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West Virginia Career and Technical Institute Management Human Resource Debate

West Virginia Career and Technical Institute Management Human Resource Debate.

Watch the video “Is Nothing Private Anymore?”.  The video discusses how many companies have put policies in place that prohibit their employees from engaging in certain risky behaviors outside of work (for example, when off work premises during a lunch break, or on the weekends), such as smoking, drinking alcohol, skydiving, etc., and how employees can be terminated (i.e., fired) for violating these policies. One the one hand, this saves the company money on insurance and health care costs and can protect the health and safety or workers. On the other hand, employees might feel that their privacy is being invaded and that they should have the right to decide how they behave (within legal limits) outside of work hours.
Consider this video from the perspective of the course material on Legal Issues (e.g., the Civil Rights Act) and Separation (e.g., employment-at-will). You are also welcome to apply additional course materials if you see them as relevant. 
Pick one side of this debate (either Side 1 or Side 2). Develop a set of arguments supporting your side using existing court cases and rulings, reliable media sites, and information from the class lecture and readings.

Side 1: Companies should have the right to design policies that prohibit certain risky activities, hobbies, and behaviors outside of work and terminate employees who violate these policies. In other words, argue in favor of business owners and senior leaders having the freedom to set their own policies.
Side 2: Employees should have the right to decide what activities, hobbies, and behaviors they engage in outside of work, and should not be terminated for engaging in certain behaviors. In other words, argue against companies designing prohibitive policies that put restrictions on employee behavior outside of work for which they can be terminated.

Respond to the following questions/prompts:
Paragraph 1: Consider your position from the perspective of either the owner of your own company, or an employee. Which side of the debate did you pick, and why? In other words, should organizations have the right to terminate employees based on their activities, hobbies, and behaviors outside of work? Provide at least two (2) specific arguments in favor of your side, drawing from the course material on Legal Issues and Separation and additional research.
Paragraph 2: Find a court case that supports your argument. Provide details of the case, and explain how this case is relevant to your argument.  
Paragraph 3: Imagine you are a Chief HR Officer, and you are given the responsibility to design a policy that takes into account both healthcare costs and employee privacy. Describe at least two basic principles for this policy. What features would it have? What restrictions would it include, or not? For example, if you decide to prohibit certain behaviors and not others (e.g., smoking cigarettes, eating junk food, riding motorcycles), where would you draw the line? What do you believe is the best balance?
West Virginia Career and Technical Institute Management Human Resource Debate

Wayne State University Project Management and Communication Planning Paper.

Write a two page paper regarding what you thought on “Quality Planning” and what was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding. Define and describe what you thought was worthy of your understanding in half a page, and then explain why you felt it was important, how you will use it, and/or how important it is in project planning.Strict APA Format with in text citation and 2 references. No plagiarismAlso, need to reply for 2 other discussions with minimum of 200 words. (I will post the discussions of other students once I get it.)Please refer to the below attachment to complete the assignment
Wayne State University Project Management and Communication Planning Paper

SU World Culture how Edgar Degas & Mary Cassatt Portrays Women in Art Discussion.

I’m working on a cultural studies discussion question and need support to help me study.

E1. Impressionist painters sought to portray the world they saw in emotional and immediate terms. Russian realist painters sought to preserve national traditions and lifestyles in their work. Both contributed to their national cultures by capturing the world around them in their painting, often showing an idealized version of that world. Choose one Impressionist painter and one Realist painter and compare ;their contributions to their nation’s identity. How did their art define something important about their national identity? Chapter 31 has some great examples.2. What does the Crystal Palace tell us about Britain in terms of technology, the economy, and society at the end of the 19th century? 3. How did Edgar Degas portray women in his artwork? How did Mary Cassatt portray women in her art? Compare the two visions of women using some specific examples that demonstrate the roles these artists saw women playing in their time? Chapter 32 has some great examples.4. George Catlin’s artwork was exquisite but so were the many pieces of art created by the various Native American art traditions described in Chapter 32. Compare Catlin’s work with one of those artistic traditions and what it produced. Please use specific examples.5. America created its own Crystal Palace with the Columbian Exhibition of 1893. What was the purpose of this exhibition? What picture of America does this exhibition paint? 6. Your book has a short but good section on the birth of jazz. Jazz is a uniquely American art form. How did it reflect America in the time in which it was being born? What picture of our country did this spectacularly creative art form paint? Why did jazz come into being during a time when so much else was going on in America? How does jazz today define America?How to Improve Your Score with Discussion BoardsWith the first week of Discussion Boards in front of us, it is a good time to pause and reflect before moving forward. If the score is the only thing you look at and moved on, you are doing yourself a disservice. Read the feedback and consider why you lost points, to prevent the same thing happening week after week.Here are a few common mistakes to avoid:Not writing enough. This is a writing class. You are expected to read and listen to the materials, analyze and write an understandable response that covers the subject and answers the questions. Use complete sentences, as these are not short-answer questions. You might need to do a bit of extra research.Cite your sources at the end of the initial post. Never cut-and-paste materials from sources. We want to see your thoughts and not those of others. If you summarize someone else’s thoughts or you use a direct quote, cite them. With assignments of this length, do not use long quotes. A short phrase is the maximum.If your response to your classmates is “Great post!” “I agree with you!” are all you write, then you will not get points. Read their posts and find something they say that you can comment on. You can agree or disagree but provide evidence to prove your claims. The length here is important as well. Say something interesting that relates to the subject. Again, if you use outside sources, cite them.Make sure your comments are organized, relate to the subject and make sense.Check grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. As a college student, mistakes in these areas should not be present in your writing. When they are present, go back and review and learn why you made the mistake, so that you will not make them next time.When you have completed your post, before you post it, re-read and edit it. You send your best work to be graded. Grading should not be an editing service, but a confirmation of your hard work. You are not done and should not post until you have edited your work for errors.As a southerner, I often tell myself…Self, you cannot write the way you speak. Use your formal voice, with correct grammar and diction. To be honest, I was born a redneck, but I work hard to keep it under wraps in my writing. Writing well will become one of the greatest skills you can develop, but it takes constant work.Try to check and respond to your classmates throughout the week. Read my responses to your classmates as well. You will find that the give and take of the responses will add much to your understanding.Hopefully, these thoughts will help. Go through this process each week after grades are posted. It is always about continual improvement. I often say that for any of us, there is no finish line in writing. We will work to improve throughout our lives. Dr. Mike
SU World Culture how Edgar Degas & Mary Cassatt Portrays Women in Art Discussion

Sharing Vision and Prioritizing Needs

Sharing Vision and Prioritizing Needs. I’m studying for my Law class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Leaders breathe life into visions. The ways in which leaders model expectations, communicate visions, and engage in actions that align with those expectations will have a significant impact on how others buy in. Leaders must animate visions, so that others can experience what it would be like to live and work in that ideal and unique future. It is also essential for leaders to look ahead to the future. Looking ahead is integral to leadership success. Kouzes and Posner wrote that being forward-looking is not the same as meeting deadlines; leaders have to prospect the future.

Elaborate on how leaders breathe life into visions.
Describe three ways a leader can accomplish animation of visions specific to criminal justice.
Explain the difference between a leader being forward-looking and meeting deadlines.
Propose three ways a leader can prospect the future specific to criminal justice.

Special Instructions:
Create a 1 page essay in APA format according to the instructions above. Use 2 scholarly sources for references. Be sure to utilize in-text citations.
Sharing Vision and Prioritizing Needs

HSA 4191 Rasmussen College Healthcare Delivery and Information Management Paper

essay help online free HSA 4191 Rasmussen College Healthcare Delivery and Information Management Paper.

Long Term CareYour final course project paper is due this module. First, combine the elements of your paper that you’ve already created, which include your paper’s introduction and your explanation of how technology has been used to improve healthcare delivery and information management. Then, add your analysis of the implications, challenges, risks, and opportunities regarding your focus area within healthcare technology being used to improve healthcare delivery and information management. As a reminder, your final paper should include:Introduction and conclusion5-10 pages of content, plus cover page and reference pageAt least 3 section headings of topics from outlineReferences page with at least 5-10 valid resourcesFollows APA formatting for cover page and throughout the document, including citations and reference listFree from grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors
HSA 4191 Rasmussen College Healthcare Delivery and Information Management Paper

University of British Columbia Bullying Gang Violence and Hate Crimes Paper

University of British Columbia Bullying Gang Violence and Hate Crimes Paper.

One page discussionBullying, gang violence, and hate crimes all
have a common denominator: acts of violence toward individuals or groups
from whom the perpetrator(s) feels some level of threat. This threat
results in the perpetrator(s) taking action. A bully might attempt to
intimidate a classmate to relieve his or her own sense of insecurity
through a false sense of power. A gang might attempt to gain respect by
imposing a general sense of threat on a neighborhood. A group of
homophobic males might try to solidify their own sexual orientation by
attacking an outwardly gay male.An additional commonality between and among
these types of crises is the collective impact of their actions on a
community. Individual survivors/victims of the crises, as well as the
community as a whole, must accommodate the experiences and navigate
through the aftermath.For this Discussion, select one crisis from the
following: bullying, gang violence, or hate crimes. Then conduct
research in the Walden library about the primary effects of the crisis
you selected and the intervention strategies to address those effects.
Use this research to support your discussion posts. By Day 4Post a summary of the primary
effects of the crisis you selected (bullying, gang violence, or hate
crimes). Then, describe two intervention strategies you would use to
address the effects of the crisis you chose. Be specific and use
examples to illustrate.
Note: Include the type of crisis you selected in the
first line of your post. You will be asked to respond to a colleague who
chose a different type of crisis from the one you discussed.
Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.By Day 6Ask 2 probing questionsAsk a probing question.
University of British Columbia Bullying Gang Violence and Hate Crimes Paper

Assignment Cultural Competence Development Plan “Looking for Robert F Only”

Assignment Cultural Competence Development Plan “Looking for Robert F Only”.

Cultural Competence Development PlanFor this assignment, consider a scenario in which you are a hired health care consultant and need to present a draft of your Cultural Competence Development Plan. You should consider previous coursework as well as material covered in this course as you develop the selected health care organization’s cultural competence plan. I will upload Course Plans and files, to take information and compile together and you will research other from internet.For insight into methods that might be incorporated into your plan, Perez and Luquis read Chapter 5, “Collecting and Using Data to Improve Services,” pages 24–29…Population background for cultural group(s) selected: Read the Cultural Competence Development Plan course project description, and prepare paper of at least seven pages, making sure to include the following:-Population background for cultural group(s) selected-Cultural characteristics considered, such as values, beliefs, traditions, folktales, and attitudes toward health care.-Organization and cultural group consideration for health care needs: Assess health care disparities, including disease prevalence and barriers to health care.-Analyze issues and impacts involved in heath disparities and provided insight in the causes-Explain the impact of cultural competence development on strategy for a healthcare organization and provide example ( use information collect from interview).-Identify factor required to build cultural competency in a organization and illustrate with relevant examples.-Present recommendations to address health disparities and explain you rational.-Identify and describe alternative approaches from providing culturally sensitive healthcare program.-Describing explaining approaches to developing cultural competence throughout a whole healthcare organization.-Assessment tools and considerations: -Effective communications and continuum of care.-Training, education, and application or practice for the workforce.-Assessing the diversity of the workforce.-Development, design, and execution of culturally competent health care plan.Paper RequirementsThe paper should be written and formatted using APA Citing and Referencing Guidelines.Microsoft Word is required and font type is 10 point Arial or 12 point Times New Roman with 1″ marginsFormat: Include a cover page and table of ContentsNice Introduction Assessment tools selectedNice summary of conclusionsAt least three references, not including course textbook in APA format and in alphabetical order
Assignment Cultural Competence Development Plan “Looking for Robert F Only”