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Walmart Journey Towards Corruption english essay help Social Science homework help

Wal-Mart’s Journey Towards Corruption Due to Wal-Mart’s absolute power they have constructed a corrupt business. They want to become a very large and profitable company that they don’t care if they are mistreating their employees, or running other small/family business out of business. They truly do not care about the society they’re affecting due to the fact they are that greedy, and corrupt. It’s surprising to me that the percentage points between men and women were so vastly different in the way the company treats us,” said a Wal-Mart associate Maggie Van Ness. This quote states that Wal-Mart discrimination towards women is far greater than the men. Another case of Wal-Mart’s discrimination was when they fired an employee in July 16, 2011. A man named Roger Barr was fired immediately after he was alleged to be a Jew. After trying to mollify its critics in recent years by offering better health care benefits to its employees, Wal-Mart is substantially rolling back coverage for part-time workers and significantly raising premiums for many full-time staff. ”, said a Wal-Mart manager. This quote is telling the reader that Wal-Mart is cutting back many and many part time employers therefore saving a lot of money. “In 1991, Charles Hood’s Advantage Media Group, Inc. (AMG) was a public company having a market value well over $18 million; in 1998, AMG had to shut its doors for good.

What changed in those seven years? Doing business with Wal-Mart. Although there were many warning signs throughout AMG’s dealings with Wal-Mart of the destruction that was to come, Hood admits to being bitten by Wal-Mart’s infectious greed, focusing solely on profits. ” Charles Hood. Wal-Mart has tried endlessly to come into small town communities to improve their social statistics, and have done the complete opposite. In 2006, the big-box retailer promised to bring jobs to the cash-strapped community.

But according to a landmark study by Loyola University, the company didn’t match reality, within two years of Wal-Mart’s opening its doors, 82 local stores went out of business. Instead of growing the community’s retail economy, Wal-Mart simply overtook it therefore absorbing sales from other city stores and shuttering dozens of them in the process. These simple quotes on how Wal-Mart’s absolute power shows the audience how it became a corrupt business and how it’s simple greed to grow larger and more profitable affected many employees, small and large businesses.

ANT 243 Caribbean People and Culture

Week 2 Assignments due:
1. Read Chapter 1 in our course book, Introduction to the Caribbean: Diversity, Challenges, Resiliency.
2. By 11:59pm, Saturday, complete Part 1 of the Week 2 Discussion Assignment:
We Are Still Here: Caribbean Indigenous Peoples
After reading Chapter 1 of our course book, view the program below presented by the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in December of 2020. Please be patient at the beginning of the video as there is a slight delay to the start of the program. As you listen, consider the following:
A. What themes and concerns are echoed between the Program and the Chapter? Discuss 3.
B. What actions do the discussants discuss as important to maintaining and enhancing Caribbean Indigenous social and cultural contributions in the Twenty-First Century? Discuss 3.
Cite your sources within your writing, and list your sources at the end of you document.