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In this work I am going to talk about a Russian Artist: Wassily Kandinsky, who left a lot of painting and writing for posterity, but who also was considered different from others, if you don’t like him you wouldn’t be the first person. “l spy with my little eye” is one of his famous expressions. The colors always have a very strong effect; he placed them in relationship with one another. He introduced rhythm into his painting style, that’s one of the aspects that make his work so fascinating. He was born in Moscow on December 04, 1866.

This is a place with many colors in the day, and very magic at night. An enchanted world with castles that look like taken from a fairy tale book. His love for Russia is represented in his love for brilliant colors; all ofa sudden you feel close to this Russia, through Wassily Kandinsky, who not only gave us his paintings, but also his expressiveness of colors. His soul was moved by Art rather than his studies in Economics and Laws. In 1896 Kandinsky started his painting studies in the Art Academy in Munich.

He and his contemporaries were called the young wild ones, because they expressed their art, and points of views from a different perspective. He felt the effects of his emotional appeal. His critics dismast him as good for nothing. He had to paint his paintings daily, because of the many visitors will spit on them. Kandinsky was still too modern for his contemporaries, so he had to look out for others who shared his points of views (Grove Dictionary of Art). In 1908 he started to change his drawing, introducing the abstract.

He changed his Russian towers for lines substituting them, but his brilliant colors persisted. He didn’t care if the tower was no longer straight, and for that time that was something really important for the critics, because they were used to another kind of drawing, so they ere always complaining about Kandinskys work. They were Judging him from their point of view, which will always be contradictory. Kandinsky was painting from his soul, the experiences he acquired with all those travel he made, and his significant others, like the three women he shared his life with (Hutchinson Encyclopedia of biography).

He then showed how objects became less important, how colors became the dominant force, and how an unusual character is introduced that no longer consist on painting and copying weird objects; but is rather based on the experience of colors as the artist himself describe it. The path Kandinsky took was constantly rising to the next level of fine arts, formulating a new world of forms and colors. Kandinsky then founded together with two other the Blue Writer, a movement in which they expressed their deepest hopes and fears tricked by the power of colors. orld has never seen anything like this before, and that’s why both critics and public will hustle toward Kandinsky. They still hadn’t understood his idea (Grove). Synaesthesia-from the greek syn for together and aesthesis to perceive. One of his written ideas were like:”the artwork is composed of two elements: the nner and the outer; the inner is the emotion in the soul of the artist and this emotion has the capacity to evoke similar emotions in the observer (the outer)”. He could see colors through music.

He didn’t want the observer to think of preserved images, he wanted them to listen to their hearts (The Inner eye of Wassily Kandinky CD). Kandinsky then decided to sketch Just a few geometrical lines and colors, so that the viewer is not distracted from his own mission, abstraction leaves something out and that’s your inner eye the chance to attain true freedom. On the outside only a few lines, on the inside he is still struggling against the pposing forces. That means the canvas suddenly showed something coming from the artist inner most soul and it finds its way into your inner most soul (Kandinsky CD).

Komposition 8 July 1923. Oil on canvas, 55 1/8 x 79 1/8 inches (In 1930 an American millionaire, Solomon R. Guggenheim met Kandinsky and bought many of his paintings, later on he built a museum, The Guggenheim Museum with all the paintings he collected throughout his life. The Kandinskys paintings were exhibited there in December-January 2009, but there is always some of his work in exhibition. Internationally known dean of non-objective painters; associated with the

Moscow Academy and was director of the Museum of Pictorial Culture in Moscow; assisted in the establishment of museums in various parts of Russia and founded the Russian Academy of Artistic Sciences in 1921; worked in Paris after 1934. Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian born artist. A painter who lived through the Russian Revolution and World War’s one and two. He died in Paris during 1944. As a young artist Kandinsky lived, wrote and painted in Munich, Germany. There has been a great deal written about Wassily Kandinsky because of the timeless nature of his being. He was a meticulous thinker, teacher and painter whose work will remain live.

Peer Review: Style, Tone, Voice

Peer Review: Style, Tone, Voice.

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