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West Virginia University Non Academic versus Academic Sources Discussion

West Virginia University Non Academic versus Academic Sources Discussion.

The “Books, Websites, or Journals? The Information Cycle” handout in the “Effective Library Research” module talks about “popular magazines” (like Time Magazine) and “scholarly journals” (like Political Science Quarterly). Both popular magazines and scholarly journals publish articles, but they are different types of articles. The articles in popular magazines are an example of a non-academic source (because they are written for a non-academic audience) and the scholarly journal articles are an example of an academic source (because they are written for academics/scholars/researchers). For this forum post, we’ll look at an example of two different types of sources that are written on the same topic: Bourne (2020), Jurkowitz, Oliphant, & Shearer (2020) the sources. Then, write a 150-200 word post to address the following:How would you classify the type of each source (academic or non academic)? How do you know?Who is the author for each source? Who is the publisher? How would you characterize the credibility of each source? What different types of information are you able to obtain from each source? How might you use or refer to these sources differently in a research paper? (Would you use all three of these sources in a research paper?) Have you written an annotated bibliography in the past? What are the goals of annotated bibliographies? What tips do you have for your classmates to help them create effective annotations?
West Virginia University Non Academic versus Academic Sources Discussion

Complete Statistics Task (Ashford). I’m trying to learn for my Statistics class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Your instructor will post an announcement with the scenario and data set for your Week 2 assignment. For the calculations in this assignment, you may use either Excel or the free VassarStats: Website for Statistical Computation (Links to an external site.) program online. Instructions for performing a chi-square test of independence in Excel are included in Section 10.4 of the textbook, accompanied by a screencast demonstrating the process in the electronic version. Screencasts showing how to do a chi-square goodness-of-fit test and a chi-square test of independence in VassarStats are included in the Week 2 learning activity, which you may review at any time. For this test, you may prefer VassarStats (Links to an external site.) because it is more automated than Excel. You also have the option of calculating the chi-square manually but if you choose this option, you must show your work and explain all of the steps taken to solve for the chi-square value and to determine statistical significance.
In your paper, begin with a paragraph introducing the scenario and explaining why a chi-square test is needed for the situation. Then, address the following:

Identify which chi-square test you used and which program or procedure you used for the analysis.
Describe the procedure you used to calculate the chi-square.

If using VassarStats (Links to an external site.), copy and paste the data entry area and output into your paper. If using Excel, submit the Excel spreadsheet separately and mention in your paper that the spreadsheet is attached. If using hand calculations, include a table showing the observed and expected frequencies, along with the row and column totals and chi-square calculations.

Report the chi-square value, degrees of freedom, and the p
Explain how you determined the p Is the result statistically significant?

If the test is a chi-square test of independence with a statistically significant result, report the effect size using Cramér’s V.

Explain the meaning of the results in terms of the scenario.

Discuss any assumptions, limitations, and implications associated with the situation and analysis.

Summarize the main points of the paper in a concluding paragraph.

The Chi-Square Data Analysis paper

Must be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.)
Must include a separate title page with the following:

Title of paper
Student’s name
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Date submitted

For further assistance with the formatting and the title page, refer to APA Formatting for Word 2013 (Links to an external site.).

Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear statement that indicates the purpose of your paper, to report and explain your analysis of the scenario and data set.

For assistance on writing Introductions & Conclusions (Links to an external site.), refer to the Ashford Writing Center resources.

Must use the course text; and Excel, VassarStats, or detailed documentation of hand calculations. Refer to Tables, Images, & Appendices (Links to an external site.) for assistance with formatting data and results tables.

Complete Statistics Task (Ashford)

How Can Children At Risk Be Helped Young People Essay. In this paper we will be highlighting the major areas of children at high risk, the causes behind and the effect on their lives {as derived from child theology}. Our focus of attention will be the role and responsibilities of church and different organisations working for the rehabilitation as well as reaching out to them with the Gospel. CHILD THEOLOGY: SOME BASIC ASSUMPTIONS Child Theology encompasses all children irrespective of their identity, since our God is impartial. The basic purpose of child theology is to see the pressing needs of children, their potential and to take purpose driven action on their behalf.3⁠What are Children to God? Or in child theology? Children are the most numerous and needy people we find on the earth. They are most needy people as they are small, weak, dependant, most vulnerable and powerless. Children are the blessing of God to the families. God could have easily created prototype of Adam and Eve, instead He told them to multiply (Gen.1:28). Secondly we also see that they are created in God’s image like any other individuals thus reflecting the nature and character of God (Gen.1:26). Though children are created in God’s image they, among all other human beings are also imperfect because of Fall and therefore needs to be redeemed.1 It is important to note that apart from physical healing they are also in dire need of spiritual healing which is often overlooked. Thirdly it is very much evident all through the scripture that they are the focus of God and His Kingdom. In the sight of God children are very special. But God cares for them and they are the focus of His Mission. Dr. Dan Brester says that, “they are both key to Great Commission and an expression of Great Commandment”.2 DIFFERENT AREAS WHERE CHILDREN ARE AT HIGH RISK Street Children: These children are the once who are on their own deprived of basic necessities of childhood, thus trying to survive by living and working in a particular environment. They are categorised as – Children who live and work on street during day but return home at night, other group who find food, shelter and friends in the street. They are called children of the street. And the third category includes the abandoned ones, completely on their own for material and psychological support, so they are termed as children in the street.4⁠Kind of work they do: salvaging recyclables from waste, selling things on road junctions, polish shoes, collect alms, scavenge food from the market, pick pocketing, theft etc. Problems they go through: They are neglected, abused by any and every kind of people passing by. Lack of roof over their heads leaves them only to be exploited sexually,abused and tortured physically. These children are deprived of proper food, education,and medical aid. They are at high risk of both physical as well as psychological problems since they are homeless and are left unattended if they suffer any health hazards. Many children are open to the dangers of addiction of tobacco, alchohol and all kinds of drug abuse.5 ⁠Sexually abused Children/ Child Prostitution There is considerable amount of increase in the sexually abused children in India during last few years. Children are dehumanized, demeaned and are reduced to mere comodities for sale and purchase just to satisfy the need of ruthless and inhuman sexually immature individuals. These children are deprived of their childhood. Prostitution has become a very profitable trade in which million of children are involved specifically girl child. Child pornography has alarmingly increased in our country, so also incest rarely coming to light but very common in our society. The agony they go through: Apart from being sexually abused they also go through physical torture- beaten up, burnt, deprived of good food. They are kept in small cells or in very small and crowded rooms in unhygenic conditions getting very less light and air. Sometimes they are forced to take drugs to subside hunger and pain. Reasons: Among many other, povery is the basic reason worldwide. In India we find parents selling child to gain financial aid. Children of sex worker are forced into prostitution. Sometimes parents sexually abuse their children and so they find them “ready” for sex – a good reason to earn money.⁠⁠⁠6⁠Effect: Looses childhood and dignity, no future, physical as well as psychological disorder. Psychologically they are depressed, post traumatic stress as disorder, anxiety, psychopathy in later life, poor self esteem, develop self destructive behaviour such as crime in adulthood and suicide. We also find they turn out to be anti-socials. Phisically they are infected with sexually transmitted deseases. Children effected by Drugs and Alchohol: Children who are not able to take out their anger indulge in taking drugs. Reason behind children addicted to drug are divorse of parents, family violence, lack of love and support, not being heard of and it is also because of peer presure. In some cases they pick up this habit from their parents. Effects: It effects all areas of life such as emotional, psychological, spiritual as well as social and physically. they suffer loss of health.7⁠⁠Child Labour: In India 14.4% of children between 10-14 years of age are employed in child labour. It is effecting our society all over the world. They basically work in carpet factories, glass blowing units and firework factories. There are around 20 million child labourers in the country. Causes: To alivate poverty families force them into it. According to Prof. Gangrade, child labour is caused by differe⁠nt factors eg. Social tradition, customs, and dearth of schools or parental reluctance to send children to school, industrialization, urbanization and also migration. Effects: They are mal nourished, deprived of education, viewed as wage earner. It is hazardous to child’s developmental needs both mental and physical. They are also effected socially and psychologically.8⁠⁠⁠SOME OF THE ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE WORKING FOR THE CHILDREN WHO ARE AT RISK ARE: 1) VIVA NETWORK: This organization works among the children and do investment for their future in order to break the pattern of poverty and love, equip and support them. They are also helping them to make them free from depression, exploitation and abuse. And for this they engage themselves with mobilizing churches, communities and individuals to play their part in changing the lives of vulnerable children. 2) WORLD VISION INDIA: A Christian humanitarian organization working to create lasting changes in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty and injustice. They focus on building the community around children so that they have the opportunity to reach for a better future. 3) UNICEF: In India it is working since 1949 and known to be the driving force that builds a world where the rights of every child are realized. The purpose is to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, diseases and discrimination place in child’s path. 4) CEF: An international Christian organization seeks to evangelize and disciple children around the world. They target 10 million children worldwide to hear the good news. One of their main ministries is to do with children of prisoner’s because children of prisoner’s have 70% chance if going to prison when they grow up. 5) DIVYA SHANTI CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION: Working since 1967 in Bangalore. They search children at market, railway station where the abused and runaway children take refuge. Their ministry is done by a night mobile clinic which is run by a staffed nurse and social worker who addressed the needs of children. 6) CRIN: They envision a world in which every child enjoys all human rights promised by United Nations, Regional Organizations and National Government. They also believe that children have the right to participate and express themselves freely and openly in all mater’s affecting them. These are some of the organizations but there are so many NGO, as well as the secular organizations which are working for the children. Now these days we also see lot of books on this subject, lot of work has been done but lots have to be done in order to accomplish the need of the children. OUR MISSION APPROACH Today lot of churches as well as our government has worked for the upliftment of the children who are at risk. Many churches have come forward to help children in terms of finance, material, and medical facilities and had helped them to get status in the society. Government had also started schemes for children like providing them mid day meals, free education as well as learning institutions where children are equipped to do tailoring, handicraft work from which they can learn and earn also. But apart from physical healing we need to reach out to them trough the Gospel which will bring spiritual healing. Evangelism to children is a special ministry of the church. There are various ways which church adapt to bring the Good News to children. For example through strory telling, visual aids such as flat pictures, graphics, projected materials, video-tape, Puppet show, music etc. Therefore being a theologian student let’s stand in the gap for the children at risk and be sensitive about their needs serving and uplifting them in whatever capacity we can, so that they will become responsible leaders to serve the nation in future. How Can Children At Risk Be Helped Young People Essay

Lesson/Activity Plan

Lesson/Activity Plan.

Design an original lesson for students in the first, second or third grade:  An expository writing lesson (informing the reader of a topic that would include facts, such as book reports or research reports)a.  Describe two items you would use in your classroom environment to encourage expository writing.B.  Design an original activity (using the attached “WGU Lesson Activity Format”) where students learn an irregular spelling rule (e.g., “child/children”).C.  Design an original read-and-describe activity (using the attached “WGU Lesson Activity Format”) where students read one of their writing samples to a peer and then the peer describes the content of the writing to the class.Note: In both lesson plans and activities, students should be encouraged to look for correct punctuation, grammar, spelling, and capitalization of words.ELT_SUM_2_WGU_Lesson_Activity_Format-3.rtf
Lesson/Activity Plan

Ethic Essay (Biotechnology)

assignment writing services Ethic Essay (Biotechnology).

Biotechnology Ethics Paper The intention of this essay is to take a “standard” topic in biotechnology and consider AT LEAST two perspectives of the ethics involved.This is not solely an opinion paper, although you are welcome to include your own opinion- you will also need some sources available showing the sides of the debate in question. Topic:The topic I choose for my Biotechnology essay is I want to link it to the topic of genetic mutation and human testing and approach it from the moral standpoint of using human as experimental items to achieve an economical benefits like medical trials. Also discuss the point that development and research in biotechnology can easily lose it effects due to opposition of moral and human freedom and rights with economical benefits, so i want to show that biothechnology is like threading on ice around ethics. Formatting and Citation RequirementsThe paper itself will be submitted within the following guidelines: 3-5 pages in length, not counting references1” margins on left and right, no more than 1” on the top and bottomTimes New Roman standard font, 12 point, black typefaceDouble line spacingIn-text citations following correct APA formatting rules (i.e., not using numbers)Sourcing4 academic sources for the biotechnology topic itselfUp to 2 non-academic sources are permittedWorks Cited page (alphabetical order, APA format)Failure to use proper citations where required will not only result in point deductions but could also result in plagiarism and the associated academic penalties and referral to the Judicial Board of Conduct.I highly recommend visiting the library if you can to speak with the biology reference librarian about citation usage if you have questions.
Ethic Essay (Biotechnology)

SUNY Upstate Bond Price and Yield to Maturity Accounting Questions

SUNY Upstate Bond Price and Yield to Maturity Accounting Questions.

Question:Suppose Insurance, Inc. would like to buy today a five-year, $1000 bond with a 5% coupon rate and semi-annual coupons. The bond was issued exactly one year earlier today. The current market interest rate on similar bonds is 6%.What should the price of this bond be today?Suppose that Insurance, Inc. held the bond until maturity, what should be its total rate of return on this bond?Now, suppose Insurance, Inc. bought the bond at its fair price today and one year later it sells the bond at $878.34. When Insurance, Inc. sells:What is the bond’s nominal yield?What is the bond’s yield to maturity?What is the bond’s current yield?What is the company’s total return on the bond, all else being equal?If the annual inflation rate were 2%, what is the company’s real rate of return?At maturity, what is the price of the bond, assuming the issuer were solvable? Provide a proof for your answer.Show your steps.
SUNY Upstate Bond Price and Yield to Maturity Accounting Questions

5 questions 5 pages

5 questions 5 pages. I need an explanation for this Geography question to help me study.

Answer these 5 questions using the MLA format. You MUST answer each question in a one page paper (5 questions=5 pages)
You must use MLA OR APA format when you do the citations page.
1.)What human and physical characteristics help us to define world regions? What might we consider in differentiating between one world region and another?
2.) Is the world overpopulating? Why or Why not? Consider population Growth trends and resource consumption,
3.) How important is it that one third of the world’s population is poor. What can be done about it?
4.) How is your region similar to or different from the other regions of the world?
5.) How have language, race, ethnicity, class, and gender have been manipulated to cause conflict
5 questions 5 pages