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Water Harvesting cbest essay help Macroeconomics

The Rainwater harvesting is the simple collection or storing of water through scientific techniques from the areas where the rain falls. It involves utilization of rain water for the domestic or the agricultural purpose. The method of rain water harvesting has been into practice since ancient times. It is as far the best possible way to conserve water and awaken the society towards the importance of water. The method is simple and cost effective too. It is especially beneficial in the areas, which faces the scarcity of water. People usually make complaints about the lack of water.

During the monsoons lots of water goes waste into the gutters. And this is when Rain water Harvesting proves to be the most effective way to conserve water. We can collect the rain water into the tanks and prevent it from flowing into drains and being wasted. It is practiced on the large scale in the metropolitan cities. Rain water harvesting comprises of storage of water and water recharging through the technical process. Methods of Rainwater Harvesting : Catchment : Any surface or the paved areas can be treated as catchment. Even the footpaths and roads can act as the catchment, as these areas too receive the direct rainfall.

Rooftops are the best among them because of the large coefficient of run off generated from them and there are less chances of contamination of water. Conveyance : Conveyance system basically includes rain gutters and down pipes which collects the rain water from catchment to the storage tank. These rain gutters are usually built during the time of construction. They need to be designed appropriately as to avoid the loss of water during the conveyance process. Storage : The most important part of the rain water harvesting is the storage system. The storage system is designed according to the amount of water that is to be stored.

The design and site (location) of the storage or the recharge system should be properly chosen. The areas which receives the rainfall frequently, there a simple storage system could be constructed, to meet the daily water requirements. Otherwise the areas which receive the lesser rainfall, there the storage systems are quite essential. Rain barrels, underground or open slumps are mostly used to collect rain water. Make sure that the storage system is properly sealed and does nor leak. Use Chlorine from time to time to keep the water clean. Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting : Rainwater harvesting first of all increases water security.

It is the perfect solution to meet water requirements especially in the areas which do not have sufficient water resources. It helps in improving the quality of the ground water and increasing the level of the ground level. It also helps in improving the overall floral system. It reduces the loss of top layer of the soil. If we capture the water directly we need not to depend much on the water storage dams. It is the good solution to the increasing water crises. Rain water harvesting reduces the flooding on roads and further prevents it from contamination. And in the last it decreases the menace of floods on regional scale.

RES 866 Week 6 DQ2

Looking at the same file from Topic 6 DQ 1, after you defined the problem and purpose statement, what would be the sample strategy and how you would calculate the sample size?
I will answer this question on Age and Salary. According to; a correlation is the mutual relation of two or more things, Investing the two variables statistically to sort the relationship to identify the changes between the variables, (Bhandari, 2021).
Problem statement
Whether there is a systematic relationship between age and salary, in an unknown fact.
Purpose statement
A correlation between the salary and age of a company/corporation is what the purpose statement is set to examine.
There was no identifiable pattern for determining a relationship (Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching, n.d.).
Based on the data obtained, the Research question and Hypothesis are as follows:
Research Question:
Is there any correlation between age and salary in a company/corporation?
There is no known correlation between age and salary of a company/corporation.
Bhandari, P. (2021). Correlation Research | When