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week2 Health Economic questions

Hormone replacement therapy is commonly used in women to alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause. Many retrospective (i.e., non-randomized) studies found that hormone replacement therapy was correlated with improved outcomes including cancer incidence and survival. However, randomized data suggested that the relationship actually was in the opposite direction (e.g., hormone replacement therapy led to more adverse outcomes). Hypothesize why this may be the case.2. Do you expect price sensitivity to be higher or lower for preventative care (e.g. Pap tests) or inpatient care?3. The RAND Health Insurance Experiment found the following (see below). Explain these results and if they support your above hypothesis.

Assess organizational design & structure

Assess organizational design & structure.

 This assignment includes an analysis and assessment of organizational design and structure. Select an organization of your choice. Then, write a paper describing and analyzing the organization’s design and structure. Utilize current organizational behavior research for your analysis. Discuss the implications of the current structure of the organization on behavior within the organization. Also, relate your analysis to issues including group and interpersonal processes, communication, decision-making, power, political behavior, and stress. Conclude with your recommendations for organizational change. Support your analysis with minimum of five resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

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Learning Theorist

week2 Health Economic questions Learning Theorist.

Select one theorist to explore further in a short paper. Options for theorists include:

Ivan Pavlov, John Watson, Edward Thorndike. B.F. Skinner, Edward Tolman, Albert Bandura, Jean Piaget, and Wolfgang Kohler. Create a short paper that describes the theory of learning that is attributed to this theorist and documents key contributions to the field of psychology that are ascribed to this individual’s work. Also, provide an example of how someone might learn a new topic within this theory of learning. 

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Book- 1984 george erwell

Book- 1984 george erwell.

A literary analysis on the book. In-text citations from the book. Comparing today vs. 1984. The use of technology in the book compared to today and the privacy in 1984 compared to today. Like is the privacy actually there like “big brother” says/ government

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Metaoaradigm in nursing.

Metaoaradigm in nursing..

Title: Metaoaradigm in nursing. Explanation: Describe the four components of metaparadigm of nursing: patient, health, enviroment and nursing. Margin 1 inches every side, doble spacing, font time new roman, side 12, style regular, layout tab margin normal.

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Tom Hayden “The Zapatista Reader”

Tom Hayden “The Zapatista Reader”.

To produce a short (4-5 page!) report on the movement in Chiapas

– how It got started, what kind of actions proved effective, what challenges it faced as it Strove to achieve its objectives. They are hoping you can enlighten them about the Question of leadership (i.e., how to win the trust and respect of people so that they Are willing to fight with you; how to gain the support of people in the rest of the Nation and around the world) and help them determine which kinds of Objectives/goals they should emphasize in their organizing strategies and media Campaigns.

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Creating a Safe & Healthy Work Environment

Creating a Safe & Healthy Work Environment.

The health and safety of our personnel is of the utmost importance. Describe what you think are the issues of health and safety in the Fire & EMS industry and provide a solution to the problem. In addition, how will you make a difference in creating a healthier and safer environment for your personnel?

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Debunking, Disputing, and Counterargument

Debunking, Disputing, and Counterargument.

Description Topic Overview: For this assignment, you will attempt to debunk, dispute, or disprove a hoax, conspiracy theory, or incorrectly held common belief. There are many ways for you to interpret this concept. You can interpret this concept literally–as in literal conspiracies or hoaxes (9/11 truthers, Bigfoot, JFK assassination conspiracies, etc.), or you may interpret it metaphorically, academically, scientifically, socially, medically, etc., as in semi-widely held beliefs that are nonetheless wrong (examples: you can flush “toxins” out of your body using special cleanses or foot baths; the earth is only 6000 years old; you can cure diseases with essential oils; the symptoms of a heart attack are the same for men and women, etc.). *Your audience for this assignment is an interdisciplinary audience of college students, scholars, and inquisitive adults (the kind who watch PBS). The genre for this assignment is a researched argument.* focus on strategies for counterargument, counterclaims, and contradiction. You will also integrate visual media into your essay in the form of photos, charts, maps, graphs, trees, or graphics. You will compose an essay with a strong thesis statement and evidence, coherent body paragraphs, and a strong conclusion. The sources can be anything you want (photo, audio, map, article, website, video, interview, survey, census, data, graphs, trees, art, literature, book, etc.) as long as they meet the following two parameters: A) You must have sources from at least two different modes (ie-print and digital, textual and visual, etc.) and B) One of your sources must be accessed through our library (catalog, database). As long as they meet those 2 criteria, your source selection is entirely up to you. You should choose the sources that have the most credibility, accuracy, and relevance to your topic. You should choose the best sources to answer your research question. Evaluation Criteria (Rubric): An essay that achieves excellence on this assignment will be distinguished in the following criteria: The writer has a clearly defined purpose and argument demonstrated with a strong thesis statement. The writer illustrates the significance or importance of his or her topic. The writer uses five sources, including sources from at least two different modes and at least one from the library. The writer engages responsibly and appropriately with research that he or she uses as specific evidence and examples. The writer’s evidence supports his or her argument directly and is the best evidence for the research question the writer chose. The writer effectively employs strategies for counterargument, counterclaims, and/or contradiction. The writer effectively incorporates a visual into the body of his or her essay, such as a chart, graph, photo, graphic, map, tree, or image. The writer cites his or her sources effectively using summary, paraphrase, and/or direct quotation. The writer’s paper is succinct and tightly composed, with coherent body paragraphs. The writer’s essay is appropriate for a general academic audience. The writer meets the standards of clarity, accuracy, logic, significance, fairness, precision, and relevance. The writer uses appropriate spelling, grammar, and mechanics. The essay is in MLA format, including for the Works Cited page and overall document design. The essay is approximately 1100-1200 words (about 5-6 pages double-spaced).

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