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Waterpark Website

Hi, I am looking for a complete website for a water park in central Massachusetts. The park’s name is “Big Wave” and please follow the following instructions:
1. Make sure the website has all the pages, layouts, images, color schemes, and navigations (both internal and external) developed as defined in your wireframe documents (you must create a wireframe). Also, please make sure that all functionality for links, animated effects, navigation functionality, transform, translate, and other effects as defined in the CSS3 rules for the website are present and operational. The Nav Bar must present styled buttons. Default gray buttons will not be acceptable. JavaScript-generated buttons will be considered a plus. This goes for styling as well! All styling must be accomplished using CSS3 styling structures which may be extended to include W3.CSS3 styling structures if appropriate. Minimal CSS3 will be considered as only adequate; have fun with it! Excessive use of in-line CSS will be considered as a poorly designed site. All styling must be accomplished with external stylesheets. The use of the external sheets should be employed via the @import option vs. the linked option.
2. The site must include a table for special attractions (i.e. surfing waves, high-rise slides, etc) and their associated pricing, and operation times. Any JavaScript functionality may be embedded or external to the index page.
3. HTML5 semantic functionality must be included of a completed form to be used by your viewer to submit inquiries about the waterpark. The input form must convert all names into proper case formatting. Use the HTML5 date picker object to accept a visit date on your form., it must be readily visible on the form in an appropriate location. Other HTML5 semantic functionality shall operate as intended when values are input to an HTML5 input type field. This includes fields like email, ZIP code, and telephone number. They must self-validate. W3Schools has a list of input tag types and self-validation features.
4. The site must be aesthetically pleasing and appealing to our family-based audience. “One picture is worth a thousand words.” Less is not more, more may be too much
Additional instructions: Please create the wireframe first. Also, HTML, CSS, images, scripts or any media must be saved in individual folders.