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The world economy has undergone a radical transformation in the last two decades. Geographical and cultural distances have shrunk significantly with the advent of airplanes, fax machines, global computers, and world televisions satellite broadcasting and most important the internet. These advances have allowed business corporations to widen substantially both their markets and their supplier sources. In the business world today, people refer to Globalization. Globalization is about worldwide economic activity – about open markets, competition and the free flow of goods, services, capital and knowledge.

It has made the world economy more efficient. As global companies enter local markets, local companies enter global ones. The resulting competition increases product quality, widens the range of available goods, and keeps prices low. Consumers everywhere are the big winners from the globalization process. Globalization actually creates more diversity, not less. While it expanded into international markets, making products and services universally available, it also increased consumer choice. The good news is that the globalization means a much larger market for goods and services.

The bad news is that these companies now face a greater number of competitors. Environmental deterioration presents many opportunities for companies that can create more effective means of protecting or cleaning up the environment. Infrastructure neglect provides huge opportunities for companies in the construction, transportation, and communication industries. Economic stagnation favors companies that are good at lean production and lean marketing. Low labor skills challenge educational and training companies to design more effective programs for upgrading human skill.

photo voice

photo voice.

This assessment requires you to prepare a Photo Voice assignment that combines the use of photographs, taken by you, with academic and reflective writing. The Photo Voice will demonstrate that you can:
• Describe the guiding principles and frameworks of health promotion; and
• Classify individual (downstream) and structural (upstream) health promotion approaches.
1. Go to the website ‘This is public health’ at
2. Look at the photos available on this site to gain an understanding of the different ways public health messages can be depicted. You can also look at the ‘100 Objects’ website for inspiration Look for photo opportunities that reflect or represent the important role of public health and health promotion.
3. Choose one health issue, such as physical activity, diabetes, cancer, homelessness, depression, domestic violence etc. that will provide a focus or theme for your assignment.
4. Go to Blackboard > Discussion Board > Assignment 2 Discussion. Share your health promotion issue and your photograph ideas with other students. Respond to the ideas of 3 other students (first in best dressed) to help you understand how to correctly define the health messages that you could use to represent your topic. You could even upload some images and ask your classmates to share their thoughts about what health approach may be represented in the images. This activity will support online students with the reflective writing at item 10 below. On campus students will have the chance to share ideas and photos in class.
5. Once you have selected your health issue, you are required to take three photographs. Each photo needs to reflect or represent a different health promotion approach (i.e. medical, behavioural and socio-environmental) that can be used to represent your health issue. Refer to the Continuum of Health Promotion Practice in your text, p. 18-21.
6. Each photo must display the ‘This is public health’ logo in the photo you take. Go to the ‘This is public health’ website at to download the logo.
7. Go to the Canva Design website at and review the different design canvas available. Use one of these templates to create your Photo Voice presentation. You will need to create an account before you begin. Please don’t hesitate to contact your Lecturer if you have any trouble with using Canva. You can choose any of the layouts available which allow you to upload your photos and incorporate text. Have some fun with this!
2 | HST1120 Introduction to Health Promotion Assessment 2: Health Promotion Photo Voice
8. Your Photo Voice presentation will require you to create multiple Canva ‘pages’. Think of the first page as the cover page incorporating an introduction about your health issue. Here, write about the underlying health issue that you selected to theme your images. Explain why your chosen health issue is a significant public health issue in Australia (or overseas if relevant to you) – no more than 200 words. Use academic references where required.
9. Next, add three more pages to your design. Each page will contain one of your photos, plus a written explanation as to how the photograph reflects one of the health promotion approaches you have chosen. For example, one page may predominantly reflect a medical approach; another page may predominantly reflect a behavioural approach and a third page may predominantly reflect a socio-environmental approach – no more than 200 words for each page and use academic references where required.
Tip: Health promotion initiatives often address health issues using more than one approach (e.g. behavioural and socio-environmental approaches). This might be reflected in some of your photos. However, you should only write about the approach that you intended to reflect in that particular photo. For example, if I photographed permanent exercise equipment supplied by the local council in my local park, I would choose to discuss this as a socio—environmental approach given it represents an initiative instigated upstream (ie the local council) by supplying infrastructure which supports healthier environments within communities. Alternatively, I might have photographed groups of people using the exercise equipment or gathering in the local park for group exercise. In this case, I would choose to write about how the photograph reflects a behavioural approach in health promotion, especially given programs like ‘Find 30’ are constantly reminding all of us to achieve recommended physical activity targets. Note: these two examples cannot be used in your Photo Voice presentation.
10. Add a 5th page to your Canva presentation. On this page you need to write a short reflection, maximum 250 words, discussing how the health promotion approaches you have depicted in your three photos combine to create an ‘integrated’ health promotion approach to address your chosen health issue. Your reflection should address the following elements:
a. Why is an integrated approach to health promotion important?
b. What are the challenges you might face with creating an integrated approach?
c. What have you learned that might help you in the future?
d. Include academic content to support your opinions.
To help you understand reflective writing, you should refer to Schon’s (1983) model on p.4 of this document at
11. You can add a final Canva Page to display your reference list.
3 | HST1120 Introduction to Health Promotion Assessment 2: Health Promotion Photo Voice
Canva Page 1: Health Issue
Introduce your chosen health issue and explain why it is a significant public health issue in Australia/overseas. Choose a design of your choice for this page. Maximum 200 words.
Canva Pages 2, 3 & 4:
Medical Approach (include image)
Draw on health promotion theory to explain how the photo depicts a medical (primary care) approach.
Behavioural approach (include image)
Draw on health promotion theory to explain how the photo depicts a behavioural approach.
Socio-ecological approach (include image)
Draw on health promotion theory to explain how the photo depicts a socio-ecological approach.
Maximum 200 words for each page.
Canva Page 5:
Explain how your images work together to reflect an integrated approach to health promotion. Using a reflective writing style, refering to Schon’s model.
Maximum 250 words.
Canva Page 6:
Reference list.
Download your completed Canva as a PDF.
Name your document: Surname, first initial_HST1120 Assessment 2
(e.g. Smith, G_HST1120 Assessment 2).
Upload your Canva PDF via Blackboard > Assessments > Assessment 2 folder.
Refer to the Assessment 2 marking rubric to guide you with this assignment.

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