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Walmart vs Amazon easy essay help Criminology homework help

Question 1. Compare walmart. com with amazon. com. What features do the sites have in common? Which are unique to Walmart. com? To Amazon. com? Answer: When we compare walmart. com with amazon. com. Two of the biggest names in the industry are Amazon. com and Walmart, the latter of which has moved beyond its physical stores and begun to offer a variety of merchandise online. Amazon. com is one of the most recognizable names in the online retail industry. The site’s marketplace allows customers to purchase a wide variety of items online. And with a slew of third-party merchants in its roster, Amazon. om is a formidable presence indeed. Walmart is just as widely known of course, albeit in the real world. The company is a familiar name in the retail industry thanks to its numerous stores throughout the county and the world, and its recent move into the online world took many by surprise. Walmart now offers the same online shopping service as Amazon. com and other online retailers do, and it is clear that the company poses some serious competition. Walmart has recently added more than one million new items to its online catalog, which is bound to get the site some market attention.

This is in line with the company’s goal of becoming the most visited retail site on the Internet. As to whether or not this will allow the company to grab a portion of the lucrative online market dominated by Amazon. com and other sites remains to be seen. Amazon. com definitely isn’t taking the challenge lying down, having just recently 2009 racked up 1. 7 million active marketplace sellers. Considering that the figure accounts for sellers and not merely items, it appears that Walmart has its work cut out for it. Common features: Both Walmart. com and Amazon. com offer the benefits of easy and convenient online shopping.

Both Walmart. com and Amazon. com offer similar prices, although there may be slight variances with certain items. Both offers Electronics, Movies, Music & Books, Toys & Video Games, Sports & Fitness, Auto & Home Improvement, Pharmacy, Health & Beauty, Grocery & Pets, Baby & Kids, Apparel and Shoes & Jewelry. Both provides free and paid shipping, Order status, Tracking numbers and free accounts. Both offers special offers, discounts, gift cards, coupons and clearness sales. Unique to Walmart. com: Started out as a brick-and-mortar retailer but has now gone on to online retailing.

Offers Walmart Marketplace merchandise on its website. Has more than one million new items in its online inventory. Unique to amazon. com: Has been in the online retail business longer than Walmart and almost every other online retailer. Just like on Amazon’s Marketplace, shoppers can buy Walmart Marketplace merchandise on Wal-Mart’s Web site. Amazon. com says it currently has 1. 7 million active marketplace sellers. Question 2. Will WalMart. com become the dominant e? tailer in the world, replacing Amazon. com, or will Amazon. com dominate WalMart online?

What factors would contribute to WalMart’s success in the online marketplace? What factors would detract from its ability to dominate online sales the way it has been able to dominate physical retail sales in many markets? Answer: For almost a decade, Wal-Mart Stores has been boasting that it will dominate Internet retailing the way it dominates strip malls, topplingAmazon. com as the world’s largest online merchant. And every year, those boasts have proved hollow. But this holiday shopping season, Wal-Mart has started aiming at what it sees as Amazon’s Achilles’ heel: the costs and delays of shipping online purchases to buyers.

WalMart. com has advantage in shipping products from the local Wal-Mart store. For this walmart provided new service desks at the front of some stores make it easier for shoppers to retrieve their stuff. Walmart. com now ranks among the top e-commerce sites in traffic, according to comScore’s tracking service. The factors detract from its ability to dominate online sales are retail spending, finding technologically unsophisticated consumers start their shopping on computers or mobile phones, perusing product reviews and price comparison Web sites.

International Hospitality Operations Management

International Hospitality Operations Management.

The first assignment asks you to review the performance of a restaurant unit of your choice in no more than 2000 words (this is the absolute maximum word count – this includes any summary or any Intro etc.). The report shall be formatted and presented in a business report format (not assay)

What is the purpose of the assignment?

For any operation to be successful it must have a clearly defined service concept appealing to a particular market, the way the service is delivered and the environment within which that takes place must be designed to fit the concept, and the actual service delivery must meet the service promise. We want you to review a restaurant operation of your choice to see if it fits the criteria for success outlined above.

What we want you to report on?

Specifically we want you to analyse

 The restaurant’s proposed service concept based on any material the company has produced about the operation – website, brochures, advertising, social media etc.

 The restaurant’s design in terms of the servicescape (the location and designed environment – inside and outside) and the service delivery system – the way in which the service is designed to be delivered through the people, systems, equipment and technology of the operation.

 The service experience – does the operation deliver the service promise inherent in the service concept to the customer. This will mean you having to experience the operation from the customer perspective.

Choosing the unit?

You can choose any restaurant operation that you would like to visit. We can give you some suggestions but here are some pointers you might like to consider.

 Choose somewhere you would be happy to eat in. To do this properly you really need to experience the operation first hand and you might want to look at some of the competitors too for a comparison.

 Choose somewhere within your budget. This doesn’t mean you have to go somewhere cheap. If you were thinking of going out for a celebration meal then why not use that. Don’t forget that even Michelin star restaurants have really good lunch time and pre-theatre set menus that won’t break the bank. Look out for special deals on TopTable and similar sites

 Choose somewhere you haven’t been to before. If you are already a loyal customer you won’t see the operation clearly. This also goes for somewhere that you might have worked in – best avoid.

 London is one of the most dynamic restaurant markets in the world at the moment with new and different operations opening all the time and it is only forty minutes away by train. There are some interesting operations in Guildford but why not take this opportunity to try something really new.

 Popular case studies in the past have been MC Donalds, Pret A Mange, Jamie Oliver Itlian Kitchen, Five Guys, Hakkasan and many more. If you are still in doubt then ask us for some recommendations.

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