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Wear the Old Coat and Buy the New Book computer science essay help Physics homework help

“Wear the old coat and buy the new book” is a quote written by Austin Phelps. Which means knowledge is better than appearance. we should not spend our money only on to purchase new clothes but also on to buy books. Books can give someone intelligence and wisdom which is better than looks.Appearance can take a back seat when it comes to the corporate world. Education is something everyone can relate to.

Education is more important than physical appearance or talent because, majority of individuals in today society will rely on education to make a living rather than their appearance or talent. With an education you will have way more opportunities to be successful in life. So its better to spend your money on books rather then on your clothes. 2.The sentences given below belong to a well written paragraph but they are not in proper order. Rearrange the sentences into a logical order. In the blanks provided, write the number that represents each sentence’s place in the paragraph.

As blood circulates, it cleans out body waste, like the collector who cruises the neighborhood picking up trash.

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Explain the term virus and explain the differences between Trojan horses and worms. Support your answers with examples.

Viruses are computer programs which may cause malfunction or unexpected error on the software of a computer. They are inserted from one program into another to affect the host program. Example may be a photo which has the virus attached to it, when the photo is clicked on; the virus downloads itself immediately to the computer and goes straight the host computer memory. Trojan horse is a virus which masquerade as useful files or programs. It is send to an email requesting a person to open the email and then it latches into the computer affecting it. A worm can be attached into a computer in various ways. It may be copied from an email, floppy disk, can be send in a joke form, or some type of software which one downloads into their computer. It can also be send into some type of software which one downloads in a computer. Computer worms and computer viruses are similar in that they replicate functional copies of themselves and may lead to the same kind of damage. Contrasting worms with viruses, which require the spread of the infected host file, they are standalone software and they do not need human help or host programs to propagate.

Define threat, vulnerability, safeguard, and target. Support your answer with examples.

A threat is an organization or an individual who seek to modify or find data or other possessions unlawfully, devoid of the owner knowing or a permission of the owner. An example may include the use of keystroke logging, or the keyboard capturing. This is the action logging the keys hit on a keyboard so as to the individual using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. Vulnerability is the opportunity for threats gaining access to the organizational or individual assets. An example is when a person buys something online, he or she may provide credit card information, and when the data is transmitted over the internet, it becomes vulnerable to threats. A safeguard is a measure which an organization or an individual may undertake in blocking the risk from obtaining an asset. The targets are the assets which are targeted by the threats (Cordova, Jose & et al, 2017).

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