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Warriors Don’t Cry Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction Evaluation Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Warriors Don’t Cry, Written by Melba Patillo Beals is a masterpiece addressing the challenges that faced integration of black students in classes dominated by white students. Melba was among the first black students to be integrated in Central High School (CHS). Before Melba could join a high school, there is a court ruling illegalizing segregation in schools where blacks and whites attend separate schools. However, sending Melba to Central High School was tantamount to child abuse because the danger she was being exposed to was evident; it is lucky that she was not killed. As this paper explicates, Melba was exposed to grave danger and this negates the need to take her to that school in the first place. Evaluation As aforementioned, the danger exposed to Melba by sending her to Central High School is evident. After the court ruling illegalizing segregation in schools, a white who has been angered by the decision tries to rape Melba; if it were not for Marissa, who attacks the white man, Melba would have gone through this beastly sexual assault. This is the first foretell sign that Melba was in trouble. Threats are all over and it is clear that the much-waited integration would not be welcome amongst the whites. The numerous numbers of lawsuits that different whites file before the opening of school echo this impeding danger. These lawsuits are meant to intimidate the nine students set to join Central High School. Melba’s custodians could have taken the warnings and keep Melba at home. However; India, her grandmother does not to relent, she says, “God’s warriors don’t cry, ‘cause they trust that He’s always by their side (Melba 18). Ignoring facts does not change them and this is where India; Melba’s grandmother misses the point. She chooses to ignore the fact that the prevailing environment is not suitable for Melba. On September 3, 1957, India drives her grandchild Melba to CHS. As expected, they are attacked by a white mob; fortunately, they escape unscathed. To emphasize how volatile the environment around CHS is, Arkansas National Guard surrounds the school. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is enough reason to make India realize how unwise it is to continue pushing Melba to attend this school. Melba insists that she wants to return to Horace Mann, her former high school but India insists that she is not that coward to quit. Melba cannot leave the house and this measure up to child abuse. In an attempt to save the situation, Governor Faubus and President Eisenhower intervene but their efforts are fruitless. The State of Arkansas wins a case that seeks to remove Arkansas National Guard around the school. Judge Davies rules that the nine black students be allowed to study in CHS. Governor Faubus follows the judge’s directive and removes the guards around the school; however, he says there will a lot of bloodshed if Melba and the other eight students join CHS. These insinuations are enough to warn India that it is inexpedient to take Melba to CHS. Ignoring this fact, India is perpetuating child abuse. On September 23, 1957, the nine black students go to CHS only to be attacked by angry white students. Even though these black students manage to enter into class, Melba is coerced to seek refuge in the principle’s office after a mob breaks the school barricades and advance towards her classroom. This is grave danger facing Melba yet India does not care or rather does not see it. Can child abuse to more than this? The greatest mistake that India makes in this case is to face danger with sheer vague beliefs. Melba may not be a quitter; however, this does not make her immune to attacks from white mobs. After several failed efforts to prevent the mob attacks, President Eisenhower employs force to root out this vice. The black students are given 101st Airborne Division escort. Nevertheless, this does not help greatly given the torture Melba and her friends are going through. “The physical and psychological punishment we endured profoundly affected all our lives. It transformed us into warriors who dared not cry even when we suffered intolerable pain” (Melba 29). The fact that Melba underwent through “torture” and “intolerable pain” underlines child abuse. She did not become a warrior because she wanted to; no, this was the only way she could respond to the abuse she was exposed to by the people who took her to CHS. We will write a custom Research Paper on Warriors Don’t Cry specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Melba puts it clearly the problems that she went through. While other students were busy playing and having good time, she was, “escaping the hanging rope of a lynch mob, dodging lighted sticks of dynamite, and washing away burning acid sprayed into my eyes” (Melba 32). What more evidence can there be to show that Melba was endangering her life. The God India speaks of being around Melba was at work for she was never killed. What is India thinking when pushing Melba to continue attending CHS? The attacks do not stop even after international community raises concern. Mrs. Jorumn Rickets, a Norwegian reporter tries to intervene but white businesspersons thwart her efforts. President Eisenhower calls back 101st Airborne and this gives way for more attacks. One day, while Melba is in washrooms, white girls attacks her and subjects her to blistering waters. After Minnijean, one of the nine black students is suspended for throwing chili in the eyes of his attacks, the white students break into a chant saying, “One nigger down and eight to go” (Melba 45). On another occasion, Melba is about to be attacked by a white mob thank God Link saves her by giving her his car keys. Link warns her of more imminent attacks that the whites are planning. These attacks are too much for Melba to handle. Even though she handles them by becoming a warrior, the pain is too much to bear as a child. From the examples indicated above, it is clear that Melba was under grave danger and this is tantamount to child abuse. Conclusion From the events that Melba accounts for in her book, it is apparent that she is exposed to grave danger by going to CHS. Those who let her go to this school are guilty of child abuse. From the beginning, it is clear that the whites are not for the idea of integration. After the court illegalizes segregation in schools, a white man tried to rape Melba for he is against this ruling. This is a clear indication that letting Melba attend CHS is a dangerous issue. After India and Melba are attacked and luckily escape unscathed, India responds by telling Melba that she is not a quitter and she needs to push on for these attacks would recede. However, this is a misinformed notion for Melba continues to live under fear as the attacks persist. The torture and intimidation that Melba bears, amount to child abuse. She confesses that they only became warriors who would not shed tears because this was the only way to face their hard times. Everything that happened to Melba is tantamount to child abuse; attempted rape through physical attacks to psychological torture surmounts child abuse. Works Cited Melba, Beals. “Warriors Don’t Cry; A Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Not sure if you can write a paper on Warriors Don’t Cry by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Rock’s Central High School.” Washington; Washington Square Press, 1994.
California State University Long Beach Fundamentals of Business Questions.

I am using my mentor’s version as Dr. Carinci has simplified the requirements of this assignment. While we typically go to the library and look at textbooks there, this is not an obvious option at this point. So find an online TEXTBOOK of any sort and do your review! You can find some online in the library. It has to be a textbook, not a novel, etc. Please answer the questions below and upload on to Canvas. You are welcome to just number each question and I can refer back to the questions that way! I am expecting thorough answers for these questions – a sentence or two will NOT do! This assignment is worth 40 points!!!! Spend some time on it.
California State University Long Beach Fundamentals of Business Questions

Describe the location of point (-7,6,-4) in three-dimensional coordinate space..

 Describe the location of point (-7,6,-4) in three-dimensional coordinate space.  A.From the origin, move 7 units forward, 6 units right, and 4 units down.B.From the origin, move 7 units back, 6 units right, and 4 units down.C.From the origin, move 7 units back, 6 units right, and 4 units up.D.From the origin, move 7 units back, 6 units left, and 4 units down.
Describe the location of point (-7,6,-4) in three-dimensional coordinate space.

Designing a Network Infrastructure.

1. Designing the Network Infrastructure:Bacon Institute is an organization that provides educational offerings to nontraditional students.The organization has different offerings depending on the group:Bacon Branded – This offering focuses on the general public and provides services directly to its student.Co-Branded – This offering provides the same services as the Bacon Branded; however, they are resold by a third party and labeled as “….powered by Bacon.”White Label – While the service offering is the same, these services are labeled solely with the third parties’ information.Due to the security and regulatory requirements as well as the concern of corporate espionage, many security concerns must be addressed.Your task is to develop a network infrastructure design that meets the requirements above for the Orlando, Phoenix, and Toronto sites and create a network drawing using Visio or, specific to Bacon Institute, listing the network’s topology.The design is to be based on the following:There is constant connection between the three locations, carrying at least 75 Mbps of data.Each facility has three floors, rectangular with dimensions of 250 feet by 400 feet.There needs to be 150 network connections on the first and second floor of each building. The data center in each building is located on the third floor and requires 75 network connections. Additionally, the Phoenix location will require additional network connections for failover.The primary data center is located at the Orlando location.A failover data center is located at the Phoenix facility.Protection from intrusions should be detailed.The primary web servers (including primary application and primary database servers) are located at the Orlando location.Redundant database servers are located at the Toronto location.All servers must have redundancy.A plan to verify security and failover measures will be required.Use the attached Network Infrastructure Design template to complete the assignment. When you are finished, upload your work to the dropbox below.2. Simulating and Testing Network ConfigurationsAs a network administrator for Bacon Institute, you will need to become familiar with the Packet Tracer simulation tool from Cisco. Packet Tracer is used to simulate and test network configurations. This allows you to work out and improve upon the settings before implementing them.Using the diagram and configuration information from your first task, create a Packet Tracer simulation.Submit your .pkt (Packet Tracer) file to the box below.
Designing a Network Infrastructure

SPD 200 GCU Mild to Moderate Disabilities in Early Childhood Education Discussion

SPD 200 GCU Mild to Moderate Disabilities in Early Childhood Education Discussion.

Using the study materials and your research, complete the “Disability Comparison Template.” Follow the example provided in the “Autism” row in the template. Document the specific resources used to complete the assignment on the “References” page of the template.Questions: 1. Explain why it is important for teachers to be able to identify developmental and individual differences and recognize some of the typical signs of various disabilities when interacting with students.2. Discuss how having a basic understanding of the ways various disabilities affect learning and other areas of a student’s life can assist teachers in responding to the needs of individuals with disabilities.Support the assignment with a minimum of three scholarly resources.
SPD 200 GCU Mild to Moderate Disabilities in Early Childhood Education Discussion

Case Report on Fluoro-quinolones (Ofloxacin) Induced Psychosis

order essay cheap Case Report on Fluoro-quinolones (Ofloxacin) Induced Psychosis. A CASE REPORT ON FLUORO-QUINOLONES (OFLOXACIN) INDUCED PSYCHOSIS AT NEPAL MEDICAL COLLEGE TEACHING HOSPITAL. ABSTRACT Psychosis is a mental disorder in which the thoughts, affective response, ability to recognise reality and ability to communicate and relate to others are significantly impaired to interfere grossly with the capacity to deal with the reality.1 Psychosis can also occur as a side effect of some type of drugs and may be misdiagnosed as psychiatric illness.2 We report a rare case of 30 years old female admitted to Nepal Medical College with hallucinations and delusions following ofloxacin use, by extensive / detailed history taking. Keywords: Adverse events, Psychosis, Ofloxacin INTRODUCTION Ofloxacin is an antibiotic belonging to first generation fluoroquinolones which inhibit the enzyme bacterial DNA gyrase. It is used in urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, bacterial gastroenteritis and other respiratory or ENT infections. It has frequently been implicated in causing central nervous system (CNS) side effects. Other common side effects are gastrointestinal disturbances, skin/ hypersensitivity.3 Various reports revealed thatneuropsychiatric symptoms like agitation, confusion, delirium, depression, hallucinations, vertigo and insomnia have been reported with the use of ofloxacin.4,5 Here we tried to uncover the fact with a case report of 30 years old female who revealed psychosis after the use of fluoroquinolones. Case Report: A 30 years old female patient had history of fever associated with chills, rigor and burning sensation of urine since 7 days. Laboratory tests were done and turned out to be normal. A chest radiograph was normal. Urine routine microscopic examination showed plenty of pus cells. The patient was suspected of urinary tract infection for which she was started on Ofloxacin and Flavoxate HCL by a private physician. The patient received five doses of ofloxacin (400mg two times a day) and flavoxate Hcl (three times a day).The patient’s symptoms gradually improved. However, from the next morning she started being suspicious towards her neighbor (aunt),saying that she is a witch and she is trying to kill her. She also said that she could hear voice of different gods with whom she talks but her family did not hear any voices nor their neighbor was trying harm her. Also her talk was not pertinent to the subject under consideration. This behavior lasted for 3 days and was difficult to manage at home so she was brought by her family to Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital, Psychiatric Out Patient Department for consultation and was admitted. After admitting the patient vitals were taken and physical examinations were done. The examination did not show any deficits. MSE revealed increased psychomotor activity, rapport not fully established, Speech- increased volume and rate, Mood O- irritable, Thought Form-irrelevant, Content-delusion of persecution, Perception- auditory hallucination, Judgement- personal, social and test all impaired, Insight- grade I. Past medical history included Pulmonary Tuberculosis 9 years back for which she took full course of Anti Tubercular Therapy and repeated sputum examination for AFB showed negative results. No past history of psychiatric illness. Premorbid Personality was normal. Laboratory tests were normal which includes complete blood count, electrolytes, urine routine examination. After detail history taking provisional diagnosis of Ofloxacin induced psychosis was made and the antibiotic was stopped. Twenty four hours after stopping ofloxacin, she was no longer having auditory hallucination and delusion. And she could remember the whole episode. She was kept under observation for one week and no above mentioned symptoms were seen during that period. DISCUSSION: It had been reported that 18.3673% of patients under ofloxacin developed psychosis as a side effect.6 Literature shows the evidence of hallucinations following the fluoroquinolones use hence, we believed the hallucinations in our patient is due to the ofloxacin component.3,7-9 The psychiatric adverse effects of fluoroquinolones are severe to life-threatening at times. People without any history of psychiatric problems have experienced depression, paranoia, psychosis, anxiety, etc. after taking fluoroquinolone antibiotics.10 The mechanism of fluoroquinolone-associated CNS toxicity has not been fully understood, but may involve gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) and inhibition of binding of GABA to GABA-A receptors in the CNS resulting in CNS stimulation.5 Our patient developed psychiatric symptoms after five doses of fluoroquinolones and recovered within 24 hours of discontinuation of the drugs. Therefore, it is important to identify these rare but completely reversible psychiatric adverse effects of fluoroquinolones in order to avoid a wrong diagnosis and unnecessary work-up and treatment. Hence, antibiotics should be used very cautiously so that unnecessary side-effects are avoided. CONCLUSION: Fluoroquinolones are widely used due to its various indications. Hence it is important to be aware of the psychiatric adverse effects of these drugs whenever there is change in behavior. This case report suggests that caution should be exercised while administering fluoroquinolones like ofloxacin. REFERENCES KaplanCase Report on Fluoro-quinolones (Ofloxacin) Induced Psychosis

CYB 6040 WU Wk 3 Government Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Articles Discussion

CYB 6040 WU Wk 3 Government Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Articles Discussion.

Week 3 Discussion Board (BULLETS)Please post your BULLETS for this week’s Discussion Board. Your post should be a short summary or article from an online resource that is relevant to our course. 5 Bullets per week minimum Required for an A. Recommend posting 1 more per week to cover any loss for duplication.Bullets. Each week, students will prepare short, relevant, current bullets (brief written summaries or use the article itself from online reference but cut it down to core) pertaining to this course: e.g., national / local crises, terror incidents, terror groups, accidents, natural disasters, maritime incidents or piracy, political or infrastructure news, LEO actions, civil / criminal actions, health issues, open intelligence, Threats CIS sector news, Patriot Act, NSA, CIA, WH, laws or rulings of interest; URLS, security events, UAS news, C-UAS news interesting IT/ INFOSEC finds, agency news or actions, or bibliography items. The field of topic possibilities is huge. The general format for a Bullet is: Author & Source, first; Title, second; Summary, third; [ Bullet Body] and your Opinion or Conclusions, last.Grading on each Sunday at 2200 EST or before ( if limit is reached) for five consecutive weeks is:5 Bullets / week = A = 100 points / week4 Bullets / week = B = 80 points / week3 or less Bullets / week = F = 0 points / week.For further guidance: See Appendix B, or Kaltura on Bullets in Week 1 Discussion ( Bullets) or the Course outline section on bullets.
CYB 6040 WU Wk 3 Government Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Articles Discussion

Read the directions

Read the directions. I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

One paragraph answering all the questions tread the directions
For this week please take note of your postural habits and write a brief description of them and your experience of working to correct them. Below are some prompts to help you write.

What are some of your most obvious postural habits?

shoulders rounded?
torso slouching?
chin too far up or down?
toes pointing to the sides or turning inward?
hyperextending the knees?
head forward?

when do you notice these issues? (Is. When walking, standing or sitting?)
How does it feel physically to shift into proper alignment?
How does it feel mentally/emotionally?

Proper alignment

Feet hip width apart, toes pointing straight ahead
weight even across the foot
knees unlocked, if bent toes point over 2nd toe
hip bones straight across
hip bone in line with lowest pelvic bone (arrow points straight down)
1st rib over lowest pelvic bone
shoulders open and away from ears
chin level with ground

feet, knees, hips, shoulders and ears in a straight line (from the side)
Read the directions

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