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Week 3 discussion

Week 3 discussion.

Muscular strength and muscular endurance are other major components of health-related physical fitness. Prior to entering into this discussion, review this week’s required and recommended readings that highlight various resistance exercises, along with pictures and a description for each exercise. However, do not feel limited to use only the exercises presented in your readings but instead, feel free to utilize additional exercises from online sources such as,,, or similar credible online sources of interest to you. Be creative and have fun! For this discussion, examine exercise prescription by selecting and demonstrating three strength training exercises using video as your means of presentation.To begin, select one exercise for each of the major muscle groups (lower, core, and upper body). The goal of this assignment is to compile a large assortment of exercises among all class members. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose some of the less common exercises.Then, decide on a recording and presentation method for your exercises using one of the following options:Option A: Direct Video Recording:Write a script for each of your exercises. Name and save your script as a MS Word document.Record the exercises using a cell phone or digital video camera. Be sure to clearly demonstrate the starting position and movement (Refer back to pages 104-110 of your course text for examples) of each exercise.Upload your video to YouTube (Android ; iPhone/iPad) or other web-based video platform and obtain a link to share with others.Paste your video link and script within your initial post in this discussion forum.Option B: Create a Screencast of a PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentation:Take photos of key points in each exercise and place them in PowerPoint using appropriate titling and transitions. (Refer back to pages 104-110 of your course text for examples.)Write speaker’s notes as a script for each of your exercises at the bottom of each slide.Use either Jing or Screencast-O-Matic to record your presentation and voice. (You will need either a laptop’s built-in microphone or an external microphone headset to record your voice.)Using either screen cast software package, obtain a link to share with others.Paste your video link and post your PowerPoint file within your initial post in this discussion forum.Your chosen method should entail the following components for each exercise:The starting position and movement should be clearly performed and commented on. Some exercises may have a third component. Should this be the case, it must be addressed as well. Watch for proper form and movement in your demonstration.The muscles (primary and/or secondary) that are worked in the exercise. You must use the correct medical terminology for the muscles worked. Stating the back or shoulder is not sufficient.Any equipment needed, if applicable to the exercise.Expert tips regarding the exercise such as what to look for when observing someone performing the exercise, what to avoid when performing the exercise, placement of feet or other body parts, safety precautions, etc.Copy and paste the link to your screencast or video (do not include it as an attachment) into the discussion post, along with your video script or PowerPoint presentation (do not convert your PowerPoint presentation to PDF as the speaker notes sections cannot be viewed in PDF format) slide deck. Be prepared before you get in front of the camera as videos should be 10 minutes in length or less.Finally, within your initial post, briefly describe in writing how your chosen strength exercises improve overall fitness and wellness.Use at least one reference in your post formatted in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. If, for any reason, you are unable to complete these exercise demonstrations yourself, please contact your instructor for alternative options. Remember, all individuals performing these exercises must be 18 years or older and agree to the Consent and Release of Liability Waiver Terms, specified within the Week 1 specific section.Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers. What did you like about the exercises your peers picked? Were the screencast or videos and descriptions clear and useful? Were the exercises easy to perform based on the demonstrations and explanations? What might you recommend your peers consider including or excluding to improve the demonstrations? Please be specific and ensure that each response is at least 100 words in length..doc file | Discussion | 1 pages, Single spaced
Week 3 discussion

Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm implementation of program.

Hi,Every requirement of this question is explained in the attachment below. Also attached are the additional classes that you can use for the completion of the assignment.Please…. If you receive the same question from other users before me please ignore me or if you receive any question after you are accepted by me please do not respond to them because they might be of the same class as i am in and we all will be in trouble if you provide the same code.Also i would like you to add comments for every line in the program for my understanding.Thanks.
Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm implementation of program

UCF Genetic Engineered Human Insulin Production Discussion

UCF Genetic Engineered Human Insulin Production Discussion.

Hello, I have a Bioremediation professional project assignment.I will be posting the instructions below, so please take a deep look at them and go through them carefully.Project – A medical-pharmaceutical application of genetic engineeringWe talked about several food and agricultural applications of genetic engineering. Describe one medical or pharmaceutical application that was not already cited during today’s lecture.Format requirements:2 pages max, single-spaced.Feel free to include diagrams or tablesInclude any referencesPlease use Academic words and follow exactly what is written in the instructionsI will be including class notes just in case or have an ideaLet me know if any questions needed to be answered.
UCF Genetic Engineered Human Insulin Production Discussion

EmbryRiddel AU Risk Management Safety Management Systems Question

order essay cheap EmbryRiddel AU Risk Management Safety Management Systems Question.

I’m working on a risk management report and need an explanation to help me study.

For this assignment, you will select one accident from the list provided in the link below and identify two SMS principles that were missing from the organization that caused or contributed to the accident.The National Archives Catalog: Search Results (Links to an external site.) (Select anything 1990 or later)orAS 408 Commercial Aviation Safety: Significant Aviation Accidents in History (Links to an external site.) (Select anything 1990 or later)This report must be two (2) pages in length (one page for each SMS principle) and must include a title and reference page.
EmbryRiddel AU Risk Management Safety Management Systems Question

Contemporary Issues Correction Discussion 4

Contemporary Issues Correction Discussion 4. I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Read the chapters and Answer the following:
1. Should we allow prisoners to get Pell Grants? 2. Is it fair to give an inmate a Pell Grant to get a degree when some law-abiding student may not qualify? If an inmate leaves prison with a degree, is society better served? 3. Are there other factors involved besides recidivism?
Discuss your thoughts on the information that has been posted. Discuss its relevance and implications to the field of Criminal Justice. Your remarks can be opinion, but it must be based on your experience, research, and/or prior learning. Use this exercise to converse with your fellow colleagues about issues that are important to the field of Criminal Justice. Of interest is a dialogue of opinions, thoughts, and comments. Be sure to discuss both sides of the issue as noted in the actual question posting. Must be no less than 500 words APA format. APA has a new edition. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (2020). 7th Edition, Washington D.C.: American Psychological Association. I have attached the chapters and the books for cite and reference.
MacKenzie, D. L. (2006). What works in corrections: Reducing the criminal activities of offenders and delinquents. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 978-0-521-00120-5
Contemporary Issues Correction Discussion 4

Miss America

Miss America.………3 SOURCES HEREPart 1: Analysis & Reflection:Using the links provided in the Resources tab to understand the
story (and others you find on your own) answer the following prompt in
no less than two paragraphs: Imagine you are a press agent for Miss America (Kira Kazanstev).
First, is there a problem with how she has addressed the issue
(hazing/bullying) so far? (Why or why not)? Now another reporter wants
to interview your client. How would you use your knowledge of
persuasion to coach Kira in her public response? How could she persuade
the public to see her in a new way? What could she do to persuade
others to not behave the same way she did? You should relate your response to course information in any way you see fit. (Citing as necessary).
Miss America