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Wendy’s International, Inc. , a relatively young and rapidly growing quick-service restaurant chain, was considering adding a salad bar to its menu. Because Wendy’s “limited menu” concept was one of the factors that had contributed to the Company’s remarkable success, management felt that consideration should also be given to the desirability of dropping one of the existing products from the menu if the decision regarding the introduction of the salad bar turned out to be favorable.

Of Wendy’s four basic products, chili seemed to be the ost likely candidate. In addition to being the menu “maverick,” chili contributed the least to total restaurant sales and was also considered to have the lowest profit margin. On the other hand, Wendy’s management was aware that the reasons chili had been placed on the menu at the Company’s inception were, for the most part, still valid. The Company and Its Products Wendy’s Intemational, Inc. was founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1969 by Mr. R. David Thomas. Prior to that time, Mr.

Thomas had purchased an unprofitable Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in the Columbus area, turned it around, and subsequently old it back to Kentucky Fried Chicken at a substantial profit. He then became a co- founder of Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips. So at the time he founded Wendy’s, Mr. Thomas was no stranger to the quick-service food industry. Although he had been involved with businesses specializing in chicken and fish, Mr. Thomas’s favorite food was hamburgers, and he frequently complained that there was no place in Columbus to get a really good hamburger without waiting thirty minutes or more.

Someone finally suggested (whether in earnest or in Jest was debatable) that he get into the amburger business and make his own. After thinking it over, that’s Just what he did, and he named his new Company after his eight-year-old daughter, Wendy. His goal was to provide consumers with bigger and better hamburgers that were cooked to order, served quickly, and reasonably priced. By offering what he believed was a different product, Wendy’s went after a different segment ofthe hamburger marketyoung adults and adults. In so doing, Mr. Thomas did not view his Company as “Just another hamburger chain. ” This case was prepared by E.

Children & Young People

Children & Young People.

What impacts does the lack of leadership consistency among practitioners in the early years setting have?

In this argumentative essay students will pose a management/leadership problem or issue specific to Early Years settings and convincingly argue their point. This essay should demonstrate the student’s understanding of the new role of an Early Years Teacher and respond to course Learning Outcomes A, C, D and E. 

This essay will demonstrate the student’s ability to critically investigate contemporary research and literature in relation to Early Years management and leadership. This process includes drawing on primary research findings relating to the essay topic. A minimum of 4 current topic (management/leadership) related journal articles should be included as well as engaging with key texts and relevant policies and reports.

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