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we are going to read Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” and then go to Youtube and view and listen to Plath herself reading her poem “Daddy.” Then, while on YouTube, listen to oliviam16 read Plath’s poem “Mirror.”

we are going to read Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” and then go to Youtube and view and listen to Plath herself reading her poem “Daddy.” Then, while on YouTube, listen to oliviam16 read Plath’s poem “Mirror.”. I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.

we are going to read Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” and then go to Youtube and view and listen to Plath herself reading her poem “Daddy.” Then, while on YouTube, listen to oliviam16 read Plath’s poem “Mirror.” After you are finished, return to the our Discussion and answer the following questions:
1) How different is the experience of reading “Daddy” as opposed to hearing Plath read it and seeing the video? Explain?
2) Does the poem, “Mirror” work with the mirror itself as the poem’s narrator? Why or why not?
3) What do you particularly like or dislike about either poem? Explain and give examples.
4) How does Plath use the imagery of Nazi Germany in her poem? Does it work? Why? How?
5) What does the narrator of “Daddy” mean when she says, “If I have killed one man, I have killed two”? Explain.
6) Does the narrator seem to love or hate her father? Explain.
7) Is the poem “Mirror” about changes? If so, what changes?
8) If you have anything, any comment, any question, anything at all further to post about either poem, please do so.
Do not forget that each week we are required to respond to at least TWO other student posts with good substantive discussions.
we are going to read Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” and then go to Youtube and view and listen to Plath herself reading her poem “Daddy.” Then, while on YouTube, listen to oliviam16 read Plath’s poem “Mirror.”

disaster management?

disaster management?. I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.

Make a bibliography for five(5) articles related to “Emergency Preparedness for the elderly during Al-Hajj period”

Provide the citation information for each source following the rules of a particular bibliography style (APA Style,). Logically, you want to use the citation style in your bibliography that you will use in your research report. Examples of citation sources include books, articles, Internet sites, newspapers, and audiovisual materials.
List each reference source in alphabetical order. Occasionally researchers will introduce themes to their annotated bibliographies, essentially introducing headings for each theme and then organizing citations and summaries according to the themes that are emerging.
Provide a brief (100- to 200-word) descriptive and evaluative summary of each source. Researchers may address the relevance of the reference source, summarize the unique findings or arguments, include judgments regarding the quality of the source, and critique the methods employed by the source to generate knowledge.

Write as second language.
Use simple academic words.
Use APA format.
NOTE*: In attached two example of the bibliographies, please make another 5 bibliographies related to the article.

disaster management?

POL115 UOPX Congress and the President discussion

best essay writers POL115 UOPX Congress and the President discussion.

This assignment is designed to help you think about how the founding fathers wrote the constitution and examine how the presidency and congress are functioning today.Consider the current Congress and Office of the President.Discuss how contemporary activities of these two branches of the U.S. government compare and contrast with the intentions of the founders. Use specific examples, and include support from at least 3 sources, 1 of which can be your textbook. Your examination of the topic should include information about the following:Structure and makeup of CongressDifferences between the House of Representatives and the SenatePowers granted to Congress and the President under the ConstitutionChecks and balances of power, considering Congress and the PresidentRoles and responsibilities of the PresidentEvolution of presidential powerFormat your assignment as a written paper, double spaced, with a minimum of 875 words, with intext citations, quotation marks, and an APA formatted Reference page. Remember to include a cover page, with your name and date:Submit your assignment.
POL115 UOPX Congress and the President discussion

Video Collage on Deviance in the Digital World

Video Collage on Deviance in the Digital World.

CompetencyThis competency will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of deviance in the digital world and the changes to deviance that we see due to technological advances.InstructionsYou are working for a local department store in the Operations Department. Since you began working with this organization, you have noticed that your team members are more comfortable with technology. However, the available technology in the store has not been updated. It is also apparent to you that as technology has improved in our society, so has the types of deviant behaviors that occur, and you’re aware that deviant behaviors in both the physical world and in digital environments can impact business practices.With the observations that you have made, you approach your boss who has also noticed an increase in deviant behaviors within society and has an overall concern about how the store can be impacted.Because of his increasing concern about the impact of deviant behaviors on the store, and his knowledge of your familiarity with the subject, you are asked by your supervisor to create a video collage that will demonstrate your interpretation of deviance in the digital world and the impact it can have on the store you are working in. Your supervisor informs you that this video collage will be presented to your supervisor and colleagues in order to help you and the business determine the types of deviance that need to be addressed, and how to effectively manage it through daily operations. Your supervisor encourages you to use a variety of visual representations in order to captivate your audience and get your message across.For this video collage, you are to reflect and address the following questions and information.What is defined as deviant in the physical world?What is defined as deviant in the digital or online world?Compare and contrast deviance between the two environments.Consider various forms of deviance in both the physical and virtual worlds, and explain how they impact society.How would Conflict Theory define deviance?How would Symbolic Interaction Theory define deviance?How do the theories discussed impact the meaning or interpretation of deviance in a digital or online environment?How do you envision that deviance in the virtual world, or deviance due to technological advances, can impact your store?What are some ways to manage various forms of deviance in the day-to-day operations of your store?Use powerpoint
Video Collage on Deviance in the Digital World

NR103 Chamberlian University Challenges of Safety in Healthcare System Paper

NR103 Chamberlian University Challenges of Safety in Healthcare System Paper.

Follow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speak with your faculty member if you have questions.
1) Locating Evidence
a. Using the Chamberlain University library, search for a recent (published within the last five years) evidencebased article from a scholarly journal that addresses one of the topics listed.
• Safety
• Delegation
• Prioritization
• Caring
2) Include the following sections.
a. Introduction – 20 points/13%
• Clearly establishes the purpose of the paper
• Includes key points to be covered
• Captures the reader’s interest
b. Body of Paper – 60 points/40%
• Complete, well-developed discussion of key points
• Supports the purpose or main idea of the paper
• Logical development of ideas with clear and accurate information
• Ideas and statements are supported by three or more examples from personal and/or professional
• Provides own perspectives on the topic that is reflective, insightful, and original
c. Conclusion – 30 points/20%
• Clear and concise
• Summarizes key points discussed in the paper
• Leaves a strong impression, message, or idea on the reader
d. Writing Style – 15 point/10%
e. Correct use of standard English grammar, paragraph, and sentence structure
f. No spelling or typographical errors
g. Organized around required components
h. Information flows in a logical sequence that is easy for the reader to follow
i. APA Format, and References – 25 points/17%
• There is correct and appropriate use of margins, spacing, font, and headers
• Document setup includes title and reference pages in correct APA format
NR103 Transition to the Nursing Profession
Transitions Paper Guidelines
NR103_Transitions_Paper_Guidelines 2
• Citation of sources included in the body of the paper uses correct APA format for direct and indirect quotes
• All elements of each reference are included in the correct order
• All information taken from the source, even if summarized, is cited and listed on the Reference page
• All sources used are nursing journals published within the last five years
For writing assistance (APA, formatting, or grammar) visit the APA Citation and Writing page in the online library.
Please note that your instructor may provide you with additional assessments in any form to determine that you fully
understand the concepts learned.
NR103 Chamberlian University Challenges of Safety in Healthcare System Paper