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Warren Electric Essay, Research Paper

The electronic distribution industry is one of the fastest growth and altering industries right now. One of the jobs right now is that the industry is traveling into a way that it has ne’er been earlier. Massive acquisitions and amalgamations are doing a rebuff job right now in this industry. One illustration of this is when three old ages ago the Cleveland-based Premier Industrial Corp was bought out by Farnell electronics plc of Britain. This company saw itself battle with many jobs spawned by falling portion monetary values, a major CEO & # 8217 ; s going, and worsening gross revenues. Many of these jobs had to make with the logistics of major corporations unifying ( Srikonda, 1999 ) . Another job is that there was a gross revenues slack in the industrial electronics industry in the 3rd one-fourth of 1998. Gross saless during this one-fourth rose seven per centum, but makers ordered less than the old twelvemonth. Harmonizing to the Electronic Industries Alliance, gross revenues began to decelerate during the spring and the trade group expected industrial gross revenues to be level for the twelvemonth ( Brack, 1999 ) . The 4th one-fourth seems to be questionable depending on what companies you are looking at. Avnet,

Inc. announced dissatisfactory public presentation for their forth one-fourth and Arrow Electronics announced that 4th one-fourth net incomes will be below analysts outlooks. Kent Electronics and VEBA Electronics Inc. both had increased gross revenues for the forth one-fourth ( Walter, 1999 ) .

Warren Electric seems to hold jumped into the acquisition game with full force. Warren Electric & # 8217 ; s latest acquisition was in 1997 when Warren purchased Watson Electric Company. Watson Electric joins Warren Electric Group & # 8217 ; s bing Warren Electric Company, Warren Electric Telecommunications-Utility Company, Warren Electric of Louisiana, Warren Electric of Texas, Warren del Caribe and Thompson Real Estate ( ) .

There are many suggestions that could be given to Warren Electric. One suggestion is that they need to be careful of the immense logistics job that exists when acquisitions occur. Gross saless countries and incorporate supply processs could really good belie each other in this ever-changing environment. Warren Electric needs to concentrate on their nucleus competences and increase value-added services to their clients if they expect to stay competitory in the electronic distribution field.

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Find a current research article (published within the last 4 years) on a topic that is related to the weekly chapter readings and lecture. Write a two-page analysis of the article using at least two other peer-reviewed sources to support your analysis/discussion. You must have a title page, abstract page, two full pages of text and a reference page for this weekly assignment. APA format is required1.

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