy for their question, providing a robust argument for their methodological selection and highlighting the
data necessary to address the research question with the specified empirical strategy to obtain causal results. The students are not asked to perform the empirical analysis themselves,
but if they are motivated to do so, the effort will be rewarded.
Advanced Quantitative Methods
The project as a whole represents 20% of the course’s final grade. Each partial submission represents 5% of the final course grade, and the final, complete submission represents the 10% left.
As the partial submissions will receive feedback from the instructor, the 10% of the final submission will not necessarily correspond to the performance in the partial submissions. However,
submission of the materials in the intermediate due dates is mandatory for the final submission
to be considered towards the final grade of the cours