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Week 10 discuss the presidential election candidates with 15 friends

Week 10 discuss the presidential election candidates with 15 friends.

Homework Assignment 9Due in week 10 and worth 30 pointsSuppose that there are two (2) candidates (i.e., Jones and Johns) in the upcoming presidential election. Sara notes that she has discussed the presidential election candidates with 15 friends, and 10 said that they are voting for candidate Jones. Sara is therefore convinced that candidate Jones will win the election because Jones gets more than 50% of votes.Answer the following questions in the space provided below:Based on what you now know about statistical inference, is Sara’s conclusion a logical conclusion? Why or why not?How many friend samples Sara should have in order to draw the conclusion with 95% confidence interval? Why?How would you explain your conclusion to Sara without using any statistical jargon? Why?
Week 10 discuss the presidential election candidates with 15 friends

California Baptist University Banking and Insurance Company Accounting Paper.

a.Discuss the Three- Bucket Approach of Asset Classification as per IFRS 9. (3marks) Discuss various policy measures taken by Central Bank of Oman to support the Banks/Financial and Leasing Institutes in the current scenario of prevailing economic condition. Analyze the projected effects of such measures on the financials of the banks. (refer your answer to relevant circular from (Centeral Bank of Oman). provide reference in text and out text very important You have to write in your way and please use very very simple words. it will be in turn tin so please don’t copy and past ,, write it in your way Number of word not less than 700 put all the requirement suprate please don’t put them together .
California Baptist University Banking and Insurance Company Accounting Paper

presentation case notes. Can you help me understand this Social Science question?

Watch the video involving the case of Greg in the Chapter 6 Helper Studio in Cengage Mind Tap. Then, develop a set of notes you would use to present Greg’s case to a team of fellow case manager colleagues. Your notes may follow the format of a structured paper of two to three pages, or they may be a list of bullet points with two to three short paragraphs to address both key questions. Ensure that your case notes address the following two key questions:

How is being court-ordered into treatment likely to affect Greg’s attitudes towards the assessment process?
How can you, as a case manager, help Greg sincerely commit to the process during the assessment phase?
What steps would you take to ensure a strength-based emphasis during the assessment phase of working with Greg?

In your responses, cite two to three scholarly sources. Format your paper per the guidelines in APA 6th. The title and reference pages are not part of the total page count.
Video Transcript
>> My name’s Greg, as you clearly know; you’ve got all my information in front of you. I’m here because I’ve gotten another DUI; my third in fact. Before you go jumping to any conclusions about me I want to at least be clear about something; I’m not an alcoholic. Granted I got a DUI but I’m going to tell you something, it was 2:30 at night. I mean nobody’s out on the road at 2:30 at night. You know, I mean I wasn’t even pulled over for my drinking; I had a tail light that was busted, can you believe that [laughs], I mean a tail light. The guy came over, I’m sure he ran my records, already had some assumptions about me. Heck, I bet if I was a woman, if I drove a nicer car, I wouldn’t be here today. Anyways. So here I am and there you are. You’re going to talk with me about my disease. You’re going to talk with me about needing to be sober. I mean I’m going to tell you right now I’ve been there, I’ve done that. I mean this program isn’t for me. I’m not taking one step; I’m not taking 12 steps. At this point I mean my biggest concern is my job. I mean my boss, I mean, he’s already gone out on a limb for me. I mean he knew about my other DUI. He said everybody’s worth a chance. I mean, I only hope that he still — he still thinks that way. I mean without this job, I mean, I don’t know what I would have. I mean I’ve worked hard to get here; I’m a good salesman. I mean if I lost this job I wouldn’t have my — I couldn’t pay my child support; I wouldn’t see my kid, and I don’t think I could — I don’t think I could live with that kind of disappointment again. In any event, I mean, I wouldn’t be here if — it’s such a joke. I mean what’s one thing have to do with another? I had a couple drinks, you know. I mean I know that police officer couldn’t tell. The only reason he knew is because he had one of those breath detector things. I can’t believe I’m here. There’s nothing you’re going to do to change my mind, it’s just a few drinks. I think I’ve earned it. I mean I’ll do and say whatever you need me to say. I mean I know I’ll be out of here. You just tell me what I need to do.
presentation case notes

Who can dare to say that he/she never did anything crazy or stupid in his/her teenage years? Well, I guess nobody. Even psychologists say that teenage years are the years for mistakes and learning from these mistakes. It is a time for self-determination and defining the “values of life”. When I was thirteen, I did one not really good thing, but this situation helped me understand that there is no place better than home and there are no people closer than parents. You should appreciate every moment that you spend at home and you should take care about the most important people in your life, your parents. So, the story I am going to tell you about myself reminds me two essays about teens that also did something like me. These are the stories told by Langston Hughes “Salvation” and David Sedaris “Let it Snow”. These are the essays that describe the relationships of teens with their parents and society they live in. Ok, I guess it is enough of philosophy, you probably want to hear my story. But, let me warn you, the story is quite common. Every third teenage did it. Did you guess what I mean? Yes, I escaped. The reason was not serious, but at teenage age we are usually exaggerating everything and it was almost a tragedy to me. So, when I was thirteen, I was in Valencia with my mother. We had great vocations. But, as usually, there is something that can spoil everything. Why did she decide to ask me about my grades? She definitely should not do it. Well, we had a dispute, I felt that my dignity was hurt. So, I decided to demonstrate my independence that I was worth respecting. When I recollect that situation, I consider it to be really funny. So, I could not find anything better but escape. Well another idea was to get myself hit by a car and imagine her life hanging by a thread as my mother paced the halls of the hospital, wishing she had been more attentive (Sedaris, 2010), like in “Let it Snow” by David Sedaris. But, I imagined that it would be it is painful and there is another solution to a problem. I did not know where I was going, so I just changed transport and went to nowhere. Here comes the first hortatory part of a story. Wherever you are, when you feel disappointed, you want to go home. Suddenly I wanted to be in my bad and cry like Langston in the “Salvation”, “I cried, in bed alone, and couldn’t stop” (Hughes, 2002). Well, I realized that there is no place better than home. And that is where I wanted to be, at home. At any rate, let me give you a piece of advice. When you are going to escape, take more money with you. The romanticism of a lonely traveler is great, but, the lonely traveler should by tickets and eat, at least sometimes. I did not think about it when I was leaving my mother at night. So, I spend all my money soon and I did hitchhiking. My journey to nowhere had a duration for three days. Of course, my mother noticed that I missed and called the police. The detected the place where I was and returned me home. Actually, I was glad. Finally, I was at home. In addition, all my anger disappeared the first day of my journey and I really missed my mother and worried about her. I understood that she was the dearest person in my life and I behaved as a stupid thing. At any rate, the effect of my escape was great, my grades became better, I tried not to disappoint my mother anymore. Well, I was a good pupil not for a long time, indeed, but still.. May be I should escape one more time? Works cited. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Hughes, L., and Hubbard, D. (2002) “Salvation” in The Collected Works of Langston Hughes: Autobiography: The Big Sea. Missouri: University of Missouri Press. p. 41-43. Sedaris, D. (2010). “Let It Snow” in The New Yorker. Web.

Grossmont College Mitosis Data and Calculations Biology Lab Worksheet

Grossmont College Mitosis Data and Calculations Biology Lab Worksheet.

Mitosis Worksheet For each stage of mitosis, label the stage with the name,draw the configuration of two sets of chromosomes and spindle fibers, then below your drawing list the things that happen for the stage. You can work with other students in the class, but you must do your own drawing. When you are done, upload the drawing for your instructor to check. Table 1: Mitosis Data and Calculations Interphase Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Number of cells in stage Mitotic Index = # Cells Dividing / Total # cells Observed Questions: Which phase of mitosis has the longest duration in this organism? How do you know? Which of the phases of mitosis has the shortest duration in this organism? How do you know? Which phase is longer overall, mitosis or interphase? How do you know? If you were to assume that the total cell cycle time for these cells was 16 hours, use the information in your table to determine how much time would be spent in each of the 5 phases (interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase & telophase).
Grossmont College Mitosis Data and Calculations Biology Lab Worksheet

ACC Managerial Finance Caulfield Identity Crisis & Issues Case Discussion

online homework help ACC Managerial Finance Caulfield Identity Crisis & Issues Case Discussion.

I’m working on a business question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Hello, it’s just 3 discussion questions. You can answer it by your own words or google it, and make sure to put the reference for each question if you google it. I’ll upload 2 files. The first file is for the first question, the second file is the question list. Question 2 and 3 have website links, which I already put it on the question list. Two pages for 3 questions, you can split equally the words for 3 questions. Thank you !
ACC Managerial Finance Caulfield Identity Crisis & Issues Case Discussion

Strategy Mapping: Learning and Growth Perspective Essay

Strategy mapping is regarded as an effective tool to develop a sound strategy and communicate it to the stakeholders involved. Bryson (2012) notes that this method is acquiring more and more popularity as it is comprehensive and comparatively easy to implement. To understand the way strategy mapping contributes to the development of organizations, it is possible to consider the way an organization utilized the tool. Glacier Inn’s experience will be analyzed. The strategy created with the help of the tool is sound and effective. It is also easy to implement as it is clear to the stakeholders whose commitment is likely to increase. It becomes clear that the major focus should be made on the overriding objective that should be economic in nature (Armitage

You just accepted a role as medical administrator at a podiatrist medical office. There are many responsibilities associated with

You just accepted a role as medical administrator at a podiatrist medical office. There are many responsibilities associated with this position including managing the office, patient registration, insurance verification/referrals, and scheduling following up appointments. As you navigate through your first day at work, the waiting room is full and a patient with a severe foot infection is seeking treatment without an appointment. As part of your new position and responsibilities, you will be required to review, assess, and participate in all medical administrative duties that will support this patient. As the new medical administrator, you have will complete an encounter form of the new patient with a severe foot infection. Complete the steps below: Patients Information in EHR System Describe the process for entering the patient’s information in the Electronic Health Record. Summarize the importance of this process being accurate Appointment Follow-up Outline the steps for following-up with the patient after their appointment Identify Patient Waiting Room Improvements Outline improvements that should be made to the waiting room that help assist the patients Describe Patient Relation Improvement Techniques and Policy Creation Summarize the policies the office should have for patient’s without appointments, managing patients’ wait time, and registering patients