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What historical and/or demographic trend do you think most significantly influence youth today? In this

You are required to provide tables and/or figures with appropriate citations.  Is it significantly different now or just a continuation of trends we’ve seen over the past couple of generations?How does your trend affect where your youth group fits in today’s political and economic systems? Why do you think this is the case? Has it always been this way? Do you see changes for youth in these areas any time soon? Why or why not?Think about how peers, families, and schools influence the thoughts and actions of youth. How might those different sources of influence reinforce or contradict one another? How do these influences affect this trend?What are the major differences you see between how the media, popular culture, and parents portray youth and how they actually are? Since we are all youth at one time, why do you think these differences between adult/popular perception and youth reality arise and are perpetuated?Project this trend out a generation in the future. What do you think it will look like and why?The paper must include 2500-3000 words plus tables and figures–All tables and figures should be cited.You must turn in an “outline” during Unit 7. Refer to the schedule to view the due date.Your essay should clearly define your chosen trend and youth demographic group, incorporate the scholarly (see below) literature at each point, and include a thorough analysis of the trend and its place in the larger social context.Each point should be carefully explained with sociological concepts, explicitly justified with reason and empirical scientific evidence, and illustrated through specific real-world examples.Your essay should be carefully proofread and edited.You should have a minimum of five outside sources of original peer reviewed-ACADEMIC research that conform to the applicable guidelines of APA format and include all citations and references.  Failure to use five outside sources of original academic research will result in a 50 point deduction in your core assessment grade.You are also required to make use of the course materials (Hine, Milner, Males, Nichols and Good, etc.) by citing the reading a minimum of five times.  References to the assigned books will not count toward the reference requirements of your essay.You may also include additional sources for examples or background information, but only reputable, peer-reviewed academic sources will count toward the reference requirements of your essays. This means that magazines, newspapers, or internet sources are only appropriate for examples and illustrations in this project — if you have any questions as to whether a specific source is acceptable for your essay, you should ask your instructor rather than guess.Also, focus on articles or books presenting original research or theories, not on those reviewing others’ works or editorializing about opposing approaches. Reference works, textbooks, and literature reviews are all excellent places to begin your search, but you must find and read the original in order to develop your own reaction. Ask your instructor for source approval if in doubt. You must use at least one source written within the past three years.

Risk Management Program Analysis ;Explain the relationship of risk management programs and compliance with ethical standards.

Risk Management Program Analysis ;Explain the relationship of risk management programs and compliance with ethical standards..

This assignment builds on the Risk Management Program Analysis  Assume that the example risk management program you analyzed in Topic 1 was developed by and is now currently implemented by your health care employer/organization. Further assume that your supervisor has asked you to present a high-level summary brief of this new risk management program to a group of administrative personnel from a newly created community health organization in your state who has enlisted your organization’s assistance in developing their own risk management policies and procedures. Compose a 1,250-1,500 word summary brief that expands upon the elements you addressed in the Risk Management Program Analysis Part One assignment. In addition, analyze the following: Explain the Joint Commission’s role in the evaluation of an organization’s quality management processes. Describe the roles that different levels of administrative personnel play in establishing or sustaining operational policies that are focused on employer-employee organizational risk management policies. Explain the relationship of risk management programs and compliance with ethical standards. In addition to your textbook, you are required to support your analysis with a minimum of three peer-reviewed references. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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PowerPoint Presentation Homework

What historical and/or demographic trend do you think most significantly influence youth today? In this Application to Course Objective: Understand how implementation of marketing research can lay the foundation for a successful marketing strategy for businesses
Additional Assignment Objectives:
• Generate ideas for foundation of future individual and group project(s)
• Develop understanding of course expectations for professional writing
Create a brief professional Power Point deck which describes an organization of your choice (within professional boundaries) facing a problem or decision. It can be a for-profit or non-profit organization and it can be a local, national, or global organization.
Put yourself in the place of a marketing manager within the organization and you have been tasked with creating an RFP. Include the following slides:
• SLIDE ONE Title Slide. Topic, Assignment 1, Name, Date
• SLIDE TWO The organization, a brief history, and the current environment it operates in. What is going on in this industry that is relevant to this RFP?
SLIDE THREE What problem or decision might be facing this organization that would require some research?
• SLIDE FOUR Research Purpose AND One Research Objective
• SLIDE FIVE End Slide
• SLIDE SIX References
This slide deck should utilize thoughtful communication and visual design choices (choose an aesthetically pleasing professional slide template) suitable to the goal of the presentation and the professional organization.