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What HP Is Doing Right And Why? Essay

Hewlett and Packard (HP) is an American technology company that provides technology services to large enterprises, individual customers, and small and large businesses. It is the leading manufacturer of personal computers and associated accessories in the world. It has experienced tumultuous times in past years that have affected it adversely. However, it has changed its strategy and is pursuing reinvention strategies and initiatives. It is currently engaging in several projects and initiatives that will steer it back to prosperity in different field away from manufacture of computers. These initiatives include high-impact research, acquisition of Autonomy, a British software company, cloud services, corporate strategic overhaul, and management change. HP has increased its efforts of doing research in order to find solutions to problems facing the technology industry. As a result, they have established research labs in seven different locations around the globe. The labs will focus research on eight areas that are central to technology. These include information management, content transformation, cloud, digital commercial print, intelligent infrastructure, analytics, sustainability, and immersive interaction. The main objective of the project is to shift its focus to cloud computing and EaaS, which are key areas of emerging technologies. HP has also acquired Autonomy, a British software company. The acquisition has brought wrangles in the corporation leading to exit of the chairman, Raymond Lane. The main objective of acquiring the company is to diversify their service delivery to focus mostly on software development and compete with other software development companies. HP intends to exit the personal computer market and explore the more profitable software market. This is in an effort to reinvent the company after many years of failed business operations. Recently, HP announced its corporate and strategic overhaul plan that had an adverse effect on its share price. The overhaul is intended to push HP into profitable market segments such as software, connectivity, and cloud services. Their strategy includes doing away with its Webos mobile devices and exiting the PC market that is not as profitable as it was in past decades. Its Webos devices include the Veer Smartphone and the Touchpad tablet. In addition, it is looking for alternatives to its Personal Systems Group (PSG). This might include separating operations of PSG form those of HP. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another recent HP initiative is exploration of cloud services. HP has devised ways to provide cloud services to enterprises, consumers, and small and medium sized businesses. It has developed customized cloud services for each of the three groups of consumers. Services offered to each group offers solutions to problems that present challenges in the modern world where technology is an important aspect of achieving goals and objectives. The initiative’s main objective is to revamp HP’s service business in order to guarantee stability and high profit margins. This is a positive move because cloud services are under high demand and HP could seize the opportunity to reinvent itself. HP has also elected a new interim chairman, Ralph Whitworth after exit of Raymond Lane. He left after fallout with the corporation’s top management regarding acquisition of Autonomy Corporation. This move is an effort by the management of the corporation to avoid cases of past wrangles that cost it dearly. The new interim chairman has been serving at HP in the capacity of Board member for approximately two years. Lane said that he stepped down because he did not want to disrupt HP’s reinvention efforts. The new interim chairman is known for reviving failed corporations by introducing change. The election of Whitworth is a move towards adopting leadership that embraces change, a factor that is synonymous with their recent initiatives and corporate overhaul strategy.

MGMT 353 Bethel University Senior Data Warehousing Consultant Resume Paper

MGMT 353 Bethel University Senior Data Warehousing Consultant Resume Paper.

Communication Strategy Assignment 1: ResumeAssignment OverviewThis assignment is due at the end of the course; however, if you want feedback on it, you are advised to turn it in well in advance. ResumeChapter 16 discusses different types of resume formats. Carefully peruse the information and choose a type of resume that is most relevant to your current situation. In the text part of the submission window, indicate why you chose the resume format. For your submission, craft a resume that includes a “dovetail” objective that convincingly showcases your distinguishing factors while also touching on a prospective employer’s specific need.Design your resume in a way that is eye-catching and easy to read.For the sake of all that is good, make sure your resume does not contain grammatical or mechanical errors.
MGMT 353 Bethel University Senior Data Warehousing Consultant Resume Paper

connect the concepts of the book with concepts in the class.

assignment writer connect the concepts of the book with concepts in the class.. I’m studying and need help with a Communications question to help me learn.

Midterm Essay (for grads)
5 points each for:
Choice — relevance of book chosen
Connection — citing themes (>= 3) from class
Clarity — presenting clearly and concisely
Cogency — of argument
Graduate students in the class are expected to select one of the optional texts for the class, or propose a different book title and have it approved for the assignment. They will then write an essay on how the book relates to ideas touched upon in the class, showcasing their ability to connect concepts learned in class with the “outside world”. The relevance of the book will need to be argued by every student, by immediately establishing the connections between it and the class. Students are then expected to delve deeper into the main ideas presented in the text, and reflect on them based on their lessons learned in class. The writing and presentation must be free of grammar/typographical errors, and follow a clear logical outline. The cogency of the argument should also be clear, i.e. expressing what the book is conveying or not, and how well it is able to do so.

The book I have chosen is Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas
Topics that are talked about are ICTD, HCI, HCI4D, Technology and Poverty. This class basically discusses how technology and development are not available to some populations worldwide(those in poverty). How these organizations (ICTD, HCI etc…)are run and how they are trying to help and how they are failing or succeeding. We have lots of readings from different points of views on these topics.
connect the concepts of the book with concepts in the class.

University of California Riverside Politics and the Concept of Power Essay

University of California Riverside Politics and the Concept of Power Essay.

I’m working on a political science writing question and need support to help me study.

For this assignment you must write a 2,500 word paper (minimum) on one of the following essay questions. Proper grammar, spelling and citations are a must.You will be expected to turn in a well thought out, well executed paper that contains; an introduction which mentions the question and summarizes your answer complete with a thesis statement that outlines your argument for the whole paper, several complete paragraphs, with topic sentences and evidence to back up your argument, and a concluding paragraph that wraps up your essay in a coherent way. Your paper must have a coherent argument that details your response to the essay topic.Proper grammar and spelling are a must. This paper must be typed, double spaced, and in a 12 point font. Any sources that you use, (the internet, any library books, the texts from this class) must be properly cited.Essay is based on 3 readings that I will provide pdfs of: Selected Political Writings by Machiavelli, Leviathan by Hobbes, and Two Treatises of Government by Locke.Prompts (Choose one):How does Machiavelli and Hobbes conceptualize the power of the state? How is this different from Locke?What are the different goals of Machiavelli’s, Hobbes’ and Locke’s concepts of power? Is one more advantageous, or useful than the other?Are Machiavelli, Hobbes and Locke developing an ideology of power? If so, what it is? How might the relate to each other?
University of California Riverside Politics and the Concept of Power Essay

Oakwood University Wk 7 Managerial Economics

Oakwood University Wk 7 Managerial Economics.

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him” (Jeremiah 17:7, King James Version).”Everybody is searching for peace. No one can avoid the strain of life or the severe stress it brings with it. Jesus radiated love, serenity and peace; no matter how turbulent or chaotic the circumstances were around Him. This was the result of His intimate relationship with His Father. Jesus regularly withdrew in solitude to pray and pour out His heart to His Father. Then He was able to return to a stormy life with the peace of heaven in His heart. Whatever life may have in store for you, you will be victorious in His strength because”, “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength” (Phil. 4:13, King James Version)” (Christian Art Gifts, June 7).250 wordsAPA style
Oakwood University Wk 7 Managerial Economics