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The opening of the park impacted the world because it showed the world a different perspective because the kids weren’t the only ones who could ride on attractions. The parents were able to ride as well because Mr. Disney dreamed of a place where families could have fun and make memories.

Furthermore, the opening of the park was kind of a letdown, but Walt Disney didn’t let that stop him from improving the park. He once stated, “Disneyland will never be completed. ” To this day Disneyland is getting bigger and opening new attractions. Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World are a big vacation destination to people around the world.And also, throughout his lifetime and after his death Walt Disney has received many different awards, nominations, and etc. The awards he receives vary from his films to the creation of Disneyland. Disney also holds the records for most Oscars won; he has been awarded 22 Oscars.

Those are a lot of award s that he won! Walt Disney did do some extraordinary work so he truly did deserve all the awards. Most of the awards he won were for his films that he either made or directed. With this is mind, the most famous he has received is the Honorary Award for his creation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.Walt also holds a record for the most nominations for the Academy Awards. Those nominations were mostly for the cartoons he made! He ended up winning 21 awards in all the categories he was nominated in. Also, some other honors that Walt Disney has gotten are 3 stars; 2 of them being located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the other on the Anaheim Walk of Stars. “One of the stars in Hollywood was awarded to him for motion pictures and the other for his television work.

” (“Walt Disney”) Two stars? He must be really proud of his work that he achieved! Walt will be forever honored for the extraordinary work he did throughout his career.In like manner, Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on earth and that is what Walt Disney dreamed of when building the park. The public gave him a lot of great criticism and really liked Walt Disney’s idea of building a family-friendly park. “He dreamed of a place where families could come together and experience something unique yet familiar. ” (“Classic Hollywood”) This is very true because Walt did dream of a place where all types of families could come together and have fun and sort of forget about their problems. People from all over the world have visited the theme park.Disneyland attracts tourists from around the world every single day.

“The tourists come to enjoy all the shows and attractions that the park has to offer! He created a place where cutting edge technology and animatronics could create an immersive virtual reality of an idealized past and future, relying on each family to provide the present. ” (“Classic Hollywood”) This means that Walt Disney created a place where really high-tech technology could combine with animations and create a new dimension of entertainment for families. Disneyland still has many original features that Walt Disney created himself.The theme park was a great success for Disney’ company. In addition, The well-known author Neal Gabler changed the way that the world sees things because Walt Disney used his imagination to change American culture.. He states, “As I see it Mickey Mouse’s creator and alter ego, refined traditional values.

” He believes that Walt Disney changed America’s 20th generation. “He reinforced American iconoclasm, and he helped mold a counter cultural generation. ” (“The Critics”) He helped form a multi-cultural world because a lot of different races came together to celebrate the different events that Walt Disney held.Everything that Walt Disney did changed all of America one way or another that is how much he impacted society. “He also credits Disney with helping to establish “American popular culture as the dominant culture in the world. ” (“The Critics”) The American culture dominated because we were known for many different things that were made for Walt’s request. Furthermore, The American traditions were also changed because the different movies Disney directed encouraged the world to expand their imagination.

“Disneyland combined nostalgia for a halcyon; nonexistent past with utopian fantasies of Tommorowland,” as Mr.Gabler sees it. This means that he combined a regular and normal world with his imagination of the future and combined them to make a unique world! So in the end Walt Disney did change American culture forever! Likewise, filmmaker Jon Favreau states that he is truly proud of what Walt Disney achieved throughout his life. He was once quoted as saying, “I understood more about him not as the man but what he was able to achieve, and that is the genius of Walt Disney. ” (“Classic Hollywood”) This is very true because mostly everyone knows Walt Disney because of his many successes either from his films or Disneyland. WaltDisney was very well talented and known by people around the world! Walt Disney will always be a legend for many people. In particular, Jon is mostly proud about Walt Disney’s success on Disneyland.

Disneyland was made in honor for families to come together. Jon says, “Some of my earliest memories are of the park, my eyes pinched closed as my father described everything we passed in the Haunted Mansion’s doom buggy. ” (“Classic Hollywood”) Walt Disney will remain an American icon for many including Jon! In Conclusion, Walt Disney has become one the biggest, most successful film producers, directors, animators, and entertainer of all time.Because of his early films/cartoons, creations of the happiest place on Earth also known as Disneyland, and the benefit the critiques have given him. With his big imagination, he has created many popular animated films such as Snow White, Bambi, Dumbo, Mickey Mouse, and many more. Through the many ups and downs, Walt has never given up on what he believed and achieved. He took risks to improve his films that not many producers took.

He also created Disneyland. In this case, people from all around the world praise and love him.

Business Finance: Extractoil Plc

Business Finance: Extractoil Plc.

Extractoil Plc is an oil and gas business that is registered as a company in England and listed on the London Stock Exchange. It has the majority of its operations in Central and South America. The company has rights to explore for offshore oil and gas reserves in that part of the world that it has not previously sought to exploit.

Extractoil Plc now wishes to expand its operations and use its previously unused exploration rights. In order to finance these new operations it intends to make an issue of ordinary shares. The business is currently financed only by a combination of ordinary share capital and loan capital.

The company’s ordinary shares have a nominal value of £ 0.65 and a current market value of £67.31. The current level of dividend is £0.61 per share and this has been growing at a compound rate of 8.9% a year in recent years.1. On the basis of the information you have been provided, calculate the weighted average cost of capital (‘WACC’) that should be used in future investment decisions by Extractoil. [10 marks]……



Marks will be awarded for both the final result of calculations and the workings that show how you arrived at your answers. Please round your figures to the nearest £1,000.

The information you have been give above will enable you to use the dividend valuation model to calculate the cost of ordinary shares. There is an alternative method that you could have used if you had been provided with the necessary information.

2. What alternative method could you have used to work out the cost of ordinary shares to Extractoil Plc? You are not required to calculate the cost of ordinary share capital using this method.

Assuming that the required return for shareholders in Extractoil Plc is already known then what additional information would you have needed in order to use this alternative method instead? [10 marks]

3. Please discuss the merits of the alternative method as a means of assessing the cost of ordinary shares. As part of your discussion, you should comment on the sources of the additional information you would need to locate in order to employ the model. [15 marks]

4. Comment on the remarks made by both Investex and Oiltech. [15 marks]

Please explain any assumptions you make in giving your answers to the questions in Part A. You should comment on the information provided to you for this question where appropriate.

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