What is decolonisation according to Frantz Fanon?

Requires at least 15-20 references.  Havard style references  required in text. IMPORTANT to show critical evaluation.  No subheadings in the text.[supanova_question]

Annual sales increase

Annual sales increase.

apparel related data analysis  Select one or two fashion brands(or retail companies) and decide an apparel related topic (such as 5 years’ trend in production export, annual sale increase/decrease, number of stores, etc). Formulate your topic as a question—should be measurable, clear and concise. Not too broad or narrow. Find and Identify the data sets. Create 3 charts you will use in your sheet and slides. Spell check and make sure the charts identify the appropriate units. Each chart should be able to tell a story as a standalone piece of your presentation. 1) Slides – three to five slides displaying graphs and bullet points to explain graphs with an intro slide. Source slide not required. 2) Fact sheet – single spaced in 11 point front (12 point for headings). Fact sheet with no graphs included (see example). Concise and clear explanation to go with the powerpoint slide. Each section should correspond to one of the slides with an overview or background section and a conclusion section. Include sources. Approximately 1,000 words but no more than two pages. (Avoid using the word “went up or inclined” or “went down or delined”, use “increase/decrease or positive/negative change in the trend”)

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