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What are the color harmonies? What are the optical and emotional effects of the colors and what is the similar

What are the color harmonies? What are the optical and emotional effects of the colors and what is the similar or different effect?

Social enterprise and policy support

Social enterprise and policy support.

This is a literature review which is a part of a dissertation: social enterprise and policy support

Will not specify or put you in a border too much because I don’t want you to work inconveniently, however, in case you may need a guideline what I would like to put in my work, I will write around this topic: Around 2500-2800 words on social enterprise theories Social Enterprise in general and theories around them What factors impact the success of the social enterprise Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (you can cite around entrepreneurship ecosystem instead if this specific topic is too difficult to find sources) Around 1700-2000 words on SE policy support 1 How the government regulate/support social entrepreneurship in their country? Please explain the case study and you can state problems that they have faced during issuing the policy and when applying the policy. 2 Comparing the policy in developed countries and developing countries. Even though you have this guideline, but if you would like to add more topic, or find something interesting to write, you can write down as you want. You can ask me anytime if you have any questions

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Procurement Outsourcing Strategies

What are the color harmonies? What are the optical and emotional effects of the colors and what is the similar Procurement Outsourcing Strategies.

Procurement Outsourcing Strategies


Paper details:

Go through the scenario. Your task is to determine which procurement strategy is best for the company. Choose a solution and in one paragraph make a clear and specific recommendation based on the readings in the class so far. In a second paragraph, describe how the company can implement your recommendation. Write your recommendation/implementation in third person. Include a cover page. At the end, discuss the questions that are presented below. Answer the following questions: What did you find challenging in completing the scenario? How do strategic alliances impact procurement outsourcing strategies ? Provide your response by uploading a Word document using this format: Recommendation Implementation

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Scenario: You are deciding among three investments, as you do for Case 4. You have heard of an expert who has a highly reliable “track record” in the correct identification of favorable vs. unfavorable market conditions. You are now considering whether to consult this “expert.” Therefore, you need to determine whether it would be worth paying the expert’s fee to get his prediction. You recognize that you need to do further analysis to determine the value of the information that the expert might provide. In order to simplify the analysis, you have decided to look at two possible outcomes for each alternative (instead of three).

You are interested in whether the market will be Favorable or Unfavorable, so you have collapsed the Medium and Low outcomes. Here are the three alternatives with their respective payoffs and probabilities. Option A: Real estate development. This is a risky opportunity with the possibility of a high payoff, but also with no payoff at all. You have reviewed all of the possible data for the outcomes in the next 10 years and these are your estimates of the Net Present Value (NPV) of the payoffs and probabilities: High/Favorable NPV: $7.5 million, Pr = 0.5 Unfavorable NPV: $2.0 million, Pr = 0.5 Option B: Retail franchise for Just Hats, a boutique-type store selling fashion hats for men and women. This also is a risky opportunity but less so than Option A. It has the potential for less risk of failure, but also a lower payoff. You have reviewed all of the possible data for the outcomes in the next 10 years and these are your estimates of the NPV of the payoffs and probabilities. High/Favorable NPV: $4.5 million, Pr = 0.75 Unfavorable NPV: $2.5 million, Pr = 0.25 Option C: High Yield Municipal Bonds. This option has low risk and is assumed to be a Certainty. So there is only one outcome with probability of 1.0: NPV: $2.25 million, Pr = 1.0 You have contacted the expert and received a letter stating his track record which you have checked out using several resources. Here is his stated track record: True State of the Market Expert Prediction Favorable Unfavorable Predicts “Favorable” .9 .3

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Management Question

My _request:
1- No plagrisiam, No Match please.
2-You can find the instructions inside doc
3- Please don’t write down a paper just write in the doc
4- write a report about everything you use to search and about what’s you write in different doc because we will discuss it separately in class
Write the references at least 7-10 by using APA style .
Please use simple language
Put in-text citation in each.
Here :
Write about logistics performance priorities for “Any Saudi” fast food restaurant chain in Covid 19 restrictions; explain why you have come to your conclusions:
In this situation :
You can choose to search about one of any names of these restaurants (shawarmer, Tazaj, hungry bunny ,kudu)
Then answer the questions inside the doc.

Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model.

Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model..

For this assignment, first review the background materials with a focus on Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model. Make sure you are familiar with the four leadership styles covered in the situational approach including Directing, Coaching, Supporting, and Delegating and situations where you are supposed to use these four styles. Also, familiarize yourself with the more complex Path-Goal model and Fiedler’s Contingency model. You don’t need to know these two models in as much detail as the Situational model to complete this assignment, but make sure you understand the main idea of these models as well as some of their main advantages and disadvantages. Case Assignment For each of the following situations, explain which of the four leadership styles covered in the Situational model should be used and explain your reasoning with references to Chapter 4 of Avery (2011) and at least one other required reading from the background materials: You are in charge of a team of architects. They are highly skilled but have strong opinions and do not necessarily follow instructions. These architects are independent thinkers who are used to doing things their own way. You are in charge of a fast-food restaurant. The employees are all teenagers who have not yet graduated from high school, and this is the first job for most of them. You are the supervisor of a team of software engineers. They are all highly skilled and highly motivated, and are used to working independently. All of them believe in the mission of the company. Each of the three models (Situational, Fielder Contingency, Path-Goal) covered in this module involves both “inputs” and “outputs.” For example, Situational Leadership involves taking employee commitment and competency as inputs and then—based on the employee information—choosing Directing, Coaching, Supporting, or Delegating as an output. Create a table comparing and contrasting the three models in terms of inputs and outputs, and include a 1- or 2-paragraph discussion of your table. Based on your table in Part 2 above and the readings, which of the three models do you think is most useful? Take into consideration both its ability to adapt leadership styles to realistic situations you may face, as well as ease of use of the model. Assignment Expectations Follow the assignment instructions closely and follow all steps listed in the instructions. Stay focused on the precise assignment questions; don’t go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials List supporting references and cite sources in proper format. Use appropriate writing style in essay form (organization, grammar, and spelling). Include both a bibliography and in-text citations. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper, including pages 11-14 on in-text citations. Another resource is the “Writing Style Guide,” which is found under “My Resources” in the TLC porta

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