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Watch the Videos and respond to the questions

Watch the following videos, then write and submit a 500-word response paper. 250 words for each video. Grandparents Teach Their Grandkids Old Technology [Technically Speaking] 352,133 viewsNov 30, 2015 Adult Development and Aging Susan K. Whitbourne; Stacey B.
For full credit please follow the guidelines below. 1. The response should summarize the videos. 2. The response should describe in one paragraph an idea, notion, concept, or fact that you found interesting, challenging, engaging, or informative. 3. The response should explain in one or two paragraphs how this idea, concept, etc. can be applied to your counseling knowledge or practice, or how it helps provide you with insight into your own development as a counselor. *Please, include references and cite sources in APA format if necessary.