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W6 Recruiting in the Healthcare Setting

” Dana said.”Relax, Dana. Medicine is an interesting field. It is complicated and the hospital has many different roles. In this week’s discussion, the course is exposing us to where and how the doctors that look after us train in lots of different medical settings. We should read the material and see what we can learn.”Kimberly and Dana are learners in the Capella MSHRM program and they have an assignment this week. They are working on it at lunchtime. This week, learners in our course will be sharing their challenges, and the work will be about another organization. As we move into the 2020s, healthcare is predicted to remain a major area of the economy.Assignment:Physician demand is expected to continue and will be at a shortfall of 47,000 by 2032. In the scenario Dana and Kimberly are working on, the medical system in a particular region of a state has traditionally only recruited physicians with MD (Medical Doctor) degrees and have not recruited DO (Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine) degrees or physicians that have graduated from Caribbean medical schools. The medical system is currently over 29% short of physicians across all specialties represented in the system.The shortages of physicians in the medical system have gone critical, and the system has been contracting services, which is costing the system almost twice as much as it would to have full-time employees. Should the medical system continue this practice or broaden its hiring practices to include doctors from non-allopathic medical schools as well as those in the Caribbean?Apply material from the assigned readings to help Dana and Kimberly create a framework strategy for:Medical Recruiting: Cost-effectiveness of attracting and retaining top medical talent.Respond with a posting that describes broad approaches to physician recruiting. In other words, how could HR professionals expand physician recruiting and talent programs? You can use the materials provided and also other peer-reviewed or trade publication sources from the Capella Library. The intent in the discussion posting is to provide a thoughtful product that would support the HR team’s task to provide ideas and a framework for recruiting. Focus on the things you see as most important.

economics of education

economics of education.

Directions: Provide a written essay of 600 to 1000 words that answers one of the two questions below. You must draw upon at least four sources and make sure to provide a reference list (including references to course readings used in the essay).  The reference list does not count towards your word requirement. These sources include our course readings, books, and articles published in academic journals.  You may also use popular press outlets like newspapers and magazines in your essay but these will not count towards your four required references (though you should still include them in your reference list). You may not use any additional writings such as blog postings, Wikipedia, or websites (other than those from news organizations) in your essay. 


In your essay, when referring to the reference material make sure that you cite your sources.  This can be done in text with the author’s name and publication date in parentheses at the end of a sentence. For example,


“Research has found that people are grumpy when the temperature drops below 10 degrees (Johnson, 2003).”


Quotations should be used sparingly if at all.  When in doubt it is better to paraphrase than use a quote.  If you do feel you need to quote a source then the quoted text should not exceed one sentence. Keep in mind that in keeping with the College of Social Science’s Tier II writing requirement, in addition to the substance of your essay grammar and writing style will compose a portion of your grade.


This is a Turnitin dropbox and so an “originality report” will be generated.  This report provides a guide to the instructor as to what elements of the writing may not be original, but the final judgment is in the hands of the instructor.




Option 1:


In our readings authors including Corcoran suggest that there has been a drop in the quality of teachers over time.  One potential explanation is fewer high ability women are becoming teachers. Discuss how the job market for women has changed over the past few decades and why that might be leading to fewer high quality teachers. Discuss the evidence provided by Corcoran on how the quality of teaching has fallen over time and make an argument for whether or not you agree with his assessment. Finally, discuss ways that policy makers may be able to incentivize more high ability people to enter the teaching profession. Note that for this question, the Corcoran study in your readings does not count towards your four source requirement, though you may use other writings by Corcoran.


Option 2:


Suppose that you are an advisor to the Governor of Michigan.  The governor is trying to decide whether to sign a bill that will change its accountability system so that it is based on test score growth instead of proficiency.  Using your external sources, provide the governor with a summary of the potential benefits and drawbacks of implementing the proposed change.  Then provide the governor with a recommendation of whether or not he should sign the bill.  With your recommendation make sure to clearly describe how you weigh the conflicting empirical evidence and potential drawbacks and benefits in coming to your recommendation.


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Evaluating a Controversial Argument

W6 Recruiting in the Healthcare Setting Evaluating a Controversial Argument.

Writing Task: Begin with research. What are some arguments people have made that you find yourself disagreeing with? You will need to choose one and write an evaluation essay disproving that argument. This argument can be a speech (maybe from a political figure), a lecture (possibly from a professor), a podcast (like Joe Rogan), a blog (choose someone credible), a tweet (our President has tons), and the list goes on. You will need to find the original source and include it in your Works Cited page. Then, do the following: Evaluate your chosen argument with the intent to disprove it. Tips: Contextualize the argument. Background information will be needed, so make sure to provide it (i.e. who, what, when, where). Be very specific. For example, is the tweet you’re analyzing in response to a bigger issue? You will need to clearly identify the issue itself. * Brainstorm the argument by creating specific criteria. For instance, you might want to begin by asking, “Does this argument violate any person’s rights?” Or you might want to ask, “Is this argument based on biased opinion?” Remember, a strong evaluation is not going to be based on your personal preferences or assumptions. For example, if you’re evaluating an argument against chocolate, you shouldn’t argue that the writer’s argument is weak because you love chocolate. * Be persuasive by considering the logos, pathos and ethos of the argument you’re evaluating. You might want to ask yourself what evidence the argument provides, how the writer of the argument tries to build credibility, and how the writer tries to appeal to the emotions of the reader. Avoid aggressive, offensive language and work on your stylistic flow. Your evaluation should be 4-6 pages and should follow MLA rules. For more on the MLA structure, please visit the Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.) link I posted on our Canvas page.

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Discuss the similarities and differences between North Korea and Burma.

Discuss the similarities and differences between North Korea and Burma..

Please discuss the similarities and differences between North Korea and Burma. One powerpoint slide and two reading articles will be provided. The powerpoint slide and one of the readings MUST be used as resources. Sources from outside are acceptable, however course material should be focused on first. Following are some requirements: Quality of Thinking: Response/comments on either an article or a video, or answers to some questions generated from PPT; Develop, support, and convey clear, focused, and substantive ideas in ways appropriate to topic, context, audience, and purpose. Reflection: If appropriate, evaluate and articulate one’s own point of view supported by research and logic.

In addition, you need to demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of the topic/question(s) by integrating the materials (e.g. quotes, evidence, cases, data, statements) from class PPT and assigned reading for each topic. Organization and Coherence: Organize writing in clear, coherent sequences, making connections and transitions among ideas, paragraphs, and sentences. Sentence Structure, Word Choice and Edit: Use and vary sentence structures and word choices to achieve clear and fluent writing; Edit for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, paragraph structure, sentence construction, formatting, and, when appropriate, citations. Use of Researched Information: Use, integrate, and cite researched information and evidence. Please cite everything that is not your own in the text of the discussion. References shall be provided at the end of each discussion.

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