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Week 5 Assignment HRM/326

Week 5 Assignment HRM/326.

Avondale Industries’ training and development office met
with upper management to determine what next year’s needs and goals of
the company were. The office then went to work on designing and
developing training that would help the company train its employees to
reach the company’s goals. The team was enthusiastic about its training
courses and sent out an email listing the schedule and topics, but when
the first two training sessions were offered, most managers chose not to
send any of their employees. Which statement best explains what the
trainers should have done that would have helped increase participation?

The trainers should have clearly communicated the purpose of training
and how it ties to the company’s goals and vision. Managers and their
employees would then participate.
The trainers should have indicated to employees that the trainings were
mandatory because development of the course was driven by upper
management. The trainers should have provided an incentive to participate, either to the supervisors or the employees. The trainers should have consulted with the supervisors to coordinate the training schedule with the production schedule.

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Avondale Industries’ avionics division asked the training
and development office to assist them in implementing training on new
equipment that would be installed in all sites, including the global
sites. An analysis of the work to be done, as well as what the key tasks
are, was provided to the trainers. The next step was to develop a list
of what was needed for employees to successfully complete the work. The
trainers requested that each site select two of their very best
employees to participate in a few focus groups to help the trainers
design the training. What can the employees contribute to help the
trainers design a more effective training program?

Questioning the employees about their knowledge, skills, and abilities
can help the trainers identify what other employees will need to be able
to do to be successful.
Because the employees are on the front line and understand the
processes, they are the ones in the best position to advise the trainers
about the processes.
Because these were the best employees in the division, they could help
the trainers understand the job challenges they faced and how they
overcame these challenges. a. Involving the employees in designing the training would help the trainers teach the course at their level.

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Avondale Industries adopted a new customer relationship
management (CRM) service and first implemented it in its sales and
marketing departments. Upper management is rolling the CRM out to its
other customer-facing departments next (recruiting, customer service,
and business services), and the training and development office has been
asked to arrange the training. Several employees in business services
are highly skeptical of the CRM adoption because they have seen tools
come and go that are supposed to be the latest and greatest in managing
customer relationships to help business grow. The trainers have enlisted
the help of two of the CRM champions, one from sales and one from
marketing, who are passionate about the CRM and are skilled in its use.
They plan on having the employees jump right in and start using the
software to demonstrate how having the right data can create incredible
customer experiences. Why might having the CRM champions help improve
the training experience for the nay-sayers and help them be motivated to

Having used the software extensively, the CRM champions will be able to
tell which employees catch on more quickly and can focus on helping
those who struggle learning.
The CRM champions will be able to provide immediate feedback to the
employees while they are learning the software and help them understand
what a difference it will make in their jobs.
Because the CRM champions have used the software, they can be good
examples to other employees on how to adjust when faced with change.
The CRM champions are actual users that can best demonstrate how the
software has made their jobs easier and how it helps them achieve their
company goals more easily.

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Before providing software training for the engineers at
Avondale Industries’ site in Bengaluru, India, the training and
development office sent out a survey to participants to learn their
career goals. How can this step help improve the training the company
plans to provide for the engineers?

The engineers’ career plans will help guide the trainers’ formulation
of the training goals and help them develop training that has a
problem-centered approach.
The engineers’ career goals will help the trainers know what interests
the employees and plan their training with activities that will be of
more interest to the employees.
Knowing what the engineers’ career goals are will help the trainers
tailor the training and demonstrate how the skills learned can benefit
the engineers as well as the company. Engaging the engineers prior to the training helps them to feel the company cares about them and their future plans.

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The production site of the avionics division of Avondale
Industries in Tucson, AZ, close to the US-Mexican border, relies heavily
on workers who have immigrated from Mexico. Over the years as the
company has added more automation on the production line, the company
has found that many of its frontline workers, who have an excellent work
ethic, lack the basic reading and math skills needed to solve problems
that arise. To address the issue, the company contracted with an online
educational software company to improve the employees’ literacy and
quantitative skills. Employees who successfully pass courses receive
subsequent bumps in salary and promotions. Which of the following
statements best explains why the training has been successful?
The employees are motivated to learn because they can clearly see the benefits for themselves and the company.
Improving oneself is something that all people want to do. Having the
company provide such an opportunity is powerful and impactful to the
The employees are able to pace themselves through the online learning
platform and learn at the speed that works for them individually.
Because the training has improved employees’ literacy and quantitative
skills on the job, they have been able to use these skills to improve
their family and community contributions.

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When designing a diversity training program for its
supervisors and managers, Avondale Industries’ training and development
office was faced with the daunting task of delivering an effective
training on a limited budget to its 24,000 employees at its seven US
sites as well as its four global sites. The purpose of the training was
to increase employee cultural awareness as well as improve employees’
ability to communicate effectively with others in different states and
countries who might have differing views. Which of the following
approaches will best meet the company’s needs to train its employees on
this very important topic?

The best way to design the training program would be for the trainers
to first ask supervisors what they perceive their employees need and
then design the learning objectives around those needs.
By using simulations where the employees can learn from case studies
and role playing, the trainers will be able to coach the employees and
better guide their learning.
Because the training program will be delivered to all employees (who
all have different knowledge, skills, and abilities), the training
program might be best designed using face-to-face interaction where the
trainer can immediately gauge whether the participants are learning.
Because the scope of the project was company-wide and the budget
limited, the training program might be best designed using web-based
instruction that includes a way for employees to demonstrate assurance
of learning.

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Avondale Industries just hired a new trainer, a recent
graduate from a prestigious master’s program in human resources. After
two weeks on the job, he was sent to conduct a training session for new
HR employees in Avondale’s two sites in Texas. Feedback from the
training revealed the training was poorly received, and the trainer
especially received negative feedback. The new trainer was highly
recommended by the university (Avondale recruits there regularly), and
so the company does not want to dismiss him because of one failed
attempt. Which option is best for the company to do to help this new
trainer improve and have a successful career?

The training and development office can provide opportunities to sit in
on other training programs to learn from those who are more experienced
and successful.
Because a company invests so much in new hires, the company should be
careful about what is said to the employee in case additional negative
feedback causes him to quit.
Because the trainer had one negative experience does not mean that it
will happen again. The company should have him keep trying until he
learns and does better.
The training and development office can work with the new employee and
his university to identify areas that could be improved in the
curriculum to address these shortcomings.

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The trainers at Avondale Industries use the ADDIE (analyze,
design, develop, implement, and evaluate) model of instructional design
to create new training programs. When designing a new training program,
why should they always consider how employees will transfer their
training back to their jobs?

If employees don’t have a clear framework for transferring the new
skills and knowledge they’ve learned back to their jobs, the training
will have been in vain.
The trainers should always consider employees’ work environment and how
much support they will receive from their supervisors and coworkers. The trainers should always consider the differences between learning styles and how different employees will transfer learning.
The trainers need to carefully analyze what employees’ needs are before
they design the training as well as the climate for learning transfer
in their jobs.

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When Avondale Industries acquired the adhesives and
sealants company, they needed to hire a great many new employees for the
production line. In order to provide training for a large number of
frontline employees, the company duplicated part of the production line
so the trainees could receive hands-on training and practice what they
were learning. They were able to practice extensively for two days. Why
was this type of training especially successful when the trainees went
to work on the line?

During the training, the new employees were able to stop and ask
questions so they could better understand the processes being taught. Providing the opportunity for new employees to practice extensively significantly improved the transfer of learning. Being able to practice helped the new employees become familiar with the work environment and the pressures of the job. The new employees were able to better understand the principles behind the specific steps of the training.

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Avondale Industries engaged the services of a consultant to
help company executives as they developed the company’s strategy plan
for the next five years. The consultant, an expert in strategy, insisted
that, as part of his assignment, he be allowed to visit the different
departments in company headquarters where he could meet with employees
and question them about job challenges, company culture, and work
climate. The consultant spent two days with frontline employees before
meeting with the executives. Which of the following best explains why it
was important that the consultant familiarize himself with the company
this way?

Familiarizing himself with the company helped the consultant understand
the challenges the company faced and helped him feel more comfortable
about providing guidance and direction.
Having been in the trenches, the consultant was able to express the
feelings and opinions of the frontline workers more effectively to the
Because the consultant was more familiar with the company, he was able
to target the areas in which he was expert and provide insight and
feedback for improvement in those areas.
Because the executives knew the consultant was familiar with the
company, they felt he better understood their challenges and could more
effectively direct the strategic discussion.

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After each training session, the training and development
office at Avondale Industries asks participants to complete a survey.
Feedback from the participants helps the trainers evaluate the
effectiveness of the training, make improvements, and plan for future
courses. The surveys always ask participants’ if they found the training
relevant and engaging. Why are positive trainee reactions important to
the trainers and the company?

Positive feedback makes the trainers feel that the training is
worthwhile and that participants will react the same way when asked to
participate in training again.
Receiving positive feedback is as important to the trainers as it is to
any other employee in the company; everyone wants to feel they have
done a good job. If employees have a positive experience, they are more likely to be motivated to use what they have learned on the job. The trainers need to know that the training is well received before assessing other aspects of the training.

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The training and development office at Avondale Industries
was asked to determine the return on investment (ROI) for its new
training program for company recruiters. Recruiters were asked to
compare their productivity before the training to after the training
(productivity was calculated by counting the number of recruits they
attracted to the company during a one-month period, both last year,
before the training, and this year, after the training). There was an
increase in new hires, and a dollar value was given to this number. This
number was then divided by the cost of the training. The return on
investment showed an approximate 32 percent increase in recruiting.
Which statement best answers the question of whether the company should
make the training and development office gather this data to determine
if the new training program was effective and why?

Because the recruiters are better situated to answer the question of
whether the training was effective, the company should ask them to make
the assessment.
Linking the recruiters’ success to the effectiveness of the training is
almost impossible to gauge as there are too many factors that could
influence the change.
Because results cannot always be tied to what happens in training,
determining an ROI helps the company more accurately determine if
training is worth the costs associated with it.
Determining if the training was effective could be determined in a much
simpler manner by just asking the recruiters if they felt the training
was helpful and made a difference in their jobs.

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Avondale Industries’ training and development office was
trying to assess whether their training for new sales personnel for the
avionics division was effective. The office set up training for three of
the sites, two in the US and one abroad and did not provide training
for the remaining three sites, also two in the US and one abroad. A
pretest was given to all new sales personnel in the training as well as
to those who were not trained. All other job tasks remained the same,
and supervisors were instructed to proceed as normal with onboarding
their employees. After a month of training, the performance of the new
sales personnel in the two groups were compared. Results showed that the
sales personnel that were trained outperformed those not trained by 29
percent. Which statement best explains why this experiment was helpful
for the training and development office?

It was helpful for the training and development office to see that the
results were positive for those who received the training versus those
who did not.
It helped the training and development office by establishing a
testable hypothesis about whether the training would be effective, which
it was.
The experiment allowed the training and development office to determine
if the training was effective by mostly ruling out alternative reasons
for job improvement. The experiment helped the training and development office by giving them the ability to compare alternatives.

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As Avondale Industries grew, the challenge of training more
and more employees in a variety of topics grew. The training and
development office originally provided classroom-style training for
almost all programs, but the expansion of the company to different
states and then different countries made in-person training slow,
cumbersome, and expensive. The training and development office
transitioned several training programs to online instruction,
implementing proven instructional approaches that made the learning
environment much like the actual work environment. The big question they
asked every time they developed an online training program was, “Can
the level of learning via an online platform compare to that achieved in
a classroom setting?” Which statement best answers that question?

Learning via an online platform can work, but the training and
development office needs to understand the learning limitations and plan
accordingly for follow-up training.
Online learning can actually be more effective when trainees have
control over the learning process and when they are able to practice and
receive feedback.
If the online training programs are to work, the training and
development office needs to ensure that all participants have an
adequate level of computer self-efficacy.
If the training and development office wants the level of learning to
compare to that in a classroom setting, then it is best to try to
duplicate that in the online training programs.

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With the expansion of Avondale Industries to London, Hong
Kong, Brisbane, and Bengaluru, the need for cross-cultural training grew
as employees moved to work at these sites. The training and development
office developed a pre-departure orientation program for employees and
their families and engaged a country host who provided in-country
training after they arrived. Which statement best explains why is it
necessary, and important, to provide these cross-cultural training
services for employees moving abroad to work?

Employees who receive cross-cultural training have an increased level
of motivation and understanding and are more apt to be satisfied with
their job assignment.
The training is necessary because the company wants the employees (and
families) to be able to take full advantage of the rich cultural
experiences offered during the overseas assignment.
The cross-cultural training will help the employees and their families
more quickly adjust and experience less culture shock in the new
The cross-cultural training is important so employees understand the
need to be culturally sensitive and not do anything that would embarrass
the company or hurt its reputation.
Week 5 Assignment HRM/326

WK 4 Political Frame & Politics in Organizations Within an Organization Essay.

Week #4 is all about the Political Frame – politics in organizations.  Some believe politics are good others do not.  However, politics in organizations are a reality we all must contend with.
Watch the video | The Best Way to Play Office Politics
The video talks about the following items, among others:

Being Powerless
Three networks – operational, strategic & developmental
When your plans don’t fit with the organization
Creating relationships
Create networks with people we like and people we have to deal with
Relationships do not have to do with personal chemistry
Building relationships with people who are like you
Trust in politics
Meeting before the meeting
Understand how you make other people feel
Competent jerk
We get competence from other people
Influence in organizations
Reciprocal relationships
Creating conditions for your group to be successful

Reflect on your own experiences with the political frame.  Describe and discuss a personal or professional situation that fits in the above list in terms of the video and course concepts.
WK 4 Political Frame & Politics in Organizations Within an Organization Essay

Regression analysis is a tool for building statistical models, business and finance assignment help.

FIRST TIME. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND SOMETHING SIMPLY ASK ME. I need 2 peer responses to the following discussions, include APA style citations to prove your point.QUESTION 1 AND ANSWER FROM PEER #1: QUESTION: Regression analysis is a tool for building statistical models that characterize relationships among a dependent variable [sales, for example] and one or more independent variables [price, for example]. Find real world data, perhaps from a company’s annual report or from government sources, then use Excel to develop a simple or multiple regression analysis with a dependent and an independent variable. Describe, explain, discuss, and comment on the regression’s predictive, strategic value. ANSWER: I did a regression’s prediction on Apple. I used Apple (AAPL) revenue as the independent and gross profit as the dependent variable. Without revenue the company wouldn’t be able to save money and invest it in other projects or pay their shareholders, dividends. I did a chart on Apple revenue vs. their gross profit. When their revenue went up it affected gross profit. Gross profit is dependent on revenue, without positive revenue the company wouldn’t be able to survive. Apple linear line is going in the right direction. Apple has a great strategy, but I think they will fail soon because their technology is not as advance as it was a few years ago. It seems like technology is catching apple, instead of Apple staying ahead of technology. Their revenue is still growing but they need to invent something that can put them back on top. Attached is the spreadsheet. QUESTION #2 AND ANSWER FROM PEER #2: QUESTION: Managerial decision-making is forward-looking and predictive. Predictive power suggests certain results. Whether building a stock model intended to predict stock price or a business decision model, economic models are more an art than a science. Provide examples of different Excel-type models used by companies to make economic-type decisions. ANSWER: After conducting my research and finishing my reading I would say there are so many ways and models that can be used in Excel type models to assist companies in making economic-type decisions. Where to start would be the first question I would ask myself. We know that companies just don’t make decisions on what they think will happen without any additional information. If they did, I believe, they would not be in business very long. Some, and especially me, would say that a company’s success would rely on its ability to predict and make very educated economic decisions. Some of these Excel type models may be as easy as formulating a budget from required work or workers. “The constraints of a budget influence nearly all economic decisions, since the sum of the expenditures should never exceed the availability of capital.” (Ingram, n.d.) There are several Excel type models out there that will assist businesses in making this happen. Let’s face it, if a company is spending more money than it makes, that company will not be around for long unless it is just part of the transition phase into a larger type business. Yes, that would be part of an expansion or a way of maximizing their profit at a later date. We have all heard the phrase, “you have to spend money to make money.” This may just be a part of the larger model that shows the turn around in the future for this business. One thing that might turn a business around or be part of the future project would be the release of a new product within the business. New product profitability would just be another possible Excel type model that would assist a business in making the correct economic decision. These types of models show what a new product may do once introduced into the marketplace. We all know that a company really doesn’t know exactly what will happen but these models assist them in making the best decision they can. There are so many to talk about but I will end with one I think all companies would have. The cost for delays or failures. We know also that everything doesn’t always go as planned and “Murphy” is always around, projecting things like this will assist companies in making the correct economic decisions about proceeding with the way they conduct business on a day-to-day operation. It was best said in Investopedia, “Even if you don’t build your own company models, you should seriously consider building your own valuation models.” (Simpson, 2016) Having items that allow you to make the best economic decisions for your company is better than not having anything at all. It’s like making all the decisions yourself without doing any research. To me, that is like representing yourself in court with knowing how to do it.
Regression analysis is a tool for building statistical models, business and finance assignment help

APANPS5100_011_2019_3_Applied Analytics in Organizational Context_Assignment 5: Portfolio Case Study Exercise: Genentech.

Assignment 5: Portfolio Case Study Exercise: GenentechDetailsGenentech, the biotechnology company, was acquired by Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche in 2009. The combined company must achieve the promises made to investors at the time of the merger. One of the key tasks for Genentech CEO Ian Clark and CFO Ashraf Hanna was to implement a new portfolio management process for the combined entity. This case explores the goals of the portfolio management process, and allows students to develop scenarios to optimize the Genentech portfolio. Additional DetailsAfter reviewing the case study, please answer the following questions:What were the strategic drivers of the portfolio prioritization effort? (5 points)What were the objectives of the prioritization process? (5 points)What were the principles of the process? (5 points)What was the gap between the budget available and the resources that were requested in the brand plans? What were the major challenges beyond the budget gap? (5 points)What were the decision criteria? (5 points)What is the largest franchise for Genentech as measured by Gross Profit? Is this a growth franchise for Genentech? Why or why not? What is the 6 year CAGR of revenue? (10 points)What franchise(s) represent the greatest growth opportunity for Genentech, by how much did revenue increase from 2014 to 2020 (forecast) and what is the CAGR? (10 points)Is the growth in these franchise(s) assured? If not, what is the expected growth? What is the total downside revenue risk? What’s the potential opportunity cost of not investing? (10 points)How would you balance investments across the 4 franchises? Explain your rationale. (10 points)If you were asked to balance the $3B budget across the $3.4B of requests, what additional information would you need? What would you use as the most important decision criterion for balancing the product portfolio? (10 points)
APANPS5100_011_2019_3_Applied Analytics in Organizational Context_Assignment 5: Portfolio Case Study Exercise: Genentech

HLTH 4520 Walden University Sunnyside Nursing Home Presentation

HLTH 4520 Walden University Sunnyside Nursing Home Presentation.

Consider the following scenario: Sunnyside Nursing Home is an independent 200-bed nursing home in a community in southern New Jersey. The average daily census for the nursing home was 140 in 2015, 2016, and the first half of 2017. In late 2016, the nursing home became licensed to provide in-patient hospice services, which has been quite successful. In 2017, the nursing home started marketing their hospice services, with an average census of 10 patients and, in July 2017, finally saw an exponential increase in hospice utilization. The Assignment is composed of two parts, and both must be submitted. Be sure to submit the PowerPoint presentation as the first part and then upload the Excel spreadsheet as the second part of the Assignment. To Prepare: Review the Week 4 Sunnyside Nursing Home Staffing Plan provided in this week’s Learning ResourcesReview each tab to analyze the financial situation in Sunnyside Nursing Home.2 West Staffing PlanReview the staffing plan and the Table of Terms to get familiar with the mechanics of variable staffingActual StaffingComplete the missing cells to determine the total varianceReview this tab and focus on the census and number of staff required. Think about the impact of using agency staff and overtime on the current staffTableComplete the Table to determine the impact on the budget due to the increase of hospice patientsHospiceReview this tab to determine the impact of adding the new hospice patients to 2 WestUse formulas or copy and paste as shown in the media to ensure accuracy as you complete the sheets (if needed )Based on the information and calculations derived in your spreadsheet, reflect on your findings as you prepare to develop a PowerPoint presentation The Assignment (9-slide PowerPoint Presentation): The Assignment Template provided can help guide you in creating this presentation. Please address the following in your presentation: Briefly describe Sunnyside Nursing Home from the information calculated in your completed spreadsheets.Differentiate between capacity, utilization, performance, and financial indicators utilized at Sunnyside Nursing Home.Summarize key variances (positive or negative) you uncovered during your analysis (data only) of Nursing Unit 2 West. Focus on the most significant variance items.What do you believe led to the variances you identified?Because certain line items in a budget are more controllable than others, what actions might you recommend to the Sunnyside Nursing Home administrator to help the healthcare manager manage the sudden and sustained increase in patient census in hospice patients? Is the increase in that patient population a financially sound investment for Sunnyside? Why or why not? (Review the Hospice tab on the spreadsheet for ideas.)What top three recommendations would you make as you conclude your presentation and why?Make sure to follow APA guidelines and support your presentation with references.
HLTH 4520 Walden University Sunnyside Nursing Home Presentation

BIO 340 Excelsior College Ecology and Conservation of The Rosa Arabica Paper

i need help writing an essay BIO 340 Excelsior College Ecology and Conservation of The Rosa Arabica Paper.

For this assignment, you will research a species that is endemic and endangered (i.e., threatened with extinction) in Egypt. You will create a posting as if you were creating a blog post. Create a post as if you wanted to share information with a large audience out on the web (your posting will actually be private to this course but imagine that you are posting it to the web). Your blog should be about 700 words (not including references) and you should be writing it having in mind an audience of adults of various ages and backgrounds from your local community. Write it in a Word document to submit for this assignment.You should include information about the species natural history, ecology, threats to its habitat, status of its conservation, pictures of your selected species, and reasons why it is important to protect or rehabilitate this species. You may discuss the role of this species for the structure and healthy functioning of the ecosystem to which it belongs (for example, are other species dependent on this species? Could the local extinction of this species result in a cascading effect? Is the proper functioning of the ecosystem affected if this species is removed?) Also, discuss economic, social, or cultural impacts expected if this species is not saved.Make sure to include a reference list for your sources (please use credible sources, preferably published journal articles and institutional reports).
BIO 340 Excelsior College Ecology and Conservation of The Rosa Arabica Paper

Analyzing Manchester United FC Competitive Advantage Using VRIN Framework Dissertation

Table of Contents Introduction Analyzing IKEA internal operations using VRIN tool Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Manchester United FC abbreviated MUFC, is a globally recognized football corporation currently privately owned by the Glazer family. Since its incorporation, this football club has performed tremendously well with respect to profit generation, governance, and ownership structures, besides meeting the different expectations of the club’s stakeholders. This paper employs the VRIN framework to analyze the competitive advantage that MUFC has over other premier league clubs. The framework shows how MUFC has been able to flourish despite the escalating debt burdens that this football club is yet to offset. Analyzing IKEA internal operations using VRIN tool Valuable: According to Pearce (2010), the strengths of MUFC currently instigates from the distinctive resourcing, compactly directed logistics, along with inimitable blueprint aptitudes. The football club offers quality products and services namely players, stadia, managers, self-professed supporters, and lavish football patterns that are unique enough to give it global recognition as well as secure long-term financial resources and support. This strength has ensured that MUFC dominates the English premier league industry and steadily increases the market share in most countries including South East Asia (Pyle, 2010). Amongst the biggest football clubs in Europe, MUFC is ranked third after Barcelona FC and Real Madrid with respect to turnovers. Besides, MUFC has performed constantly well in the English premier league winning eighteen premier league titles similar to those won by Liverpool. The football club reached two champions league final in the fiscal 2008 and 2009, but won the title in 2008. Most key players have longed to play for MUFC due to its remarkable performance and the never giving up spirit of the players (Pyle, 2010). Rare: Throughout the English premier league history, MUFC has been able to produce new designs of stadia, managers, loyal supporters, and players besides offering quality products to other rival football clubs. In fact, MUFC is the only player in the English football industry that has been able to offer a variety of designs to the wide football consumer base found across the world (Conn, 1997). For instance, MUFC is the largest football club in England with a stadium capacity of 75,691. Compared to the premiership rival clubs such Arsenal and Chelsea, MUFC offers the cheapest football match tickets allowing the club to be filled to its capacity in nearly all matches. It is rare to find other English premier league clubs having the longest waiting lists for the match season tickets as is the case with MUFC (Bond, 2010). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the side of playing, clubs such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea have been making massive investments in football, yet these have not deterred MUFC from deriving massive successes from football. For example, MUFC accomplished its premiership league titles hat trick in the fiscal 2009 besides reaching two finals in the European Champions League in 2008 and 2009. MUFC generated massive returns from the sale of Christian Ronaldo, the world’s most expensive player, and bought stars players including Michael Owen, Michael Carrick, Dimitar Berbatov, and Owen Hargreaves (Pyle, 2010). Besides the new signings, MUFC retains most of it key players such Ryans Giggs, Paul Scholes, Ferdinand, Fletcher, and Patrick Evra all of whom receive hefty salaries. Finally, MUFC has hard dying fans and supporters who want to oversee how the football club is managed and the ownership structure (Stone, 2006). Inimitable: As activities of value chain suggest, MUFC has a strong relationship with all its stakeholders namely players, financial supporters, managers, FIFA, UEFA, and fans starting from the premiership products offered to the services given. Most of the Premier League, FA, Carling Cup, Community Shield, and European Champions League competitors found in the football industry lag behind MUFC in terms of loyalty and global supporters only know a few football clubs that surface. In fact, MUFC enjoys global recognition due to its ability to offer typical, but stylish football players and stars, stadia, managers, fans, financial supporters, low priced match tickets, and lavish football patterns with a sense of differing consumer needs (Bose, 2007). MUFC operations, sales, and marketing strategies are also inimitable. This football club has continued to expand and increase its stakeholder’s base across all market segments including Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. MUFC is the only club in the English Premier Industry to attract supporter across the world without changing the original concept of management (Pyle, 2010). This has been accomplished via creating inimitable merchandise designs founded on revered perseverance. MUFC has developed a durable partnership with football agencies and players most of whom are located in regions where MUFC wants to get players. Finally, MUFC has a pool of experienced managers including Sir Alex Fergusson, David Gill amongst others who spearhead the global development of MUFC brand. We will write a custom Dissertation on Analyzing Manchester United FC Competitive Advantage Using VRIN Framework specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Non-Substitutable: The iconic aspect of self-assembly emphasized at MUFC is more of an imagination. The developments that have led to this football club’s achievement have taken years and the whole commitment of MUFC corporate leaders and other stakeholders. Even if, other competitors found in the English Premier League industry tried to imitate the management and football approach employed by this football club, they will not only invest costly in building trust with stakeholders, but must do better than MUFC to dissolve the recognition the company has gained (Bond, 2010). Conclusion Despite the presence and stringent competition from various English premier league clubs, MUFC materializes to be the most flourishing and illustrious UK football club. Compared to arch rivals namely Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City, MUFC won its nineteenth premier league title in the fiscal 2009 among other trophies and financial returns. All the success attributes that give MUFC a competitive edge against its competitors are apparent in the inimitable, non-substitutable, valuable, and rare products and services. Works Cited Bond, David. “Manchester United Owners Hit by Debt Payment Rise”. BBC Sport, British Broadcasting Corporation, 2010. Bose, Mihir. Manchester Disunited Trouble and Takeover at the World’s Richest Football Club, London: Aurum Press, 2007. Conn, David. The Football Business: The Modern Football Classic, Edinburgh: Mainstream Publishing, 1997. Pearce, James. “Old Trafford under the Spotlight”. BBC Sport, London: British Broadcasting Corporation Press, 2010. Pyle, Steve. Manchester United FC: Continuing Success but at What Cost? Case Study, London: Sage Publication, 2010. Not sure if you can write a paper on Analyzing Manchester United FC Competitive Advantage Using VRIN Framework by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Stone, Simon. “Three more Glazer Siblings to Join United Board”. The Guardian, London: Guardian News and Media, 2006.

Genesee Community College Global Stratification Essay

Genesee Community College Global Stratification Essay.

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Use chapter 9, and the two videos looking at global stratification (see above) to write the two pages:-Use chapter 9 from Sociology Essentials, the sociology crash course video on global stratification and poverty and the video, “Hidden Face of Globalization,” to write the two pages. In the paper, discuss what the chapter and films say about how global stratification is structured, and the causes and consequences discussed in the videos and the chapter. Also, discuss what can be done to ameliorate these issues.chapter 9 is on the attched file…
Genesee Community College Global Stratification Essay