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week PROMPT 6

E-BOOK:  Family Health Care Nursing: Theory, Practice, and Research, 5th Edition – 2 Year Option


Please respond to the discussion prompt. Week 6 Chapters 10–13.

Discuss why it is important for the APRN to explore the individual stage of development of each family member when analyzing a familyâ’s response to an illness event. Consider your population of interest or study.

Use at least one scholarly source other than your textbook to connect your response to national guidelines and evidence-based research in support of your ideas. This is required. In addition, you may also provide an example case, either from personal experience or from the media, which illustrates and supports your ideas.  All sources must be referenced and cited using correct APA (including a link to the source).

·       Explain in words how and why the income and interest sensitivities of the demand for real balances affect the slope of the LM curve. According to the IS–LM model, what happens to the interest rate, income, consumption, and investment under the following circumstances? a. The central bank increases the money supply.b. The government increases government purchases.c. The government increases taxes.  Specifications: You must submit your assignment in a Word document and follow APA formatting guidelines. Your paper must be a minimum of 3 pages in length (with APA format)
www.businessdictionary broadly defined strategy as a alternative which is chose to make happen desired future outcome, such as achievement of goal or solution of problem. In other words art and science of planning different recourse for most effective and efficient use. So organization must achive target to get strategy succeed. Accordingly management guru peter Drucker, strategy objectives falls in to 8 groups. Human resources: selection and development of people/staff Innovation: development of services, methods and skills Market standing: desired shared of new and present market Physical resources: facilities and equipments Social responsibility: awareness towards shareholder and community Profit: measurable financial well being Financial resources: identification of capital Productivity: in other word output Principal activities British Airways Plc and its subsidiaries’ main operation are international and domestic scheduled air services for the passengers, freight and mail and the provision of ancillary services. OBJECTIVES Select three well-known organizations in any industry. Provide a detailed investigating of their organization and management strategies. Investigate the Participation of their Stakeholders – identifying each type of stakeholder. Produce a presentation of the Company you select that you think is struggling. Propose a suitable structure and solution for the problem for the company selected. The Presentation should involve feedback from all the Stakeholders BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW OF BRITISH AIRWAYS British Airways plc is the one of the main airline in UK. It got headquater in waterside near main London Heathrow Airport. It is largest airline of uk having international flight with different international destination. Second main hub is Gatwick airport. Currently BA discontinued all its flight from all other UK airports. On 12 November 2009, British Airways confirmed that it had reached a preliminary agreement to merge with Iberia. The merger between the two carriers will create the world’s third-largest airline in terms of annual revenue and the second largest airline group in Europe. The merger was confirmed on 8 April 2010, and it is expected to be completed by the end of the year. From (‘British Airways’ 2006a company website) LIST OF STAKEHOLDERS FOR BA: BA stakeholders are as under: Management and shareholders Debtors and creditors Passengers / customers Community Staff Airline industry Competitor government MISSION The mission statement of British Airways is ‘To be the undisputed leader in world travel for the next millennium’. ( ( VISION The vision statement reads ‘To become the world’s most responsible airline’. ( OBJECTIVES OF BRITISH AIRWAYS British airways objective which state `Be the airline of choice for long haul premium customer so that people want to fly with us whenever they can` In an incredible tough trading environment BA have to focus on pulling their selves through the immediate problems, while preparing business for better future in this economic time. Their objective is to go towards world’s leading global airline. They aim to introduce great products like new business class seats, restyling of first cabin. Its also planning to develop New York JFK in other word to complement its home terminal Heathrow. So above is the main objective of BA. It also provides world class service to customer by providing proper training to their colleagues, doing hospitality in the air and on ground too. Customer can check in online by mobile or PDA. Which constantly improve BA. (Source: MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES OF BRITISH AIRWAYS Strategies is basically combination of drafting, implementing and evaluation of cross-functional decision to achieve long term objectives. To channelize any organization’s vision, mission and objectives by developing different policies and plans. Balance score card is used to evaluate performance of business overall progress towards objectives. According to Arieu (2007), “there is strategic consistency when the actions of an organization are consistent with the expectations of management, and these in turn are with the market and the context.” ( Below are the few strategy of British Airways which followed by company at different level to make major changes. They are as under: FACILITIES,CUSTOMER CARE: To cope with the serious competition with other airlines BA follow below strategies of customer care: Be the airline of choice for long haul premier customer Deliver an outstanding service for customer at every point Meet customer needs and improve margin through revenue stream Grow presence in global cities MERGER AND ACQUISITION – ALLIANCE In merger two companies agreed to move ahead and exist as a totally new company, which can be equal or unequals. Number of alliance increased by 25% in last decade. BA adopted this strategy well as in 2009 BA had preliminary agreement with Iberia which result in world third largest air-line in term of revenue and second biggest in Europe, which confirmed in 2010. MAKING BETTER THE FACILITIES OF THE AIRLINES To cope with the competition with other airlines BA improves some primary facilities and amenities to improve airline service. This is done by introduction of new information system and in addition to that BA take initiative in following area: First in offering jet passenger service First in weather beating auto landing Online check in Offer fully flat beds(2006) In addition to all that BA believes in fundamental global cultural system, which does not limited to environmental, political, economical or cultural matters. Diversity is the unique element in BA which does not associate with religion, age, gender, culture, and ethnicity. Thus they follow this strategy for staff as well as passangers. THE MENDALOW MATRIX FOR (BRITISH AIRWAYS) STAKEHOLDERS STAKEHOLDERS ANALYSIS A stakeholder analysis is the method used to identify and investigate the force field by stakeholders or its activity, which can affect the achievement of objective of any organization. The relationship between stakeholder and organization matters in term of effect to the company. Mendalow’s matrix show stakeholder relationship with company and its effect to it. Stakeholder group with—————-Level of importance High interest and high power —————High importance Low interest and high power —————Medium importance Low interest and low power —————-Low importance High interest and low power —————-Medium importance on the base of above matrix below is stakeholder relationship with BA is as under. STAKEHOLDERS PARTICIPATION Passengers – customers: Customers of British Airways are primary stakeholders without whom there is no existence of this aviation industry. no customer no industry and thus no business at the end. So passengers satisfaction should be BA’s main strategy which they are fulfilling with satisfaction and comfort with the motto of value for money. They provide service as per required and promised. Then only as a result getting loyal customers. So passengers categorized in high interest high power category and deserve high importance as their decision power affect the industry the most. The shareholders and management: Shareholders are the people who invested major share of money in the business. They are the one who design vision, mission and objectives through which company get the way to get along. These group of investor recruit set of people who manage the company according to vision and achieve set goals and earn profit to company. This group of people is as important as first group as without investment company formation is not possible thus this fall in to high: high level too. The members of staff: These set of people live the vision,mission and objective of company set by invester with their skills, knowledge, hard work and intelligence. They are employee of the company and normally they are the people who normally take decision to make it happen. The Government: Government is mainly interested in public benefit which is possible by tax regulation. When organization pay right amount of tax which is normally used by government in the benefit of infrastructure. On the other side it also concerned about environment disaster so there are certain rules and regulation formed by government to prevent damage to environment. The larger community: Here the larger community is the society which is basically host of the company. Which look after how company is carring its social responsibility to community. Sometimes few decision of company which can make adverce effect on community face oppose of the community. Creditors and debtors as well: They are the financer of the company so from both side decision directly affect the organization. This can be either financial or nonfinancial too. This group can creat a big problem to company. The aviation industry: Other competitor and authority falls under this group. And all the airlines has to follow rules set by the aviation authority so growth of BA depends on those rules which set the boundaries for BA to how far they go. Various competitors: Presence of these group make industry competitive. Some time the stronger one put down weaker company by introduction of promotions. They are very strong as stake holders as they share profit of the same industry. BA got competitor such as air france, Lufthansa, Canada airways and many more. Low Low: Small customers, Small Shareholders Low High: Employees, Environmental Groups, Local Community High High: Institutional Investors, Local Planning Authority High Low: Major Customers, Central Government, Media JET AIRWAYS According to the company website Jet Airways has come a long way since its first flight in 1993. It’s one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, and now it’s all set to change the way you fly – for the better! Jet Airways operates flights to 24 international destinations and 43 destinations within India, thus offering you a better choice in the skies. With 67 destinations, we connect a place every 5 minutes. MISSION To be the most preferred domestic airline in India. VISION To be the first choice of carrier for the travelling public and set standards which still other competitors are trying to match by offering high quality of service and reliable, comfortable and efficient operations simultaneously ensuring consistent profitability, achieving healthy returns on long base for their investors and healthy environment for the employee too. Jet Airways will be the most preferred domestic airline in India. It will be the automatic first choice carrier for the travelling public and set standards, which other competing airlines will seek to match. ( AIR CANADA According to the company website, in the Canadian market Air Canada is largest airline and flag carrier founded in 1936 provide cargo and passenger to 178 destination worldwide. Toronto Pear son International Airport in Ontario is the largest hub. Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Quebec is the main base. It is world’s 7th largest passenger airline . MISSION The mission statement of this airline is ‘connecting Canada and the world’ VISION The vision statement of this airline is ‘building loyalty through passion and innovation’ GOALS Mission and vision statement give guideline to follow the goal. Safety first and last: 100% all the time safety is company’s priority. Working together: with customer, community and employee Customer is valuable: all customer treated in the same way with values Employee is valuable: we respect we listen we act Drive for excellence: with new skill and innovation, motivation TASK 2 INTRODUCTION Strategic management is a art of planning your business at the highest level done by company’s leader. It builds a solid underlying structure by application of corporate strategy. The concept came up in 1970s. It brings changes in organization structure and corporate culture at all the level directors to employee. It depends mainly upon 3 questions. What is the objective? How to achieve it? What is required to achieve it? OBJECTIVES Identification of the Stakeholders for the Company and Challenge. List and Identify the Resources required making the Strategy Successful. Extend the Strategy Presented in the Presentation. Report the Outcome to the Management. STAKEHOLDERS FEEDBACKS AND PARTICIPATION IN STRATEGY. The following are the stakeholders for British Airways: The stakeholders in British Airways include: Passengers – customers The shareholders and management The members of staff The Government The larger community Creditors and debtors as well The aviation industry Various competitors Each of the afore-mentioned stakeholders is involved in solving the challenge to British Airways as follows: Passengers – customers: Passengers are BA’s primary stakeholder. There will be no business without Customers of British Airways. Thus customer satisfaction should be BA’s main strategy. So best service standards are the key to business. Once they are satisfied and patronize/loyal to airline then only they will recommend friend and family which in long term help the BA. The shareholders and management: Shareholders are the people who are major investor in the business. They help the business by providing fund, introducing right issue, buying shares as IPO. Whereas the management organize the issue accordingly in challenging time and give away bonuses and ready to work extra mile. The members of staff: They are the main work force of company who are the main part in realization of vision, mission and objictives. It depend on management skill how manager deal with labor force as if they are not satisfied they rebel and do strike and stop working to put forward their demands but if they are managed properly they also get ready to work on half pay rate duing tough time for company. The Government: The best example of that is assistance offered by government to banking sector due to which recession effect is there. Thus here Government play important role as in normal time industry pay to government in form of tax but in difficulties government offer help to industry too. The larger community: Here community acts as a host to the organization. In other words it keep eyes on company’s act if company is beneficial to society then society gives full support but any adverse step by company which is causing damage to surrounding is challenged by community. Creditors and debtors as well: Creditor lend money to company and other form of finance. And company carry out business with their help. Debt forgiveness or extension of due date can save the company’s reputation in other words it can help company a lot. The aviation industry: Here mainly aviation authority plays an important role as if they change some laws then some competitior who are loosing their business can again come up in market which can be biggest threat to BA. Competitors like easy jet,ryanair have very low fare which can also be threat to company and affect company’s growth. POSSIBLE OPTIONS AND OUTCOME FROM THE STRATEGY The following two options would be looked into: PEST Analysis Pest analysis stands for political, economical, social and technological analysis. It is useful for company’s present and future which identifies company’s strength and market position. Political: This factor effect when the government changes, at the time of war, emergency, or budget. It can be tax changes, law changes, or inter governmental issues. Economic: There are so many economical factors which make impact on business. Which include economical growth, change in labor cost, globalization, inflation, recession and many more. Socio-Cultural: This factor depends on social issues like health, education, population, employment, other public issues. Technological Environment: Impact of emerging technologies, impact of Internet, reduction in communications costs and increased remote working, research and development activity, impact of technology transfer are all issues attended to under the technological environment. Human resources Management Human resources in organization is used to explain workforce hierarchy and its capacity to achieve target according to strategy Human resources management suppose to look after following criteria. Regular review of staff benefit. Proper recruitment and training Structured and regulated pay Strategic pay rise RESOURCES THAT WOULD BE NEEDED TO ENSURE A SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY Human Resources: In last few decades human resources is categorized among one of the most valued asset in organization. It’s a very simple strategic approach which concludes people working for organization and their individual and collective role in the company. Term used for coordination and effective management method to mange a project team. This include whole team of BA which include ground staff, air based staff and top level management. Market segmentation: Market segmentation means division of market into different group according to customer or product or service to meet the need of the customer. In other terms dividing large homogenous market into segments. Market segmentation carried out mainly on four basic factors. Identification of segment Measurability of segment Accecibility through promotional offers Appropriateness in terms of policies and–segmentation–246.php#ixzz15DBl4vlr : BA can achieve benefit with strategy in terms of merger with American airline, Indian airline, Canadian airline and some more which they are already planning for. . Merger: Merger is the combination of two or more company, where one company offer the stakeholder of other company share in the acquiring company in exchange of surrendering their stock, and property. BA is doing talk with different airline such as Canadian and American airline which might help BA in this struggling condition. Additional capital Investment: This term indicated purchase of new asset to survive or expand the growth by capital investment. Cost reduction This refers to cost cutting, which means to make such a frame work of activities by which one can check on all areas to minimize the expense and reduce the cost.

AENG 240 SUNY Albany NAT Turner Analysis & Mrs Ochiltree Murder Case Discussion

AENG 240 SUNY Albany NAT Turner Analysis & Mrs Ochiltree Murder Case Discussion.

1Read The Confessions of Nat Turner and analyze how Nat Turner is represented within the document. Use textual evidence to support your reading. After analyzing what kind of person Nat Turner appears to be, provide your interpretation of how this document could be used in the context of slavery. To elaborate on your thought, you may want to use the following questions as prompts:What kind of person is Nat Turner in this text? What characteristic can you find or is emphasized? You may want to pay attention to the fact that the document is written by Thomas R. Gray and he uses specific words to describe the incident and Nat Turner. Can you tell which words may belong to Gray’s? What seems to be missing or what would you want to know more? How does that omission affect your perceptions of Nat Turner as a person? What kind of effect do you think this document would have on readers? 2Select one of the questions and answer for your Daily Post.1) With the new development in the murder case of Mrs. Ochiltree, analyze what this whole incident leaves afterward. For example, what does Mr. Delamere do and what happens to him in Chapter 27? You may want to pay close attention to images used to describe him to analyze how the conclusion of the murder case affects him and his belief. Or how does a mob react to the conclusion of the murder case? Chapter 28 describes what remains after the incident surrounding Sandy and Mrs. Ochiltree. How does “public sentiment” affect the issue of racial discrimination and the legal system?2) Probably it is time that we talked about Jerry. What is the importance of this character in the novel? You may want to take into account past sections as well as today’s to analyze what his behavior and attitude tells about one aspect of interracial relationships. You may feel an impulse to judge this person. Why? Is he just a simple character or can we find anything complicated in his perceptions of the situation?3) In Chapter 30 and 31, Olivia learns an important fact about his father and Julia. Use evidence to analyze how this learning affects her. What changes in her understanding and perceptions of the situation? What still seems to be assumed by her own bias?4) Create your own discussion question. You need to pose an open-ended question that would stimulate your classmates’ thoughts (e.g. “What is the importance of the concept of . . . ?” “How does this conversation complicate our understanding of . . . ?”) To give a concrete foothold for your classmates, explain which passage or scene led to your discussion question. Suggesting how you may answer the question or even explaining what you find interesting/confusing/strange will help your classmates to respond in a specific manner.
AENG 240 SUNY Albany NAT Turner Analysis & Mrs Ochiltree Murder Case Discussion

ITS 839 UC Blockchain Enabled Security & Data Integrity in Cloud Environment Essay

assignment helper ITS 839 UC Blockchain Enabled Security & Data Integrity in Cloud Environment Essay.

Pretty much everything is in my thesis document. Most of the content has to be copied from my document. For example, the research question should be the same as my thesis document. Introduction and closing statements should be attractive and match my thesis.I need a 10 page APA format proposal for submitting it to my review board members. I have my half thesis document with 3 chapters and it has to be developed into the proposal. I will also provide the proposal sample template and my document. NEED 10 pages EXCLUDING REFERENCES. REFERENCES (last 5 years only) in another 2 PAGES!In the attachment proposal document is the template. Another document is my thesis.!!!KEEP EVERYTHING CONFIDENTIAL!!!
ITS 839 UC Blockchain Enabled Security & Data Integrity in Cloud Environment Essay

Terrorism in the Middle East Research Paper

Introduction Terrorism has become rampant in many parts of the world. A number of countries are forced to put in place measures to tighten security in efforts to deal with acts of terror. The emergence of new terror groups in the world has worsened the situation. Many youths are joining the establishments. Terrorism involves the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political and other aims. Today, some places of are regarded as either targets of terrorism or source of the crime. A case in point is countries in the Middle East. Many people in this region have been affected negatively by acts of terror. Most of the countries in the Middle East are occupied by Arabs. The impacts of terrorism in this region vary. Significance of the Study The aim of this study is to provide an in-depth analysis of terrorism in the Middle East. Such information is significant given that people associated this crime with a certain religion. The findings made in this study will shed light on why governments and security analysts tie the acts to a group of people. The study on terrorism will also help in understanding the effects of this crime on countries in the Middle East. It will cover the social, political, and economic impacts of the act. Terrorism is regarded as one of the major threats to global security. Countries have invested heavily on strategies to fight this crime. The findings of this study will provide information on the reasons why it is difficult to deal with terrorism in some countries (Dalacoura 966). The members of terror groups have tried to justify why they disrupt the peace of countries in the world. Consequently, this study will highlight the various aims of terrorism and how the criminals plan their activities. Some people believe that terrorists are mentally unstable. The reasoning is based on the impacts of the acts of these individuals. In light of this, the current research will provide information on the operations of the conventional terrorist and whether or not there are any mental problems associated with them. Terrorist groups cannot support or carry out their operations without funding. They need a constant source of money to perpetrate their crime. The planning and execution of terrorist activities is a capital intensive venture. The reason is that terrorists have to be trained and weapons purchased to arm them. In addition, terrorism may be orchestrated at a place that is far from where the planning took place. All these logistical arrangements require money (Somer et al. 140). Conducting this research will provide more information on how terrorist groups fund their activities. The study will also provide information on how they are trained and equipped with weapons to go to war. Most of the people who fund the groups are oil tycoons from the Middle East. The objectives of these stakeholders will be analyzed in the research. The study will also highlight details on the various ways that can be used to deal with issues of terrorism in the Middle East. The reason is that it is important to address this insecurity problem to avert its negative impacts on the social, political, and economic spheres. Research Questions The study will be guided by the following five research questions: What are the effects of terrorism in the Middle East? To answer this question, the researcher will take into consideration the political, social, and economic impacts of this crime. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More What are the aims and objectives of terrorism in the Middle East? Here, the goals and objectives of the various stakeholders will be analyzed. How can governments in the Middle East prevent terrorism? Different strategies that can be used to prevent the occurrence of this crime will be reviewed. In addition, the weaknesses and limitations of these approaches will be highlighted. Who funds terrorism in the Middle East? The major financiers will be discussed. The Middle East is known to be one of the major producers of oil in the world. To answer this question, the researcher will analyze whether or not the money from this trade is what is used to finance terrorism. How can terrorism be dealt with in the Middle East? The question is closely related to number 3 above. However, the focus here is to analyze how the larger problem of terrorism can be dealt with. Answering this question will provide an in-depth understanding of terrorism in the Middle East. Annotated Bibliography Albrecht, Holger, and Oliver Schlumberger. ““Waiting for Godot”: Regime Change without Democratization in the Middle East.” International Political Science Review 25.4 (2004): 371-392. Print. Albrecht and Schlumberger highlight the issue of democratization in the Middle East (388). They analyze political systems of different nations in the region. According to the article, building of regimes in the countries is the main cause of terrorism. Controlled political liberalization is also cited as another cause of terrorism in the region. According to the authors, most political leaders in the Middle East fund terrorist groups. In addition, a number of countries lack democracy. The rule of law is nonexistent. It is the main reason why most of these countries are in turmoil. According to the authors, the issue of terrorism can be dealt with by introducing democracy. Having responsible leaders who will do away with the political regimes is another way of minimizing terrorism. We will write a custom Research Paper on Terrorism in the Middle East specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Dalacoura, Katerina. “US Democracy Promotion in the Arab Middle East since 11 September 2001: A Critique.” International Affairs 81.5 (2005): 963-979. Print. Dalacoura examines the implementation of US democracy promotion programs in the Arab region (970). The article shows the reaction of the people towards the policies. According to the US government, promotion of democracy is the best tool that can be used to fight terror. The article critiques these assumptions. According to Dalacoura, the programs have not been as successful as expected (971). Most of the countries in the Arab region have not embraced them. Majority of them regard it as a strategy by the U.S to take over the states. The rejection of the programs is a move by the Arab nations to protect their oil reserves. Consequently, the interventions by the U.S have not been effective. Levitt, Matthew. “The Political Economy of Middle East Terrorism.” Middle East Review of International Affairs 6.4 (2002): 49-65. Print. The article by Levitt analyzes the political and economic effects of terrorism in the Middle East. Levitt discusses the financing of terrorist groups in the area (50). The economic state of many countries in the region is poor. The only thing sustaining them is money from oil. Politics is also said to promote terrorism. Many political leaders fund terrorists. According to Levitt, terrorism in the Middle East can be dealt with by enhancing international cooperation (55). Security is another strategy according to the author. Another way of dealing with the problem is cutting off funding to terrorists. Somer, Eli, Shira Miguen, Keren Or-Chen and Brett Litz. “Managing Terror: Differences between Jews and Arabs in Israel.” International Journal of Psychology 44.2 (2009): 138-146. Print. Somer et al. discuss different ways of managing terror (140). The differences between Jews and Arabs are some of the causes of terrorism. To manage the situation in the region, leaders are called upon to unite and disregard their differences. However, most of them have failed to bring their people together. It is the main reason why the Jews and the Arabs are in constant fights. Not sure if you can write a paper on Terrorism in the Middle East by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More According to Somer et al., the absence of peace in the region fosters the emergence of different terror groups (141). The first way to manage the problem involves uniting the people to avoid ethnic clashes. If the Jews and Arabs are at peace, terrorism would reduce. The authors conclude by stating that terrorism can be managed by studying the behaviors of the people. Findings and Discussion Aims of Terrorism Terrorists carry out their work with a clear objective. Nationwide terrorism is aimed at coercing governments to make them change their perceptions and policies. In most cases, terrorists do not work alone. The entities are well organized. They are led by individuals who receive orders from prominent people in the society. The terror groups come up with requests that they need the government to meet (Dalacoura 965). For example, in Israel and Pakistan, terrorists have been trying to compel the governments to work on their demands. Some of the strategies used by these groups include taking people hostage, bombing civilian and government installations, and killing innocent persons. In most cases, the terrorists target areas with a large population of people. Many young persons are recruited into these movements to perpetuate the war. Most of them end up dead. A number of countries, including those in the Middle East, have made efforts to fight terrorism (Dalacoura 965). Funding Terrorist Groups in the Middle East Security analysts continue to question where terrorist groups get the money to fund their activities from. Sponsors of these groups include, among others, governments, individuals, and non-governmental organizations. An example is ISIS, a terrorist formation in the Middle East. The activities of the group are financed by private donors from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The group is considered to be more radical than Al-Qaeda. It has over 10,000 fighters who need payment and arms (Levitt 60). The group also gets money to fund its activities from oil fields in Northern Syria. It is also believed that the government of Iran has been funding the terrorists. The government is known to support the Hezbollah terrorist group with money and weapons. It is also accused of training the criminals. It is the main reason why terrorism is rampant in the Middle East. Politicians are also believed to fund terrorist activities against their rivals (Somer et al. 142). The aim of these enemies is to make the government look like a failure to the people. Causing fear and insecurity in the country shows that the authorities have failed in their mandate to safeguard the welfare of their citizens. Political rivals are satisfied when people lose confidence in their government. Effects of Terrorism in the Middle East Social effects Acts of terrorism affect the social life of the people living in different countries in the Middle East. The activities instill fear in the minds of the people. When individuals are afraid of their safety, their movements are limited. It becomes difficult for them to go out and work. People fear getting attacked. Such concerns force them to remain indoors. It means that they cannot provide for their families as expected. Their health may be negatively affected due to poor diet. In addition, many of them die due to malnutrition. The people’s social way of life is changed drastically. In many places in the Middle East, individuals are avoiding social places like theatres and religious gatherings for fear of being attacked. In some regions, schools and hospitals have been closed down indefinitely. No one is willing to work in these centers (Dalacoura 970). Children are forced to stay out of school. People have to do without medical services. The number of Christians in the Middle East is small. Most of them are targeted by terrorists due to their religious affiliations. Due to changes in the people’s ways of life, many are forced to move away from their homeland. They become refugees in other countries that are relatively peaceful. Life as a refugee is challenging. It is recorded that almost 30% of the people living in Iraq and Pakistan have moved from their homes due to terrorism. It also becomes hard for individuals to socialize freely for fear of being attacked by terrorists (Somer et al. 140). Some of these social impacts of terrorism can only be controlled if acts of terror are done away with. Economic effects Most of the countries affected by terrorism have economies that are performing poorly. Examples of such nations are Pakistan and Syria. Most countries like the U.S and the U.K have issued travel advisories against the regions affected by terrorism in the Middle East. People are also afraid of travelling to areas where there are high security risks. Tourism in these nations is hindered. It is significant given that this economic activity is one of the major sources of revenue to many nations. The economies of these nations are impaired when tourism reduces (Albrecht and Schlumberger 380). The only thing that sustains these countries is the presence of oil reserves. Investment in these regions is also hindered. Investors boost the economy of a given country. However, in a place like Iraq and Iran, there are no foreign investors. Business owners are only willing to invest in a safe place where they are sure of making profits. It is hard for them to agree to waste their capital in areas where there are security risks. The fact that businesses cannot thrive in these regions affects their economies (Somer et al. 142). The activities of existing businesses in countries faced by the problem of terrorism are also disrupted. Sustaining business activities for a long time is hard because of the attacks. Consequently, demand for goods and services is higher than supply. As a result, there is shortage of products, which leads to high inflation rates in these countries. The value of these nations’ currency is negatively affected. It is low compared to that of others in the world. Such incidences lead to the deterioration of the economy. Political effects Terrorist activities have political impacts on target nations. Countries that are affected by terrorism or those that are known to fund these groups are cut off from the rest of the world. International relations with these nations are hindered. In such cases, the political ambitions of such countries fail because little funding and international assistance is forthcoming. Political rivalry is witnessed where the governments are in constant fights with the terrorists groups (Albrecht and Schlumberger 381). The political ambitions of the country may be curtailed by increased spending on efforts to fight terrorism. Most of the countries in the Middle East have invested a lot in security. Terrorists are known to strike when least expected. That is why the governments are always on the lookout. How to Deal with Terrorism in the Middle East Terrorism can be controlled in different ways. Dealing with this problem in the Middle East and other places in the world will enhance security. The first way to curb terrorism is to undermine the support of dictators and people who fund the activities. Saudi Arabia is believed to be the major sponsor of Islamic terrorists. The country is criticized for its close relations with ISIS and other terrorist entities. On its part, the U.S has been supporting the Saudi military and madrasas in the region. Madrasas are known to promote Islamic radicalism. By withdrawing its support to Saudi’s Military and other Arab tyrannies, western governments can help reduce incidences of terrorism in the Middle East (Levitt 60). Apart from restraining from funding terrorists, it is important to stop arming them. The training and firearms that these individuals get are used to carry out terrorist activities. If they do not have these facilities, it will be difficult for them to engage in terrorism. Terrorism in the Middle East is mostly about control of Arab oil. In many instances, America and Britain have referred to the war on terror in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iraq as fight for natural gas. Security experts say that terrorism activities can be reduced if efforts for imperial conquest of Arab oil are stopped. Countries that aim at taking away oil fields in the Middle East should check their greed and focus on building their nations. The oil mines should be left under the control of the Arab nations. Giving them full control will reduce instances of violence between nations (Albrecht and Schlumberger 375). Security analysts also argue that elimination of mass surveillance can help reduce terrorism. The U.S government is known for its harsh punishment against terrorists. However, the torture that the criminals go through in prisons does not in any way help in preventing the crime. Instead, it fuels the violence. An example of this is the case of Cherif Kouchi, the Paris terrorist. In 2005, he told a court that he became a radical after learning of how the U.S was torturing terrorist suspects in Abu Ghraib prison located in Iraq. Even though terrorists are brutal, their actions should not be paid back with more brutality. Stopping the torture can help reduce their activities. Governments that are covering up for the criminals should also stop. To avoid terror attacks, it is also important to invest heavily in security. The move will discourage these criminals from engaging in the activities. Consequently, governments in the Middle East will be able to reduce incidences of this crime. However, it is important to note that averting terrorism is not the sole responsibility of governments (Albrecht and Schlumberger 380). Citizens have a role to play in ending this crime. For example, most of the terrorists who join the organizations are not mentally unstable as many people believe. They are normal human beings. If people refuse to join the groups, then it will be hard for them to carry out their activities. Citizens offer a cost effective method of dealing with terrorism. In most cases, it is them who harbor the terrorists when they are planning to attack and when evading from law enforcement agencies. In light of this, people should be responsible enough to enhance the safety of their fellow human beings. As such, they should be encouraged to report suspicious activities to authorities. It is the most appropriate way of dealing with terrorism. Works Cited Albrecht, Holger and Oliver Schlumberger. ““Waiting for Godot”: Regime Change without Democratization in the Middle East.” International Political Science Review 25.4 (2004): 371-392. Print. Dalacoura, Katerina. “US Democracy Promotion in the Arab Middle East since 11 September 2001: A Critique.” International Affairs 81.5 (2005): 963-979. Print. Levitt, Matthew. “The Political Economy of Middle East Terrorism.” Middle East Review of International Affairs 6.4 (2002): 49-65. Print. Somer, Eli, Shira Maguen, Keren Or-Chen and Brett Litz. “Managing Terror: Differences between Jews and Arabs in Israel.” International Journal of Psychology 44.2 (2009): 138-146. Print.

purposes of this assignment I would like you to assume that you are an administrator for a healthcare facility somewhere in Southern California. Set forth below is a letter that you received from a patient. After reading the letter, write a short essay with your thoughts and observations about the letter and what you would do with it.

Prompt: For purposes of this assignment I would like you to assume that you are an administrator for a healthcare facility somewhere in Southern California. Set forth below is a letter that you received from a patient. After reading the letter, write a short essay with your thoughts and observations about the letter and what you would do with it.