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Watch video and answer questions

Watch video and answer questions.

Page 188 of the textbook states the following, “…Cultural standards for beauty and attractiveness vary greatly, as do expectations about how should people should look…” Provide THREE specific examples to support this statement (i.e. videos, pictures, real stories etc.). Describe your reactions to your EACH examples. Chapter nine: The value of talk and silence are explained on pages 216-218, and it is explained that talk and silence are valued differently in different cultures. John Francis took a 17-year vow of silence, and he describes his experiences in the following Tedx Talk: . After you watch this video, answer the following questions: What benefits did John Francis gain from this vow of silence? What are your culture’s rules for talk and silence? What are your reactions towards these rules? Please be detail and answer each question!!!
Watch video and answer questions

Peers DQ one responses. I’m working on a Writing question and need guidance to help me study.

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response one: A heart attack occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked. The blockage is most often a buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances, which form a plaque in the arteries that feed the heart (coronary arteries). The plaque eventually breaks away and forms a clot. The interrupted blood flow can damage or destroy part of the heart muscle. A heart attack, also called a myocardial infarction, can be fatal, but treatment has improved dramatically over the year. The following steps are necessary to be included in prevention and health promotion of heart attack (“Heart Disease Prevention | MedlinePlus,” 2019):

Making sure you have enough sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, you raise your risk of high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Those three things can raise your risk for heart disease. Most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.
Manage stress. Stress can be linked to heart attack in various ways. Extreme stress can cause heart attack and also the various ways of coping with stress can also cause the disease.
Avoid or quit smoking. Cigarette smoking can raise the blood pressure and put you at a higher risk for stroke and heart attack.
Regular exercise. Exercise has many benefits, including strengthening your heart and improving your circulation. It can also help you maintain a healthy weight and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. All of these can lower your risk of heart disease.
Limit alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol can raise your blood pressure. It also adds extra calories, which may cause weight gain. Both of those raise your risk of heart disease

Heart Disease Prevention | MedlinePlus. (2019). Retrieved from…
response two: A respiratory issue that the author found was pneumonia. Pneumonia is lung inflammation generated by a bacterial or viral infection, in which the air pouches fill with pus and may become solid. Inflammation may affect both lungs, one lung, or only some lobes. Pneumonia can be either viral, fungal, or bacterial, originated outside the clinic, called a hospital-acquired disease. Despite the microorganism, the symbols of pneumonia are a bright, penetrating pleuritic chest pain, restlessness, anorexia, productive cough, and tachypnea. Anyone can get pneumonia, but some characters are added at risk than others. Pneumonia and its signs can range from mild to severe. Treatment depends on the condition of one’s pneumonia, how critical a person’s symptoms are, and the age and overall health. Most healthy individuals recover from pneumonia in one to three weeks, but it can be life-threatening. The good news is that pneumonia can be prevented (Grand Canyon University, 2018).
The key steps that are necessary for the prevention of pneumonia are first getting vaccinated. Get a flu shot each year to stop annual influenza. The flu is a constant problem of pneumonia, so stopping the flu is a great way to prevent pneumonia. The next thing to do is wash hands. Clean hands often, particularly after blowing nose, going to the toilet, diapering, and before consuming or cooking foods. The next thing to do is not smoking, for tobacco harms lung’s capacity to battle off infection, and smokers have been discovered to be at a higher risk of getting pneumonia. Lastly, one should be aware of their overall health for pneumonia usually develops respiratory infections, be mindful of any symptoms that linger more than a few days.
American Lung Association. (n.d.). Preventing Pneumonia. Retrieved from…
Grand Canyon University (Ed). (2018). Pathophysiology: Clinical applications for client health. Retrieved from…
response three: Asthma is a chronic, reversible airway disorder characterized by inflammation and bronchospasm(Johnson, 2018). Anyone can receive a diagnoses at any age(Johnson, 2018). Allergens, exercise, or viral illness can trigger asthma. One sign of an asthma exacerbation or asthma attack is the symptom of wheezing (Johnson, 2018).
There are a few medications used to treat and manage asthma include SABAs( short acting beta agonists), LABAs (long acting beta agonist), and ICSs (inhaled corticosteroids) (Johnson, 2018). If a patient is using a rescue inhaler (nebulized albuterol) more than two to three times per week, a preventive medication must be started to help prevent symptoms (Johnson, 2018) Asthma can be triggered by allergens, so nondrowsy antihistamines or even anti-inflammatory medications such as montelukast (singulair) can be taken to help (Johnson, 2018).
Schools are no requiring the use of Asthma Action Plans to manage childhood asthma while the patient is in school (Johnson, 2018) . This give the school instruction on what steps need to be taken in an emergency (Johnson, 2018). This is very important as not everyone responds to the same medications or methods.
Johnson, A. R. (2018). Cardiorespiratory Complexities. Retrieved November 11, 2019, from
Peers DQ one responses

Engineering homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the Betsy and Liam case scenarios on criminal law assignment. The paper also provides further cases to choose from in answering the assignment.,Betsy and Liam case scenarios on criminal law assignment,Answer ONE of the FOUR questions.,1.    Betsy, a 12-year-old, decides to play a trick on her friend, Arnold, aged 14. She intends to scare Arnold by setting off a firework in the shed in her backyard. Betsy lights the firework and calls Arnold over to the shed. The firework is faulty and explodes. Arnold runs out screaming and unharmed, but the wooden shed is now on fire and burning. Betsy’s mother, Carla, comes running out of the house to see what has happened. Arnold has a history of playing pranks on Betsy. Carla assumes that it is Arnold who has caused the explosion. Carla is holding a knife which she was using to chop parsley and, upon seeing the burning shed, is furious. She screams, ‘I’m going to kill you, Arnold!’. Carla then chases Arnold around the backyard, holding the knife in her hand and waving it at him.,After a few minutes, Arnold turns suddenly in an attempt to change direction. Carla screams, ‘No, stop!’ but Arnold runs into the knife and is stabbed in the stomach and starts bleeding. Carla calls an ambulance immediately, but Arnold has a rare medical condition which makes any loss of blood very dangerous. The ambulance arrives as Arnold is slipping in and out of consciousness. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital, Stacey, the paramedic, administers a drug to Arnold from which he suffers an allergic reaction and dies. The shed is completely destroyed.,Discuss.,2.    Patty holds a grudge against Liam, her former friend, and also decides to kill him. She makes a letter bomb and posts it to Liam, thinking that no one else will be harmed. However, Liam has a cleaner named Olga, who attends his house every Wednesday afternoon.,The letter bomb arrives on Wednesday. Olga collects the post, including the letter bomb, and plans to give it to Liam. Olga, obviously, does not realise the post contains the bomb. However, she has her own reasons for wanting Liam dead; she has convinced Liam to leave her his fortune in his will. She intends to suffocate him and make it look as though he has choked on some food by accident. Olga places a pillow over Liam’s face and his arms start flailing. As she is doing this, Liam pushes over the package containing the letter bomb and it explodes.,It is, however, faulty and does not explode as planned. Instead of killing Liam outright, the letter bomb causes a fire that sets the curtains alight. Part of the explosion also hits Olga, who suffers severe burn injuries to one side of her face. Liam is unconscious from suffocation but still alive. An ambulance arrives and Liam and Olga are taken to hospital. Liam is in a vegetative state and after a week on life support, the doctors decide further treatment is futile. The life support system is goes off and Liam dies. Olga requires weeks of treatment for her burns.,Discuss.,The other questions are in the attachment below,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Engineering homework help

Unknown Bacteria

Unknown Bacteria.

I’m working on a microbiology multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Here are the results of your biochemical tests and Gram stains. Use the attached grid (not Appendix H of manual or Appendix H handout) to determine the identity of your unknown organism.Oxidase test: positive if oxidase paper turns dark blue within 20 secondsGelatin test: positive if media turns liquid even after refrigeration (due to presence of gelatinase enzyme)Voges Proskauer (VP): positive if it turns redAfter determining your unknown organism, go to the NCBI website and pick a journal article that talks about your unknown organism. Pick an article that is relevant and no older than 5 years old from the date of publication. Read the entire article and summarize the contents of the article in your own words (do NOT copy the abstract of the article). Submit the summary of the article and a link to the article to me together with the correct identification of your unknown bacteria. Link to PubMed: (Links to an external site.)Flow Chart Grid:1 Appendix grid for unk Sp2021 (1).docI will give the Unknown Bacteria Results once question is picked up!
Unknown Bacteria

De Beers Case Study

essay help online Jump to: PESTLE Analysis | De Beers Competitive Analysis | Five Forces Analysis | SWOT Diamond, it is a precious stone more value than gold and silver. Its first discovery was in the year 1859 in South Africa at Northern Cape. From then, Diamonds became very much famous by the enhancement in the supply as well as the advanced technology which enabled the Diamond cutting, shaping, polishing as well as finishing. Diamonds are the precious gems which are the sources of nature, Diamond can be harmed by diamond itself and a very few other stones. Diamond had become the precious luxury goods; De Beers was the company which could market this luxury goods. De Beers company is on one mission is that to make the diamond dreams into a reality one by marketing them into marketplaces. It is the organization whose objective is very big and always aims at high. De Beers has two aims, they are to be the top most company of diamond seller in the market and to make the diamonds available in reality for every one by enhancing the partnership in worldwide by recruiting the skilled workforce and to trust the worth of emotions of diamonds. In the organization, it is responsible for only five key values such as to be passion regarding the organization and the product, for getting the strengths together, maintaining the corporate rapport, to show that they care for the distribution and services to the economy as well as accepting the troubles by its capabilities and structuring the future accordingly. It maintains three policies like, vision, worth and purpose. They maintain high level standard and take the responsibilities for all the long run results. It makes the great standard of living to the domestic country by their goods. It is trying to eliminate the global troublesome diamonds and the shareholders are being informed on time about the performances of the company. CARTEL AND CONDITIONS TO IT’S PROSPER Cartel is a member group where separate bodies gather together and cooperates for the controlling of manufacture, marketplace as well as to set the price of the products or goods. Based on the laws numerous areas of the worldwide, the cartels are illegal as they obstruct the fair market rivalry. Nevertheless, many global cartels are being sustained despite of many laws. There are cartels within the countries and the cartels which are owned privately might be controlling the marketplaces secretly for some of the goods or products. Even-though, in history, diamonds are rare, by the discovery of mines of diamonds in South Africa in the late 1900 had bring a huge stones to the international marketplace. The main as the diamond is such high price is for the sake of scarcity of diamonds. However, if the supply is more than the demand then the prices would automatically decline. A tycoon Cecil Rhodes was the founder of De Beers mines in 1875 at South Africa, had tried to solve the problem of scarcity by concerning on two main aspects such as he came to know that the supply of diamonds is only from South Africa which is the single important manufacturer all over the world in that period had to be limited. Secondly, the producers were having humble control on the quantity as well as the quality of its finished products. However, they were only concerning the purchasers who buy the mediocre as well as spectacular stones. Nevertheless, most of the final products are mediocre stones; the manufacturers mostly prefer to take away all the uncertainties as well as to sell all most all of the output. However, purchasers are needed to make sure of the security of perfect supply of the stones for generating the optimal volume for polishing as well as then retailing. Rhodes was having a consequence which was for creating a deed among the individual manufacturer as well as individual purchaser where the supply is less and the prices are to be high. His thought was kept into action and he got all the huge South African mines in 1980s as well as he formed a diamond seller association within the nation which was known as Diamond Syndicate for which he used to sell his productions. It was a single channel for marketing. All the individuals used to buy the product from him in some quantities and sell them on specific prices. By such a good strategy for the price and quantity, the cartel for diamond was accomplished. In the year 1902 Rhode has died and his place was taken and strengthened by a German merchant for diamonds merchant who made his own business for diamonds in South Africa an Anglo-American, he is Ernest Oppenheimer. By the cross shareholdings the company is yet controlling the both De Beers as well as Anglo-American till this date. FACTORS OF DE BEERS CARTEL TO PROSPER Most of the cartels have been collapsed because of organizational troubles and incentive troubles. The cartel of De Beers had run for more of 100years. There are three organizational attributes which encourages the long run of cartel. Initially, the organization has to have huge concentration over the business. In the days of Rhodes, De Beers was not only controlling all the South African manufacture process as well as the sales by its wholly owned subsidiary company which is Central Selling Organization which is situated in London. Secondly, the De Beers Company is not the company of disputes and it holds price leadership. The rough figure of diamonds sold are been managed by central selling organization. It is an exclusive team of the cherries picked retailers as of the cities of Antwerp, Mumbai, New York as well as Johannesburg. Sight holders must make the CSO know about their abilities and requirements for the quality as well as quantity. The central selling organization has later matched them with the stock. In the meantime of all the sights, the central selling organization had allowed a sight holder a parcel which is selected before. Customers were usually taking the parcel. Whatever might happen, if the customer takes the product or not, but there is no bargaining was allowed. Mostly customers were happy with the product, if the customers did not like the system they are not been called for again. At last the friendly rapport with the contestants of cartel to the most will build the long run viability. PESTLE ANALYSIS OF DE BEERS A PESTLE analysis had executed on prevailing position confronting De Beers. Focusing upon the most significant troubles described in PESTLE analysis to which De Beers have to ascertain resolutions and besides about the most significant favourable drives that De Beers have to purchase to company reward in decree to sustain or attain marketplace apportion. (P)olitical Most significance troubles of De Beers has confronted on are due to governmental consequences in the U.S.A. due to warfare in West Africa, diamonds are commencing to run by the destroyed areas of Republic of Sierra Leone as well as Republic of Angola, along with in Soviet Russia, mines are comprising controlled topically as contrary to together with De Beers. Due to these disputes, De Beers originated a denouncing agitate seeking to mark De Beers diamonds for the customers. (E)conomical There’s an anticipated zoom in diamond gross sales anticipated to come about in the U.S.A. This stresses the reality that De Beers require to be abandoned in company merchandising as well as gross sales endeavors in the U.S.A. Whenever De Beers is to retain to be a booming organization. This diminish in costs can be destructive to De Beers as well as the diamond manufacturer at large along with requires to be deflected at any cost. Another big economical consequence De Beers is confronting is company technique of bracing the diamond costs. (T)echnical De Beers have constituted employing company monophonic dispersion strategy to act upon company style about the antitrust legislation in the U.S.A. As well as to continue an arms distance from the U.S.A Lawful system of rules. By marketing for diamond merchandisers by the Central marketing company in Greater London, as well as ascertaining the supplying of diamonds provided for these merchandisers, De Beers assure what stones embark the marketplace at what cost. This exclusive dispersion line has comprised at the center of company power to determine the diamond marketplace as well as without this means of dispersion, De Beers as well as the whole diamond diligence would hugely hurt. (S)ocial The percept of diamonds has that of an attractive as well as uncommon stone i.e. symbolization of romance as well as greed has been cherished intrinsically for centuries. Yet with the growth in supplying, the perceptual experience of diamonds continued that of uncommon as well as appreciated goods. Consequently, even whilst the supplying of diamonds expanded, the percept that they were infrequent wasn’t spotted, imparting the cost of the goods luxuriously. (L)egal What is encountering on alterations to lawmaking. This might affect work, approach to stuffs, quotas, resourcefulness, consequences or exportations, revenue and so forth. (E)nvironmental What is passing off with reference to ecologic as well as environmental consequences. Numerous of these components would be economical or sociable in nature. PROBLEMS FACED BY DE BEERS IN RAPPORT WITH SUPPLIERS/BUYERS/COMPETITORS De Beers long engaged as a corporate trust that dealt to hold eminent costs in spite of an real deficiency of scarceness of diamonds, on the other hand a serial of consequences conjured to cause De Beers economical earnings cut down. • In 1991, the Russia broke down. The decomposition by communism passed hard for De Beers for protecting the deed that the area distributes its production by a cartel. Whilst a consequence, the intensity of Soviet diamonds sold out outdoor the cartel expanded throughout the ’90s. • Diamonds got corrupted by the condition blood diamonds, entailing that revenue caused by the excavation as well as marketing of diamonds in a few African nation assisted finance warfare along with warfare law-breakings. • The preference shifting within customers towards marked luxuriousness commodity. The diamond valuate chain has advanced diamonds as a class. Whilst gems were differentiated by superior, they were basically commoditized. • Secondary distributers inherited prominence. • Helplessness in the economic system by exhausting areas. De Beers ascertained a contracting apportion of production in the contracting marketplace. Besides, the growth of the marketplace exterior the cartel expanded the bargaining ability by additional providers as well as expanded De Beers’ monetary value of products as well as gross sales. The consequent troubles to De Beers assisted to establish the integral imbalance of the cartel as well as constrained it for reconsideration of their organization system. De Beers applied a multipronged reaction: • It engaged a provider of alternative system • It comprised a central participant in assembling the Kimberley procedure • It continued centred on excavation of joint ventures • It acted upon for leveraging the De Beers brand name, in company by marketing De Beers’s jewellery • It assisted produce and so fulfil rising requirement in emergent marketplaces. A few of the consequences are yet puzzling. Whilst De Beers distinctly detests bloodshed diamonds as well as bears entirely the correct aims on the Kimberley procedure, it is difficult to acknowledge how comfortably a procedure really acts upon. Besides, the Kimberley procedure has built the dispersion of diamonds costlier, so yields are inferior. Along with marketing jewellery at De Beers mercantile establishment, De Beers has now contending on their consumers those shops that purchase approximate gems by De Beers. Nevertheless, it is really hard to anticipate whether De Beers would continue adequate dickering ability. The provider of alternative system implies more further prices in the diamond valuate string the prices of whole further actions demanded to constitute foremost brand name are nontrivial, so. Finally, De Beers gets a diamond perpendicular as well as contends by a series of deal bearers who perhaps equally perpendicular or leastwise control by covering retail. PORTERS FIVE FORCES OF DE BEERS Threat of substitutes which are captivating No replacement to diamonds Social history Cultural consequences or position Eminent price of entrance Bargaining power of suppliers which is unpresentable Commands production Possesses dispersion distribution channel Alignments Rapports by international governances Cash decreasing No replenishment declaration Assert on right for marketplace 25% of almost jewel as well as organization Batch holders diminishes Insolvent sight holders pay off stock Threats of new entrance which is mildly captivating Eminent price of entrance Trapped a marketplace Substantial brand name Present excavation as well as governmental rapports Approach for novel mines Possesses channels Growth in rates of interest Marketing in opened marketplace Merchandising of productions of different manufactures Bargaining power of consumers which is captivating Exclusively stake in township No replacements to diamonds Customs duty or custom Warfare Caliber of production Growing divorce ranges Elegant product or not essential Growing global rates of interest Diminishing retail requirement Diminishing matrimony ranges Existing customer rivalry which is very much attractive Firm brand name Believes already make among customers as well as mates Historic retentions Expertness Command of production Dispersion channel SWOT ANALYSIS OF DE BEERS De Beers has besides an expert participant in understanding as well as controlling the principles of a game. In Republic of South Africa, one-half of a securities market is combined of stockpiles of De Beers. For apparent causes, the South African governance both on as well as subsequently Apartheid are on favourable conditions by De Beers, whose corporate trust has no fright of constituting pursued. Their confidential contends with the early Soviet governance were suggestive of their brilliant compelling ability, delivering the aim that economics has more significant than ideology. African governances are progressively concerned in edged as well as brushing up diamonds from their nations which will bring almost 50% to a rate of approximate diamonds. It profited De Beers. RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSION The accompanying resolutions are being advisable for De Beers to carry out appropriately to convert U.S.A. policy shapers to make relax the U.S.A. Antitrust legislation as well as grant De Beers for instantly arrange business organization in their diamond marketplace. De Beers requires advancing U.S.A. policy shapers on the complying controversies along with invite easiness of the U.S.A. Antitrust legislation on about limitations. The standard to these resolutions are that they’re possible to carry out with company actual resourcefulness as well as they don’t bring forth counter press on ancient cases. Among the chief aims of the U.S.A. Antitrust legislation is for protecting customers’ well-being. Diamonds are not an essential as well as the deficiency of the diamond doesn’t cause one’s life materially dissimilar. Hence, by assisting to steady the supplying as well as cost of diamonds, De Beers is not blocking the achiever of populate or business organization inside the U.S.A. By continuing the cost of diamonds static, De Beers is not decreasing the caliber of lifetime of whatsoever customers, nevertheless De Beers is continuing customers respect constant.

Glendale Community College Uniform Crime Report Program Discussion

Glendale Community College Uniform Crime Report Program Discussion.

For Reflective Project #2, you may choose one of the following three options. Please ensure that your paper is around 3 pages, double-spaced, with a heading (your name, course info, etc.) and a creative title. Remember that you must utilize ideas and concepts from the textbook, class lectures and discussions to illustrate your point, so the prompt that you choose to write about must reference any of those corresponding chapters, lectures, discussions, and/or activities. Lastly, factors such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar certainly count towards your reflection paper grade, so be sure to edit your paper beforehand. Below is the prompt1) The Uniform Crime Report (UCR). Chapter 7 (Deviance, Crime, and Social Control) describes several ways in which the Uniform Crime Report may present an inaccurate picture of the demographics of crime. Describe the sources of bias that lead to these inaccuracies. Are these biases better explained by conflict theory or functionalism? Justify your answer. Be sure to also consult the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) website, as well as the National Crime Victimization Report (NCVR) website during this process. Then, consider how this connects to Robert Merton’s idea that labeling can bring about self-fulfilling prophecies; that inaccurate beliefs, if repeated loudly and frequently enough, can become true. Very Easy to do!!!!!!
Glendale Community College Uniform Crime Report Program Discussion

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Q: You are an Emergency Manager in your respective country. A highly infectious influenza strain has been detected. There is a limited quantity of the vaccine to prevent this particular strain of influenza. Discuss your plan for distributing this vaccine. Who receives the vaccine and who does not? How did you come to this conclusion?

1) Distribution of vaccines is an essential part of the pandemic influenza plan of any healthcare organization. Under these circumstances, factors during distribution are sometimes hard to predict and require significant consideration (Wahlen et al., 2010). The plan for the distribution of limited vaccine shall be based on information acquired from the field. Medical teams will be dispatched to the various areas for surveillance and shall be tasked with screening people, making early diagnoses, and reporting to information centres. The team in charge of monitoring shall analyse these pieces of data and determine the most susceptible areas. On acquisition of data on the persons who are at the most significant risk of contracting the highly infectious influenza strain and determining the rate of transmission in various geographical areas, I shall prioritize the distribution of vaccines to these areas.
My primary goal in supplying the vaccines shall be to reduce mortality and to prevent or reduce the chance of having an outbreak. Consequently, vulnerable groups like children and pregnant women shall be among the first to be given the vaccines. After that, we should consider people in areas where there is a significant risk of contracting influenza.
We shall prioritize vulnerable groups who have less immunity system; children, mothers, and elderly people to promote efficiency in the distribution of the vaccine (Tosh, Jacobson, & Poland, 2010)). The main goal is to ensure that the threat of mortality or a massive outbreak is avoided. Adults tend to have a stronger immune system and are less likely to contract the disease or die of influenza in comparison to children (Tosh, Jacobson, & Poland, 2010). additionally, focusing on areas where there have been numerous diagnoses of influenza shall ensure that the vaccine deals with an imminent threat of death and contains the spread of flu to other regions.
Wahlen, M. K. J., Bessette, R. R., Bernard, M. E., Springer, D. J., Benson, C. A., & Wahlen, M. K. J. (2010). Improving influenza vaccine distribution in preparation for an H1N1 influenza pandemic: Lessons from the field. The Journal of Medical Practice Management : MPM, 26(3), 182-187.
Fausto, F., Paolo, P., Anna, O., & Carlo, S. (2018). Excess mortality in italy: Should we care about low influenza vaccine uptake? Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 46(2), 170-174. doi:10.1177/1403494817720102
Tosh, P., Jacobson, R., & Poland, G. (2010). Influenza vaccines: From surveillance through production to protection. Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 85(3), 257-73. doi:10.4065/mcp.2009.0615

The shortage of vaccine can lead to very bad consequences and contributes to making the infection become pandemic. In 2016, the limited number of Hepatitis A vaccine claimed 21 lives and sickened more than six hundred in California (LaMotte, 2018). However, in such situations, the emergency managers will find themselves in a situation where they need to find ways to limit the spread of the disease by deciding who needs to receive the available vaccines and who does not, which can result in community outrage. However, as an emergency manager, I should be honest with my people, and I will make my decisions based on scientific bases to avoid any liability.
Who receives the vaccine and who does not is a critical decision to make. By taking the California response to the 2016 Hepatitis A outbreaks, while they had a limited number of vaccines, as a lesson, they were targeting the vulnerable groups in the community first, and they were communicating with manufacturers to increase the vaccine production (LaMotte, 2018). However, as an emergency manager, my strategy to handle the situation will be giving the available shots to the high-risk population and health care providers. On the other hand, we will not give the vaccines to people who already have been infected by the virus. Moreover, we will contact the sources/manufactures to find how to increase vaccine productions.
Many reasons led us to make our decisions. First, the high-risk population has a great chance to be infected, according to CDC (n.d) high-risk populations such as children, elderly, people with HIV or other immunodeficiency diseases can being severely affected by any public health emergency. Likewise, we can consider the healthcare providers as one of the high-risk groups because they are in an environment that increases their risk of infection. That is why we chose to start with the high-risk group first. Second, after we understood how the vaccine works, we decided that we are not going to vaccinate infected people and save the available vaccines for people who in need. According to CDC (2018), the vaccine works as a firewall that protects the body from being infected in the first place, so, as long as people already get sick, the vaccine will not function as it supposed to do it will not treat their symptoms. Instead, we will isolate the infected people and treat their symptoms with medicines such as antivirals and antipyretics, and we will continue monitoring them.
Finally, we believe that the unexpected shortage of vaccines was not anticipated. The community has the right to blame the health sector, but we will do what we can to limit the spread of the disease and distribute the available vaccines based on an ethical and scientific basis. However, these situations reflect the importance of being proactive rather than reactive regarding facing outbreaks.
LaMotte S. (January 12, 2018). During a hepatitis A emergency, there’s a nationwide shortage of
vaccine. CNN health. Retrieved form…
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. (2018). Understanding how vaccines work.
Centers for disease control and preventions. Retrieved from…
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. (n.d). Populations and vulnerabilities.
Centers for disease control and preventions. Retrieved from
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