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AMD Construction
Read Case 2: AMD Construction from the following text: REQUIRED TEXT (Benton, W. C. Jr. (2010). Purchasing & supply chain management, 2nd ed. New York, McGraw-Hill Irwin)  and answer the following questions in a 2-4 page, APA formatted paper. 
·  Discuss the various steps in the capital equipment acquisition process.
·  Develop a comprehensive analysis of the negotiations between Jane Axle and Tom Reed. (Provide a chart to show financial impacts.)
·  What is your assessment of the negotiations process, given what you have studied?  What are your recommendations for Mr. Reed? 
You must justify your conclusions.
Suggestion of format for analysis:

Current Machine

CAT-1 machine-purchase

CAT-1 machine – Lease
Operating cost (without operators)

Direct Labor 

Depreciation (straight line) 4 months

Lease Expense 4 Months

Interest expense at 8% for 4 months

Salvage Value after 3 years

Unexpected Costs


Grading Criteria:
Content Criteria

Discusses the various steps in the capital equipment acquisition process.

Develops a comprehensive analysis of the negotiations between Jane Axle and Tom Reed. (Provides a chart to show financial impacts.)

Assesses the negotiations process, providing recommendations for Mr. Reed.


Writing Skills
The content is well organized and presented in a clear manner.

Sentences are complete, clear and concise.


Style Criteria
The assignment is 2-4 pages, double-spaced and in APA format.

The assignment includes a cover page that includes:
− Title of paper
− Student’s name
− Course name and number
− Instructor’s name
− Date submitted

The assignment includes, on the final page, a list of references that is completed according to APA style as outlined in the approved style guide.


Cuyamaca College 100 Crunches Routine Feedback Paper.

100 Crunches is a ab routine that we practiced last few weeks. Please refer to the link below on 100 Crunches if you need a reference to the particular exercises. assignment is to complete 100 Crunches again this week. I want you to give me feedback on what you thought about this 100 Crunches routine. Simply cut and paste these questions and attach your answers.Summarize how the 100 Crunch routine made you feel? Describe in detail the different feelings (more than 1) you have gained from this stretching routine.Explain which crunch exercise was more difficult for you to complete? Why?Explain how the “pencil stretch made you feel? Did it help you recover from the crunch exercise? Why?Indicate if you wished the 100 Crunch routine was longer or shorter? Explain why?Please submit this assignment in canvas.
Cuyamaca College 100 Crunches Routine Feedback Paper

University of Maryland Amazon Web Services Management Console Discussion.

Respond to David:As we have learned, the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Management Console is a web application that comprises and refers to a broad collection of service consoles for managing AWS. The AWS management service console provides multiple ways for navigating to individual service consoles and offers tools for working with Amazon Simple Cloud Storage (S3) buckets, launching and connecting to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, setting Amazon Cloud Watch alarms, and getting information about your account and about billing (AWS Management Console, n.d.). The console provides a plethora of features and benefits and makes it easy to find, configure, and view all the AWS services. The AWS management console is useful to the administrator because it allows you to quickly troubleshoot any incoming issues with the usage of its visual monitoring system. As an administrator, it allows you to view your usage and monthly spending by service, set up AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users and groups, configure permissions, and manage security credentials, which all makes the job easier. With that being said, I think it would be very difficult to utilize without the AWS management console. Like most things, once you get familiar and comfortable with the console, it makes life way easier. Overall, the AWS Management Console brings the unmatched breadth and depth of AWS right to your computer or mobile phone with a secure, easy-to-access, web-based portal. Ultimately, it allows you to discover new services, manage your entire account, build new applications, and learn how to do even more with AWS (AWS Management Console, n.d.).I don’t have any experience with AWS Management console whatsoever, but I believe the most appealing function is the ability to monitor monthly spending. One of the primary reasons for moving to cloud computing as a preferred resource is its economic advantage of being more cost effective than traditional on-premises systems.ReferencesAWS Management Console. AWS Management Console. Retrieved March 19, 2021, from Management Console | A Complete Guide For Beginners. (2020, February 26). What Is AWS Management Console? Retrieved March 19, 2021, from
University of Maryland Amazon Web Services Management Console Discussion

Quality Management systems Analytical Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Quality management system used by Toyota Motor Corporation Quality management system in Australian airline Reference Introduction According to Larry English, the principles and strategies for information quality management have been in existence for decades. Any quality management process begins and ends with the consumers. It starts with understanding consumers’ needs for the product, initiating quality parameters to attain them and culminates with assessing whether consumers’ requirements are attained (English, 2004). I will discuss how quality management systems are used to improve the quality of a product/service and satisfy customer needs. I will evaluate how the Toyota Motor Corporation has employed quality management systems to improve the quality of their Corolla products. I will also talk about how the Australian Airline use its modern mobile messaging system to provide quality services to passengers at affordable prices. Quality management system used by Toyota Motor Corporation The Toyota Motor Corporation is the biggest car producer in Japan. It has been the largest automobile producer in the world since 2004 (Leney, 2004). Since 1999, Toyota has made aggressive marketing campaigns to encroach into the European Market (Bodevin 2010). The company hired European designers to develop cars that matched the needs customers from Europe (Vries 2001). Toyota also aimed to expand its production capacity in Europe. For example, it launched two new manufacturing plants in 2004: the Polish plant for manufacturing manual transmissions for Avensis, Corolla and Yaris; and the Valenciennes plant in France for producing Yaris. In 2002, the company set up Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, to produce Corolla sedans for export purposes (Prebil 2010). Toyota Corolla has many competitive advantages when compared to other automobile competitors. For example, the 1998 Corolla model offered superior power with admirable economy, a comfy interior and reliability. The current model is evolutionary, fixing shortfalls without reducing Corolla’s strengths. For instance, it is now easier to handle Corolla S than the previous Corolla LE model because it offers a well-cushioned ride. The poor air condition system has been enhanced especially in the 2004 models compared to the 2003 generations. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The interior space has been enlarged to accommodate five passengers comfortably. In addition, the current model has a superior acceleration with an automatic transmission. The gas mileage is also very efficient (about 38 for highway and 29 when driving in the city). Even the small irritations seen in previous Corolla have been rectified. For instance, the fragile-feeling door handles have been swapped with pull and it opens handles to enable people with gloves or bigger hands open the door easily. Moreover, the exterior of the Corolla S model has been upgraded with a European-bulbous appearance. The back has smart tail-lights with assimilated amber turn indicators for safety (Zatz, 2008) The S model has a superior rpm range when compared to other competitors. The model has an efficiently-designed pedal-to-fuel curve that makes Corolla stronger even in city traffic. In addition, the engine is not extremely noisy under hard acceleration. Generally, the S model is easier to handle than other cars. Majority of drivers will discover that Corolla S will swiftly attend to their needs. The S model feels lively and fast even if the tires appear to complain under stress (Zatz, 2008). Quality management system in Australian airline Quality management system is a combination of work ethics and practices for enhancing passenger safety and upgrading boarding services in aviation industry (Smith, 2002). For example, Australian airline has upgraded its mobile messaging system to provide quality services at affordable prices (Mulholland, 2005). The airline has launched an SMS-based boarding pass and also installed novel self-service check-in reception desks at airports to provide customers with an efficient and swift check-in services. Under this new system, all passengers receive their flight pass via email or text messages. For those passengers who do not have check-in luggage, they immediately board the plane using the pass sent to them through email or SMS. Passengers are also allowed to select their preferred seats at the check-in reception desk. The entire process takes about 13 seconds for each passenger, compared to the previous process which took over 60 seconds (Milojkovic, 2011). We will write a custom Essay on Quality Management systems specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The major aspect of this messaging system is the novel scanning technology that scrutinizes the text message conveyed to a passenger’s cell phone via the boarding code SMS platform. The new mobile messaging system is able to analyze a message transmitted to any type of cell phone, including smartphones. This represents a major technological advancement that has enabled Australian airline to issue boarding passes for all passengers. As a result, the airline recorded over 9% increase in the volume of passengers who used this service (Smith, 2002). It is worth to note that both Toyota Motor Corporation and Australian airline have integrated quality management systems in their operations to improve the quality of their products and services respectively. These efforts mirror David Garvin’s eight dimensions of quality which he observes that consumers have diverse opinions on quality compared to that of a producer. Garvin defines quality in relation to costs and prices. He states that a quality product (service) is one that offers performance, reliability and serviceability at an affordable price (Das 2007). As noted above, safety management systems play crucial role in any airline operations. Experience has revealed that quality management systems enhance productivity of any organization. Given the current economic status and stiff competition in the global market, it is paramount that top-level management and employees play active roles in implementing quality management systems to provide superior products/services to meet customer needs. Reference Bodevin, L. 2010, ‘While Detroit Slept: Toyota Invaded the American Car Market’. Web. Das, S. 2007, ‘Quest for Quality: Thoughts, Ideas, Concepts, Views on Quality and Process Improvement in the Information technology’. Web. English, L. 2004, putting Quality Process in Place to Exploit Technology. DataFlux Corporation, Cary, NC. Not sure if you can write a paper on Quality Management systems by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Leney, A. 2004, ‘Vehicle Recycling on South Tawara’. Web. Milojkovic, D. 2011, ‘Australian airline introduces SMS boarding passes’. Web. Mulholland, K. 2005, ‘Aerospace Standard’. Web. Prebil, S. 2010, ‘The international expansion of a company into a foreign market’. Web. Smith, M. 2002, ‘Safety Management Systems: What’s in it for you’. Web. Vries, W. 2001, ‘Performance, quality, Management’. Web. Zatz, D. 2008, ‘Introduction: 2004 Toyota Corolla Reviews’. Web.

Provide a summary and explain how this article relates to our class and developing physical training programs.

online dissertation writing Provide a summary and explain how this article relates to our class and developing physical training programs..

so please read this article and write one page summary of how it related to this class ” developing physical training programs” Course Description of the class : Course covers basic principles of development of safe and individualized cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strengthand flexibility programs. Includes leadership techniques for aerobics and resistance training programs. This is class topics so that you can have an idea what is the class topics are : Class Schedule:ACSM: Chapter 1-Benefits/Risks Associated with Physical ActivityHeyward-Chapter 1-Physical Activity, Health and Chronic diseasesHeyward:Chapter 3 Principles of Assessment, Prescription and Exercise Programs Adherence. Activity: Circuit Training & heart rate monitoringHeyward: Chapter 5-Designing Cardiorespiratory Exercise ProgramsACSM: Chapter 7Activity: Functional training & heart rate monitoringHeyward: Chapter 7-Designing Resistance Training ProgramsActivity: Weight Training-conditioning systems Heyward: Chapter 9-Designing Weight Management and Body Composition ProgramsHeyward: Chapter 11 &12- Designing Programs for Flexibility and Low Back Care and Assessing Balance & Designing Balance ProgramsActivity: Balance/Core workACSM: Chapter 8-Exercise Prescription for Cardiac PatientsActivity: Interval training/Burst TrainingACSM: Chapters 9 & 11-Exercise Prescription for Pulmonary Patients and Exercise Testing and Prescription for Children, the elderly and Pregnant Woman
Provide a summary and explain how this article relates to our class and developing physical training programs.

Salisbury University The Hiring of Lifetime Judges Discussion Board

Salisbury University The Hiring of Lifetime Judges Discussion Board.

To prepare for this Discussion:Review the Interactive Units from this week’s Learning Resources.Review the article on term limits for judges in the Learning Resources.Consider how Supreme Court justices are chosen, including the specific role of the president and Congress.Reflect on why Supreme Court justices have lifetime appointments.Consider how lifetime appointments aid or deter the decisions of Supreme Court justices and why.What are the risks of not providing lifetime appointments?How does the makeup of the Supreme Court affect its group decision making? Include at least one reference and citation from the course
readings and one reference and citation from an article found in the
Walden Library to support your rationale.
Post a 2- to 3-paragraph
analysis of two strengths and two weaknesses of lifetime appointments
for Supreme Court justices. Be sure to include a rationale for why the
Supreme Court justices should or should not have lifetime appointments.Be sure to support your ideas by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources, or something you have read, heard, seen, or experienced
Salisbury University The Hiring of Lifetime Judges Discussion Board

University of Maryland Objectively and Bias in Historical Writing Discussion

University of Maryland Objectively and Bias in Historical Writing Discussion.

Discussion #1: Objectivity & Bias in Historical WritingFor this discussion please read the following: Beard – “That Noble Dream” (pay particular attention to pp. 82-89)’ and White – “The Burden of History.”The Beard piece, “That Noble Dream” brings up a number of important questions for historians to consider (and are some ideas that you have been bantering around less formally in discussion the past few weeks).-The first of these is the very nature of what the historian produces. Do we produce “the truth” about the past, what many students in the old 309 called “the true story” about the historical event they were going to write about, or do we produce an interpretation of the past?-Linked to that is the question of is History a Science (like Chemistry, or what is called the positivist position ) or more of an Art (like English or Philosophy, or the idealists position)?- Finally, we’ll discuss the role of the historian in the production of a work of History. What do we bring to the process? Can we be objective or is that even possible? How do our own views and experiences shape our work and should we let them (the entire question about objectivity)? How does this translate into how we teach history and historical events?THE QUESTIONS: Please construct answers to the following questions – answers and details can be found in the readings listed above – so demonstrate your understanding of these readings in what you post to the classroom.1. While some students talk of History as being about “truth” and “the true story”, according to our authors this week, History will never provide us with truth. Why is that? What do you (as well as the historians who authored our readings) see History as producing then? What does it mean that “History is an argument about the past”? 2. What role does the historian play in the creation of History? How do our personal experiences and background impact the works of History we create? Should historians strive to be objective or should they play an active part in the interpretation and creation of History? Can the historian remove all bias from their work?3. Given your ideas about the first two questions, do you see History as a Science or an Art? What factors would make History more Science or more Art? Please discuss at length the White article, as he explicitly discusses this divide. Post your initial post here. Then come back and respond to at least two more of your peers’ initial posts along with any questions addressed to you.These are debatable points, as Beard points out. So feel free to debate your peers’ ideas. It is fine to disagree about these points, as historians do all the time in conferences and their articles and books. It is important to gain from this discussion a solid understanding of where you stand on these key issues and why you feel the way you do. The key point is to be able to defend your view points with fact based arguments. You will probably be asked further questions to help you define and defend your answer. That does not mean that your ideas are wrong. The intent is to help you further refine your views.This dicussion is in Chicago style format.
University of Maryland Objectively and Bias in Historical Writing Discussion