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What is the traditional “rule on solicitation”? When was this rule first enunciated? What right does the rule grant to workers? The traditional “rule of solicitation” is that it was a violation of the NLRA for an employer to maintain overly broad rules restricting employee solicitations of fellow employees or the distribution of written materials. The rule on solicitation was issued, by the U. S. Supreme Court in 1945.

The rule grants workers the right to speak with other workers about union and concerted activities during non-work time in either work or non-work areas. 2. ) Why is it important whether e-mail is considered “solicitation” or “distribution”? May either of these forms of communication be banned in the work area? The difference between solicitation and distribution is that distribution is a one way communication, whereas, solicitation causes a response from the recipient.

This is important because distribution can be completely banned, since it must take place in a work area and solicitation is permitted in all areas. 3. ) Describe the case reported by Leonard Page. What was that case about?

Discussion Questions and Responses

Ask and answer a discussion question that builds on what we discussed during the week (you need to include the link to the information you references when you try to search the question online to back what you asked (the discussion question needs to be at minimum 400 words and the responses should be 250 each). The discussion question I chose to focus on this week was: “How and why do predators never wipe out their prey?” or “How do predators affect an ecosystem and how does that influence prey foraging?” Your two responses to two students questions also need to be accompanied by a link that you used to attempt to answer their requisitions. Will include an example of my own work and two discussions that you need to respond to.