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Week 2 Discusion 1

Instruction write the answer for question#1 in one paragraph for question 2 answer is there just write a peer review in one paragraph 1) How should a debt callable by the creditor be reported in the ­debtor’s financial statements?  2) Discuss the accounting treatment or disclosure that should be accorded a declared but unpaid cash dividend, an accumulated but undeclared dividend on cumulative preferred stock, and a stock dividend distributable  answer–   If dividends have been declared but not paid yet, then it should be categorized as “Dividend Payable” as a current liability. It s recognized as a current liability because usually, the dividends will be paid in the short term. However, an undeclared dividend is not categorized as a liability under GAAP. It is usually disclosed on the footnote on the balance sheet. Stock dividend distributable is used when dividend is paid in terms of common stock rather than cash. This is more commonly used by Vanguard. It is categorized as “Stockholder’s Equity” and not as a liability. It is not a liability since it is not paid using assets.
There should not be homeless people anywhere in the twenty-first century. However, the scenario is different across the world. Countries suffer different magnitudes of homelessness depending on their economic development levels. The worst-hit is the so-called third world. This may be more complicated by political upheavals. The problem still persists in the developed world. The United States of America has a fair share of the homeless. Surveys that have been conducted government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, over a period of 30 years indicate that a good number of Americans are homeless. Although there is an improvement in percentages compared to the entire population, the statistics remain high (Quigley, Raphael, and Smolensky 1). Taking a comparison between Sweden and America based on the homeless numbers, the latter leads. Sweden has come up with strategies for tackling homelessness. There is strong welfare that caters to the needy and the less privileged. These are the people that are affected by homelessness and helping them could only mean fewer problems. Sweden has made the cost of owning homes affordable. The government has also been subsidizing housing for the poor who would otherwise remain on the streets. If Sweden being a small country could do it, then America ought to do better. In America, homelessness is caused by many factors but the main ones are unavailability of affordable housing, poverty, and unemployment. The cost of owning a home in America is quite high (Quigley, Raphael, and Smolensky 1). This also has far reaching implications on the cost of renting houses. The poor cannot own homes or afford to rent hence they remain on the streets. Housing and poverty are inseparable. In the absence of poverty, the population would afford decent housing and avoid residing on the streets. The levels of unemployment have been sky rocketing for some time now. This was worsened by the slackened economic growth which was witnessed across America recently. The depression did not spare even the employed and many people were retrenched. This further compounded the problem of the homeless population. The homeless in America could be categorized into three groups. The first one comprises of the veterans. The veterans are the people who for generations have not known any decent shelter. The majority of the veterans have become used to this kind of life and very few make efforts to change their situation (Rollinson and Pardeck 2). Of the total number of homeless, this group comprises a small percentage. The second group is made up of youth who are normally unaccompanied. The majority of those in this group come from conventional homes. They are sent to the streets by a wide range of factors. The crucial one is rebellion to their parents which is partly attributed to adolescence crisis. They are therefore seen as the group which has come up due to effects of hardships in their homes and families. Drugs may also be blamed for making this group homeless (Garner and Ratschen 7). Drug abuse that is rampant in America causes the youth to leave their homes under influence or to seek the drugs altogether. Children have always been the undisputable victims of circumstances and homelessness has not spared them either. They form a majority of the people living in the streets and other informal settlements. They are children of the street families where they were born and bred. Projections from the surveys indicate that the number of children becoming homeless increases every year. As a result, they form a majority of the imminent homeless. These are the people predicted to be homeless in the near future. Some of the children come from troubled homes that they opt to stay away from. Others are forced out by poverty and in pursuit of basic needs, they find themselves homeless. This makes them to miss important opportunities in life such as education. This can only mean that the future is dark for them. The homeless people also affect the rest of the society. The government through the police force finds itself on the receiving end due to the prevalence of crime. Not all the homeless commit crime but a majority finds it to be the only means of making a living. Since these people cannot be ignored by policy makers, plans have to be made outside the national budget to accommodate them. The hopelessness associated with this population makes it vulnerable to committing crime. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To eradicate the above mentioned problems, I would recommend measures to be carried out in the form of an action plan. The most important step is for the government to tackle the issue of housing seriously. This could come in the form of subsidies to the poor to encourage them to buy houses. It is a high time that the government considered introducing mortgage for the poor. Low cost houses should be established across the country (Quigley, Raphael and Smolensky 4). The government should also come up with cheap convertible houses which could be assembled within a short time. These would come in handy when the homeless are identified across the country. By reducing or eliminating taxes on building materials, the construction industry would get a huge boost. The second measure should target reduction of unemployment. As earlier noted, the unemployed cannot afford any form of housing. They are not capable of purchasing homes or renting decent houses. The responsibility of the government should be to create employment. This could be done through partnership with the private sector where investors are given incentives while starting businesses that are labor oriented. The government should also reduce the allocation of funds to foreign programs and create a reserve to cater for the unemployed. For those people who cannot work, the government should take the responsibility of housing them. Settlement schemes should be established in areas where the homeless are many. Through such schemes, this category of people would get housing unconditionally. To deal with poverty, I recommend that the government creates programs aimed at raising the standards of living for the homeless (Rollinson and Pardeck 1). This could come in the form of free medical care and education. It should also create a fund for paying monthly assistance to the street parents. They could also be made to access soft loans for starting small businesses. Organizing these people into economic groups where they could pull resources together and further be boosted by the government to do business should be a priority. Educating the street children should be done earnestly. Follow up mechanisms should be put in place to ensure that dropout rates for these children are lowered completely. Ensuring education for these people would be one way of ensuring that their future is secured. Implementing the above detailed recommendations will be beneficial for the American government and people. The first reason for taking the action plan would be to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. As has already been observed, poverty takes a centre stage in rendering people homeless. By improving the economic conditions of the poor, they are elevated upwards. In the final analysis, the country will gear towards a classless society. America being a super power should be at the front line in taking care of its citizens. It is a disturbing scenario whereby people are homeless and yet they are citizens of a country seen by other people as the heaven on earth. If Sweden has succeeded, then there is a lot that could be borrowed from there. Implementing the recommendations would make the country to regain its international recognition. Security is very crucial for the smooth running of any country and it is greatly undermined by homelessness. As observed before in this paper, crime has some connection to lack of shelter. The streets become unsafe at night due to mugging and other criminal activities. Terrorism networks could also take advantage of these people by offering them rewards once they agree to aid in terror attacks. Violence that is rampant in America is accelerated by hopelessness among the homeless. This further affects issues pertaining to security. We will write a custom Essay on American Homelessness, Its Causes and Solutions specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More If the action plan is fully implemented, the American society will experience a real change. Decent housing will replace the ghettos or informal settlements. Such areas will change from being security threats to become conventional residential estates. The dangers posed by the homeless will be eliminated totally. The streets will be secure and the police will be left free to tackle other issues. The society will be educated and the wastage in education due to dropping out will be reduced to minimum levels. An educated population will steer the country to greater heights of prosperity. The gap between the rich and the poor will reduce drastically while violence related to inequalities will be a thing of the past. All in all, the American society will assume its rightful position as an advocate of human rights. Works Cited Garner, Laura, and Elena Ratschen. “Tobacco Smoking, Associated Risk Behaviours, and Experience with Quitting: A Qualitative Study with Homeless Smokers Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol.” BMC Public Health 13.1 (2013): 31-46. Academic Search Premier. Web. Quigley, John M., Steven Raphael, and Eugene Smolensky. “Homeless in America, Homeless In California.” Review of Economics

PHI 208 Ashford University Week 4 Immortality and Ethics of Virtue Discussion

PHI 208 Ashford University Week 4 Immortality and Ethics of Virtue Discussion.

Week 4 Symposium [WLOs: 2, 3] [CLOs: 3, 4, 5]<If you are having trouble starting this video, please access it here (Links to an external site.).Video transcript can be accessed here.(attach)In the Ancient Greek world (the world of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, often regarded as the birthplace of philosophy) a “symposium” was a banquet held after a meal, an “after party” of sorts that usually included drinking, dancing, recitals and engaging conversations on the topics of the day.For our purposes in this course, the Symposium discussions will not involve dancing, recitals or a banquet, but they will provide food for thought on current ethical issues and direct application of the ethical theory discussed in each of these weeks.It is almost impossible these days to turn on the news or log onto social media without encountering a controversy that cries out for ethical discussion. For these Symposium discussions, your instructor will choose a topic of current ethical interest and a resource associated with it for you to read or watch. Your task is to consider how the ethical theory of the week might be used to examine, understand or evaluate the issue.This week, you will consider how virtue ethics applies to a controversy, dilemma, event, or scenario selected by your instructor. It is a chance for you to discuss together the ethical issues and questions that it raises, your own response to those, and whether that aligns with or does not align with a virtue ethics approach. The aim is not to simply assert your own view or to denigrate other views, but to identify, evaluate, and discuss the moral reasoning involved in addressing the chosen issue.Your posts should remain focused on the ethical considerations, and at some point in your contribution you must specifically address the way a virtue ethicist would approach this issue by explaining and evaluating that approach.If you have a position, you should strive to provide reasons in defense of that position.When responding to peers, you should strive to first understand the reasons they are offering before challenging or critiquing those reasons. One good way of doing this is by summarizing their argument before offering a critique or evaluation.You must post on at least two separate days, must include at least one substantial reply to a peer or to your instructor, and your posts should add up to at least 400 words.Your instructor may include additional requirements, so be sure to pay attention to the prompt.This week, we will consider how virtue ethics relates to the idea of immortality. Please read (or listen) to this short article found here: (Links to an external site.)As before, the symposium discussion is a chance for us to discuss relevant ethical issues and to see how they align with our course material. Please address the following questions in your post:What are the extremes involved in immortality technologies? How would these extremes relate to how Aristotle defines virtue in reference to his concept of the “mean” between two extremes?Describe one other “immortality project” that people engage in—there are the various technological immortalities described in the article, but it can also be said people seek a kind of immortality through politics, religion, fame, wealth and so forth. (Trying to write a book or paint a picture of lasting significance is one example)Then, in light of your specific example of another type of immortality, say whether you think it is possible to have an “ethical immortality?” Why or why not? State some reasons supporting your choice either for or against.For this discussion, please make an initial post by Thursday at 11:59pm on a specific idea related to the article and make a reply by the following Monday at 11:59pm. Your post MUST involve some kind of argument for or against the morality of immortality from the perspective of virtue ethics. Again, as always, it is best to avoid posts that include language such as “I agree and disagree” or “I can see both sides.” Put yourself in the mind of Aristotle, and take a position developed from the week’s readings.
PHI 208 Ashford University Week 4 Immortality and Ethics of Virtue Discussion

Write an abstract for this article

essay writing service free Write an abstract for this article.

1. Write an abstract for the article in exactly 250 words, provide a concise,clear, specific, and accurate summary of the purpose of the research/hypothesis (1-2 sentences), methods, main results (methods and results are the bulk of the abstract), and the conclusions (1-2 sentences) that can be drawn from those results. You don’t need to label these items in your abstract. Make sure to be thorough and clear in your summary of the methods and results. Attach the grading rubric when you turn in the abstract.2.Audience: Write the abstract from the perspective of one of the authors of the paper, as if the abstract will beincluded as part of the published primary research article. Do not write as if you are summarizing someone else’s research. The abstract is directed at a professional, scientific audience. Choose your wording accordingly. 3.Wording: Write the abstract by paraphrasing in your own words. This means that you must come up withoriginal sentences and parts of sentences, instead of using the authors’ original sentence structure and just replacing words with synonyms, or slightly altering sentence structure. Taking notes in your own words can help you avoid plagiarism. Also make sure that you process and understand what you read. 4.No quoting. Exactly 250 words; A single paragraph; Double spaced; 12 pnt font
Write an abstract for this article

Management Decision Making Process Commerce Essay

Decision making process is an important part of new era management. This is the main function of management where the manager responsibility to make a best decision. As define by Baker et al., (2002) in their study, ”efficient decision-making involve a series of steps that require the input of information at different stages of the process, as well as a process feedback.” Managers also should have to involve and reponsibles in ensure the decision making in short-term and immediate goals are aligned to the oraganization’s long term objectives. It is also supported by Schwarber (2005) study stated that, it would be a superoir managers responsible to develop decision making in management strategic and decide whom should be involved in the manaement decision making process. Daft (2010) claimed that the model of strategic management in decision making process were developed by Kepner and Tregoe in 1979. This model was also supported by other study Harrison (1996), and Lunenburg (2010) in applying Kepner and Tregoe’s decision making process model, (Harrison,1996; Lunenburg, 2010; Mcshane

Week 5 Journal

Week 5 Journal. Paper details   Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 10, 11 Lesson Introduction Remember – these journal questions require more thinking than writing. Think about exactly what you are asked to do, and then write as economically as possible. Instructions For this journal assignment, briefly answer each of the following prompts. For all instances where you are required to provide a definition, do not copy definitions from the text. Use your own words. Self-Regulation The textbook mentions the skill of self-regulation. How do you define this term? You may want to review Chapter 2 (to review critical thinking skills) before your write out your definition. Sytem-1 and System-2 Define System-1 and System-2 thinking in your own words. Give an example from your personal or work life where you would use each of them, explaining why each is appropriate to the situation in which you use it. Heuristics Define “heuristic” in your own words. Give an example of a heuristic might be used in your personal or professional life and briefly show how it could have a positive or negative effect. Do not use examples found in the text. Dominance Structuring Explain the term “dominance structuring” in your own words. Is dominance structuring a positive or negative attribute of critical thinking? Explain. Use examples if that is helpful to your explanation. Cognitive Bias Briefly examine what part you think mastery of facts and understanding of data have in avoiding cognitive bias in System-1 thinking. If you include references to outside sources (beyond the textbook), make sure you cite them properly. Writing Requirements (APA format) Length: 1 ½ -2 pages (not including prompts, title page or references page) 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Title page References page (as needed)Week 5 Journal