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Walden Discussion: Legal Aspects Associated with Performance Management Programs

Walden Discussion: Legal Aspects Associated with Performance Management Programs.

Discussion: Legal Aspects Associated With Performance Management ProgramsBy Day 5Respond to two or more of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways:Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, evidence, or research.Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives.Offer and support an alternative perspective using readings from the classroom or from your own research in the Walden Library.Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research.Make a suggestion based on additional evidence drawn from readings or after synthesizing multiple postings.Expand on your colleagues’ postings by providing additional insights or contrasting perspectives based on readings and evidence.Classmate 1: (Barbie)”Legal Aspects Associated With Performance Management Programs Performance management programs are an essential element organizations must strategize, design, and implement considering the organization’s mission and values in order to be successful in the global community. When an organization implements a performance management system, applying proper strategies must also encompass abiding by labor laws protecting the rights of all employees. Legal Aspects Laws may vary from state to state as well as country to country. Although the verbiage is not verbatim, globally organizations must abide by regulations set forth in the geographical location an employee performs work for the organization. When implementing a performance management system, it is crucial procedures are consistent for all employees. Furthermore, all employees are communicated within the organization’s handbook and orientation of the procedures expected. In this manner, through the performance management systems adhering to the procedures and policies set and is communicated to all employees, fair and equal treatment is adhered by and to all employees. In this manner, the performance management system indicates fairness and equality for all. Additionally, the procedures and policies must be in alignment of the regulations governed by local labor laws. There are six legal principles provided by Aguinis (2014) which affect organizations with a performance management system if not in alignment of the labor laws: employment at will; negligence; defamation; misrepresentation; adverse impact; and illegal discrimination. Employment at will permits either the employer and employee termination at any time. Employers may terminate without prior documentation as long as the public policy or procedure violated is clearly indicated within the employee handbook and is of a severe violation. However, in the case of an airline pilot who sought to continue working for another airline during a strike the pilot was employed, the pilot received a poor peer performance review shortly before his probationary period was to end. The company fired him based on the poor performance; however, received legal ramifications due to the organization not adhering to the policy set within the handbook stating employees to received fair and unbiased evaluations. (Aguinis, 2014) This example instills the necessity of a performance management system abiding by the procedures and policies communicated as fair and equal treatment to all employees. Negligence can occur if the organization does not fulfill expectations of the employer not adhering to the policies for the employee. Defamation (damaging to the employee of false statements and misrepresentation (withholding essential information regarding an employee) are also legal aspects an employer must avoid without repercussions. Furthermore, adverse impact (performance not aligned specifically to expectations of a position regarding employees of different abilities performing the same task) and illegal discrimination such as race, religion, ethnic or national origin. “Classmate 2: (Machele)”Performance Program Compliant MeasuresFor performance management to be compliant with the law, there are specific guidelines that need to be taken care of. One of the guidelines is to ensure that the chosen performance management program is within the state roles. If it does not comply with the set regulations, there is a need to avoid it. It is also necessary to create consistency in the application of the program. The chosen program should be applicable across the organization as cases of biases may result in legal issues. There is a need to consider diversity in the organization when choosing a performance program as well as the rules governing diversity. Another essential guideline in performance management is to select a program that offers equal opportunity for hiring, training, and development of all employees (Hellqvist, 2011). The chosen performance program should also cater to the performance of both high performing and underperforming employees with a proper appraisal.How to Address Employee Performance IssuesCases of violation in employee performance are common in most organizations. They might arise in areas where the management has no proper knowledge of performance management. In case there are employee issues relating to legal issues in an organization, there is a need for a manager to address the issue with a lot of sincerity and consideration. As a manager, the most efficient way of addressing such issues is to create an open discussion between the management and employees. Such discussion will help employees to air out their complaints relating to the performance program which the management will respond accordingly through dialogue. There is also the need to create open and reliable channels for settling performance issues which put employee consideration first as this builds trust in the program (Van Dooren, 2011). This ensures that issues that might arise are appropriately handled without getting out of hand or violating the set regulations.”
Walden Discussion: Legal Aspects Associated with Performance Management Programs

Paper on nintendo. I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

You have been appointed the CIO of the organization you selected in Module 1. Your job is to analyze the “as is” state of the organization’s information system and recommend changes wherever you see fit. Analyses and recommended changes will be done based on concepts learned throughout the course. You have already submitted two milestones in previous modules:

Milestone 1: Organization Proposal (Module 1)
Milestone 2: Business Model, SCM, and CRM (Module 4)

Organization’s business model (market share, customer base, revenue, competitors)

In this module you will complete Milestone 3 and compile all milestones into your final Portfolio Project.
Milestone 3: eCommerce, Database Systems, Security Policies, Customer Privacy Protection, Business Continuity Planning, and Recommendations
To complete your Portfolio Project, analyze the organization you selected based on the following areas and provide detailed recommendations.

eCommerce presence

What model they utilize?
Are they utilizing mCommerce? If yes, explain. If not, explain why they would benefit from it.

Database systems utilized
Security policies
Customer privacy protection
Business continuity planning

Briefly describe how continuity planning has prepared the business to deal with the following threats: internal threats, theft, unintentional or intentional data corruption, staff-related issues (strikes, illnesses, weather related, etc.), natural disasters, infrastructure failures, terrorist attacks. (Consider the four planning steps recommended by the Department of Homeland Security when analyzing the business continuity planning for the organization.)
Identify gaps that require further attention by the organization.


System development method: What system development method would you recommend and why?
Off-the-shelf vs. custom software: Describe what would be the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing off-the-shelf software versus building customized software, considering your organization’s needs, and recommend the one you think would be more feasible.
New technology: Recommend at least one new technology the organization is not using that you think might benefit them. Describe how that technology works. If that new technology was to replace an existing technology or system, what cutover approach would you recommend and why?

Compile Milestone 1, Milestone 2, and your work for Milestone 3 into your final Portfolio Project – be sure to integrate instructor feedback from Milestone 2 into your final submission. Your final Portfolio Project must be 13-15 pages in length (double-spaced, not including cover and reference pages) and written according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.). Include headings for each of the major components required in this milestone and integrate support for this section of your paper from three to four additional scholarly sources (minimum of six) – the “Best Bet Databases for Information System Management” (Links to an external site.) resource from the CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.
Paper on nintendo

MKTG 563 Montclair State Technology and Innovation Strategies Discussion.

300 wordsAfter watching M6 videos, choose a successful and fast growing platform business you are interested in, and analyze its business model innovation and platform strategy, and how they enabled it to gain an upper hand in the competition. The emphasis (and key grading criterion) is to analyze the specific design of its platform that made it successful against competition (good if you can compare key design features against one or two key competitor), based on understanding of key platform strategy concepts from the literature (see below for references), rather than a superficial description of the platform. Also think about what lessons can you draw from your research on your own company, business, or career.Here are just some examples of platform companies:TikTok, Medium, Viki, Reddit, Huffington Post, TwitchSkillshare, Udemy, Wattpad, LegalZoom, Hired, EtsyUpwork, Instarcart, Lending Club, HomeAdvisor, TaskRabbitNote: You are encouraged to choose names other than those familiar ones such as Facebook, Google, etc. and the bar will be higher for these companies, since you will need to come up with fresh insights while analyzing the specific designs of the platform that made it successful, not just describing what everybody is already familiar with).To help with your analysis with platform strategy, please read at least 5 HBR articles you find most interesting and relevant (Here are some example: hbr platform strategy – Google Search) (Links to an external site.) and include these sources for your research in the footnotes. If HBR articles’ full text inaccessible, go to the library -> online journals, search Harvard Business Review and find it there.Below are some more optional resources on how platform thinking can help companies grow faster despite limited resources, and some more articles at the bottom of the webpage: A Video that explains platform strategy (Links to an external site.)Interesting platform thinking blog
MKTG 563 Montclair State Technology and Innovation Strategies Discussion

The Stavropol State Agrarian University Report (Assessment)

Particularity of the Organization The Stavropol State Agrarian University is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Stavropol city, within Russian Federation. Started in 1930, this institution has experienced massive development in various areas as it seeks to be in line with the international standards of learning at this higher level. The management of this firm has a reputation when it comes to freedom in research and development. As defined in the mission statement of this firm, the organisation has high regards to morals and societal values, and there has been a concerted effort to merge science with culture. SSAU is a fully chartered university that does not only target the local students but also the international learners within European Union and in the global society. The management of this institution appreciates the fact that competition in the education sector has become very stiff. For this reason, there has been effort to introduce management practices and strategies that would make the university attractive to the local and international society. The institution has introduced programmes, which focus on improving the students’ experience. When it was started, the focus of this institution was to offer products, which at this time was standardized with knowledge in various fields. The management had to realize that all the lecturers attended their classes and the syllabus was covered as was expected. However, things changed systematically based on the changes in the environment. The institution’s focus changed from product to service. The management realized that it owes their clients (students) a lot, and there was a need to offer them good services. It was in this era that the university introduced new courses to meet the diversified needs of the learners. In this era, the management of this institution has realized that offering services to the clients is not good enough. There is a need to offer solutions. Institutions of higher learning are seen to be the solution to any issue that is affecting the society in one way or the other. This means that offering learners the courses they need in an effective learning environment is not enough. The current society expects more from these institutions. They need solutions to the social and scientific problems they face from time to time. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The management of SSAU has been offering this solution to its clients in different approaches. Each of the departments at this institution has its own budget that is specifically meant for research. The university believes in solutions that are obtained by conducting reliable researches both socially and scientifically. The graduates from this institution go into the job market after they have been fully prepared to offer solutions to some of the problems that an organisation or society may face. This has put this institution at a prestigious position where the society seeks solutions to some of the problems they face. SSAU is an institution to reckon with not only within the Russian Federation, but also in the entire region of Eastern Europe. Good Practice at the Company Achieving success in the current competitive market is not an easy task. It requires a concerted effort by the management to do what is right, in the right manner, at the right time, and with the right people. The management of this institution has started various programmes, which are meant to enhance good practice as a way of enhancing its competitiveness. The first programme was the focus on concentrating talents. The management of this firm introduced internationalization process in hiring the staff. It came to the attention of the top management that most of the staffs at this institution were professionals who are citizens of this country. This was not a big issue, but it had negative impacts on the marketability of the institution as a global learning centre. The management, therefore, started a programme that aimed at concentrating talents. Most of the positions were left open to both the local and international staffs in order to enhance competition. The process of hiring staffs was made competitive in order to select the best-qualified candidates irrespective of their nationalities. This enhanced diversity at this institution as the new staff members came from various countries in Europe, North America and even other parts of Africa. Concentration of talents was not just restricted to the teaching staff. SSAU has been keen when it comes to selecting students for various programmes. Students also have a massive potential when it comes to enhancing research in various fields. The institution has one of the highest bars when it comes to selecting of the students for various courses. Having such a pool of talented students and teachers enhances the capacity of the university to engage in research. The second approach that this firm has been using to enhance good practice is to diversify its resources. The institution has introduced new ways of earning extra income besides what is generated from the students. Currently, this institution is the largest consultant in various fields within this country. Private institutions and non-governmental institutions have been coming to this firm for consultation in various fields. We will write a custom Assessment on The Stavropol State Agrarian University specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The institution can now be commissioned to research on both social and scientific issues by these private institutions in order to find solutions to some of the issues that are affecting them. The biggest single client of this institution in the field of consultation is the government. The government has consulted this firm on various scientific and social issues that affect the Russian community. These consultations have earned the firm good income, which supplements what is generated from the learners. This firm has been a leader in technology advancement. Many firms have relied on this institution to help them improve their communication systems, maintain their machines, and various other services related to technology. These extra incomes add value to the main clients at this institution. The management can afford to lower its fee without necessarily affecting the quality of education. The university is also able to offer subseries to some of the best but needy students in order to improve their experience. The university also introduced optimal management as a way of enhancing the way processes are managed. The institution has introduced the Decision Support System (DSS) in most of its managerial activities to ensure that every decision is supported by valid facts. Key Results Demonstrating Achievement of the Objectives Introduction of the best practices at this firm has brought with it positive results that have helped the university advance in various areas. Coordinating personal goals of the employees with the strategic goals of the firm has been made very simple. This has been achieved through the employee involvement in strategic planning. This way, it has become possible for them to integrate their personal plans with that of the organisation. This has helped the firm build a large pool of highly skilled human resource that meets the international standards. The new strategy has also helped in making the contribution of the learners relevant in the overall research at this institution. It has encouraged the student-learner relations at this firm, making it a better research centre. Use of the RADAR Methodology by the Company The management of this university has been using RADAR logic to question the performance of various departments in this organisation. The firm has been keen on defining the results that each department is expected to achieve within a specified period. The heads of the departments are tasked with the responsibility of setting the targets that every employee should achieve within a given period. Not sure if you can write a paper on The Stavropol State Agrarian University by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It has developed sound approaches that are meant to help each department achieve the set goals. The management has also been effective in deploying the approaches to ensure that the most qualified candidate addresses each task in the right manner. Deploying of the employees has largely been based on the qualifications and interests of the individual worker. This has helped the firm to improve the levels of employee morale in every task they do. Finally, the firm has developed effective ways of assessing and refining the results of each employee and each department of this firm. To help in this area, the management introduced a new system of ‘ideal employee’. In this new system, employees are encouraged to assess their own performances and to involve peers in finding solutions to their identified weaknesses. With these new strategies, it is believed that the firm will emerge top in this year’s EFQM Good Practice Competition.

WU Substance Use and The Adolescent DSM Diagnosis of Clients Case Study

best assignment help WU Substance Use and The Adolescent DSM Diagnosis of Clients Case Study.

Assignment: Case Study – Substance Use and the AdolescentOver the past decade, cases of substance related disorders have appeared more prevalent in society. From the mental health perspective, research has shown an increase in cases of substance related disorders, particularly with adolescents. This increase has prompted further investigation into adolescent risk and resilience factors, as well as accuracy in diagnosis and appropriate treatment plans. Yet, in cases of adolescent substance use, further investigation is still needed concerning notification rights of parents, legal authorities, and/or case workers. For this Application, review the client case study in the Learning Resources. Consider the characteristics of the client. Which specific characteristics might you consider important in developing a diagnosis? Consider your rationale for assigning particular diagnoses on the basis of the DSM. Also, think about what other information or people you may need to include in the assessment in order to make an accurate diagnosis.The Assignment (3–4 pages)A DSM diagnosis of the client in the case studyAn explanation of your rationale for assigning the diagnosis on the basis of the DSMAn explanation of what other information you might need about the client to make an accurate diagnosisA brief description of additional individuals you might include in your assessment and explain whySupport your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources as well as current literature used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.Substance Related and Addictive Disorders
Program Transcript
FEMALE SPEAKER: He’s– he’s always doing things on the computer. He talks
on the telephone, texting. He never stops, not even to eat. He never eats much
MALE SPEAKER: Eat your veggies. Drink your milk. Eat your veggies. Drink
your milk. Who needs to eat?
Seen any good movies lately? I like horror movies, myself. Zombies, especially.
The fast ones.
FEMALE SPEAKER: There’s no alcohol or drugs in our house, none. We’ve
never done that. We don’t leave drink wine. That’s why I wanted our minister to
talk to him.
MALE SPEAKER: Talk about zombies.
FEMALE SPEAKER: He’s the one who suggested that we come here and talk to
because he was thinking that maybe something’s going on.
MALE SPEAKER: Yuck! I hate booze. I don’t do drugs, either. I say no every day.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Personally, I think it’s the music he’s listening to.
MALE SPEAKER: Oh, brother.
FEMALE SPEAKER: I mean, the screaming. It’s so aggressive and angry.
MALE SPEAKER: Feels good.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Maybe you agree with your mom that you’ve been
depressed and angry in the past, Do you remember, maybe, why you felt that
MALE SPEAKER: Because I’m stupid.
FEMALE SPEAKER: You’re not stupid, honey. See, he had to repeat the fifth
grade, so he’s a year behind all his friends at school.
MALE SPEAKER: They’re not my friends. You hate my friends.
©2013 Laureate Education, Inc. 1
Substance Related and Addictive Disorders
FEMALE SPEAKER: I don’t hate them. It’s just I don’t think you should be
hanging around boys who are that much older than you.
Substance Related and Addictive Disorders
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WU Substance Use and The Adolescent DSM Diagnosis of Clients Case Study

Political Advertisement Project

Political Advertisement Project. I’m stuck on a Communications question and need an explanation.

Political Campaign Advertisement Analysis Fall 2019 Directions You must analyze two major party (Democrat or Republican) candidates. Use candidates for any county or state position. The ads must be from 2019! Find campaign advertisements on YouTube, the candidates’ campaign website, etc. Advertisements may be sponsored by the candidate’s campaign organization, a political party, or an interest—group. View these ads as a campaign strategist might. So, for each candidate, try to view each ad, each word, each image, and each sound, and imagine the purpose it serves in the ad. Why was it placed there? What did the candidate or interest group that created the ad intend for the effect to be? As a viewer, how were these images, sounds, and messages received? What can we learn about the candidates and their parties from viewing these ads? What do these ads reveal about how candidates, parties, and interest groups view voters? For each advertisement viewed, the following themes should be addressed: Advertisement Tone The tone of the ad (is the ad a positive statement about what the candidate stands for, or is the ad an attack on the opponent?). Be sure to discuss the criteria you used to determine whether an ad was considered to be positive or negative (or neutral) for the purposes of your paper. • If the ad is positive, what types of images, sounds, associations, or slogans are used to promote this tone? • If the ad is negative, what types of images, sounds, associations, and slogans are used to create this tone? Candidate’s Agenda • What elements of the candidate’s issue agenda are present in the ad? • Does the candidate enumerate elements of a specific policy proposal? If so, what is the policy (or policies) that the candidate seeks to promote? • Does the candidate emphasize any non—policy messages such as leadership, experience, compassion, etc.? • On balance, on what basis is the voter being asked to select the candidate? Is the appeal primarily a policy appeal, or a non—policy appeal? The use of symbols in the ad. Symbolism • Examine images used in the ad, and what those images are intended to symbolize to the viewer (i.e., the setting, objects, persons). • If there is a narrator, is it a male or a female? How would you characterize the narrator’s voice? • Do other persons appear in the ad? If so, what do they represent? Other Intangibles • Is there music, and if so, what effect is created by this? • Is there anything interesting about the movement of the camera that may evoke a particular type of emotion in the viewer? • Describe anything else that you feel contributes to the appeal that the candidate is making in the ad that may not be captured by the other categories. Candidate’s Appearance • Does the candidate appear in the ad? If so, do we see the whole candidate, is the focus on the candidate’s face, or is there some other presentation? What image does this convey to the voter? Does the candidate appear friendly? Sympathetic? Professional? • How is the candidate attired? Is the clothing casual or formal? What type of image is this designed to convey? Target Audience • Sometimes, the target audience of the ad may be revealed by the setting of the ad, or the persons portrayed in the ad. So, an ad set in a factory and discussing blue collar jobs may be designed to appeal primarily to working class voters, although a job’s theme may have a secondary appeal to a larger audience (in that claims about economic improvement presumably appeal to all). • Alternatively, an ad about equal pay may be directed primarily toward women. • Try to look beyond just the people in the ad and the setting. Who is most likely to be affected by the policy/ issue that the ad is discussing? Or, what types of voters are most concerned about this topic? The target may not be a particular socio—demographic group. Instead, the target may be liberal voters or socio—demographic group. Instead, the target may be liberal voters or social conservatives
Or, candidates could be targeting their own base (that is, members of their own party) in an attempt to mobilize their supporters. Important Notes:
You must provide the links of each ad
Political Advertisement Project

Stetson University Public Health Guinea Worm Descriptive Essay

Stetson University Public Health Guinea Worm Descriptive Essay.

1) What is the infectious agent for Guinea Worm? Please name it and describe (is it a virus, bacteria etc.). Briefly describe it’s life-cycle.2) Outline the chain of infection by identifying the reservoir(s), portal(s) of exit, mode(s) of transmission, portal(s) of entry, and factors in host susceptibility.a. Reservoirs:b. Portals of exit:c. Modes of transmission:d. Portals of entry:e. Factors in host susceptibility:3) Can the infectious agent continue without a human host? Why or Why not? What else is required for the infectious agent to complete its life-cycle?4) Develop public health strategies to prevent Guinea Worm Disease in the human population. Hint – look at each link in the chain of transmission and see if you can break the chain! Provide one strategy for a-eabove, or explain why there is no strategy for that link in the chain.5) Dracunculiasis (guinea worm disease) is caused by the nematode (roundworm) Dracunculus medinensis.
Stetson University Public Health Guinea Worm Descriptive Essay