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The Wall Street Crash was the most important reason for the increase in support for the Nazis during the period 1928-32’. Do you agree? Explain your answer. The depression also weakened the Weimar government, there were unpopular economic policies, for over half a century the Germans had judged their country by economic success, therefore when the economy was failing the Germans believed the country was too! The government had no idea how to solve the problems of unemployment and poverty.

The chancellor raised taxes, cut wages and reduced the unemployment benefit; these policies were defiantly not going to win over the support of the citizens. Due to the fact that the country was in such a mess, politics was so important. People who would have normally not bothered to vote, had to because action had to be taken to restore the country. Desperation caused people to turn to the extremes, of which the Nazi party clearly were.

They took full advantage of the desperation running throughout the country, claiming they could get rid of the enemy within, blaming the Weimar Republic for all the current problems and they promised jobs and a stable country. These policies were clearly appealing to the suffering Germans. Because the German people were turning to the extremes because of the Wall Street Crash, there was a fear of communism the middle classes were scared the working classes would turn to communism so they went the opposite way, voting for the right wingers.

However, there were also other factors that gained support for the Nazis. For example, Hitler himself – Hitler was an extraordinary public speaker; he was able to win over thousands of people through the way he delivered his policies through speech. He was also an extremely strong leader, Germany needed someone like this to solve the problems in the country. The Nazis made their policies and promises things that everyone wanted to here, workers were promised jobs, employers were promised restored profits and they promised protection against communism, everyone was a winner.

The Nazis were extremely well organised and had very skilled leaders which the German people wanted because of the collapse of the last government. They used radio to give election speeches reaching everyone across the country gathering support. They had election rallies, posters and marches getting the Nazi message across to everyone in the country. Finally, they used propaganda to highlight their policies and target the specific groups of people in Germany. In conclusion, overall I believe that the Wall Street crash was very significant in gaining support for the Nazis but it wasn’t the most important reason.

I have come to this understanding because if it wasn’t for the Nazis leadership and organisation they wouldn’t have been able to use the Wall Street Crash to their advantage. And if it wasn’t for their propaganda and use of technology they wouldn’t have been able to spread their ideas about how they were going to attempt to make things better for the citizens of their country. Although, if there wasn’t the wall street crash the Nazis wouldn’t have been able to use the other factors to their advantage, this is why I believe it’s extremely significant in gaining them support, but still not the most important reason.

A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner

A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner.

The writer must come up with a thesis statement regarding the text and the essay will be an argumentative essay proving said thesis. The three sources must be academic in nature. Literary Analysis Essay Instructions Description of Assignment: For this assignment, you are to write a literary analysis of one text that we have read for this course. Your analysis should be structured by an introduction that sets up and states an argument you wish to make about the text; a body that develops this argument; and a conclusion that rounds out the argument. Your argument might involve an analysis of character, theme, language or some other aspect that is central to the meaning of the text. For further guidance, see this document: Incorporate Sources: You will incorporate at least THREE secondary sources into your argument and cite them properly according to the MLA style of citation. For guidance in working with sources, see the Purdue OWL website. The Final Paper: Your final paper will be at least 6 full pages, in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, and will include a Bibliography that properly documents your three secondary sources. The paper should have: • An engaging introduction in which your frame your argument and clearly state your thesis. • A unified, coherent, clearly argued body where each paragraph has a main idea that is clearly developed in that paragraph. • The language should be clear, concise, and free of grammatical and other errors. • A conclusion that rounds out your thought.

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