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It all happened very quickly from the moment I was engaged to the moment we walked around the sacred circle on my wedding day. The wedding was put together in only ten days. I spent those ten days with my fiance and my future in-laws getting to know each other. We spent time visiting temples and shopping in preparation for the wedding. We shopped matching wedding dress. Our wedding dress was red and white color. I also spent much of that time with my family and many relatives from out of the town. I met so many people.

There were over 2000 people that attend our two day wedding ceremonies. Almost everyone from our families to our friends helped celebrate. On that day I was very nervous to go front of my fiance but inside of my heart, I was very happy. I was going to start my new life. Not only were many of dreams coming true, but also I was fulfilling my father’s hopes. He also wished that I settle in the United States for a better life. I will always remember the joy in my father’s eyes that day. While I was having the time of my life, a part of me was both sad and fearful.

I was disappointed my older brother was unable to attend the biggest day of my life. He was living abroad and could not make the trip back because of immigration issues. I was also sad because I realized that I would need to leave for the US. I had always lived in our small village for my entire life. It meant that I was leaving my life behind. I had to leave my family, friends, and relatives. It was very difficult for me to pack up my life into two suitcases. I didn’t even know when I will come and see my family and friends again.

I was also a bit scared to start my new life with my husband. I had only known him for a short time and his family members. With anything new, there is always fear of the unknown. Everything I knew was about to change. For example, new family members, new roles as wife, language, life-style and also new country. I even had to learn about the new culture. I didn’t cried much when I was leaving my family and friends on my wedding night than I cried when the final day came to going the airport and coming in the United States. I had cried a bunch when I left my country.

On the other side, I was very excited about coming to the United States. It would be a beginning of new chapter of my life. Before coming into the United States, I had only seen how life would be on TV. I am very thankful to my parent. They are the one who think about my better future in the United States. I couldn’t wait to see all the amazing things United States is famous for like the statue of liberty, space center, and Disney world. I was very thrilled about meeting new people, making new friends, and trying new food. I was also anxious to start my married life. I wanted to be a perfect wife.

I look forward to taking care of my husband and his family such as cooking, cleaning, and also help with some other works. I was very excited to meet his all friends and family friends. My wedding day was everything that had dreamed up. I went through many emotions such as happiness, sadness, and excitement. I have learned not to fear the unknown. Instead, I should embrace new opportunities. I continue to believe that things always come out for the best. I feel very bless for life. For my better life, I am thankful to my parent. In the end, it has been a most memorable and life changing event of my life.

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