vulnerability was exploited to create the DDoS attack that impacted the Internet

Write a paper that explains what happened and how the IoT camera vulnerability was exploited to create the DDoS attack that impacted the Internet on 21 October 2016. Find at least five references that help answer the questions posed and describe how this type attack can be avoided in the future. This activity requires a detailed 7-10 page written technical report (excluding abstract and references/appendices). The report should be neat, readable, and self-contained. Also, it should be written with the readers in mind. Any knowledgeable reader should be able to understand your report, and benefit from the results you obtain. Therefore, you should include adequate references and/or background materials and you should use tables, diagrams, graphs, figures, and portions of printouts to enhance readers’ comprehension of your project.[supanova_question]

Group: Grandmothers Providing Caregiving Services to Young Children

Group: Grandmothers Providing Caregiving Services to Young Children.

Select at least one of the group development theories

(1. Ecosystems 2. Social Justice 3. Human Rights 4. Strengths 5. Solution Focused 6. Narrative 7. Social Construction/Deconstruction/Critical Social Construction), more if others apply to your group. Discuss the theory and how it relates to your group; (narrative approach and solution based are in the text; other theories are listed in the article on Black Board Follow the guidelines of the pre-planning group list Birk: pg 344-345 and answer the 9 bulleted areas as part of your group work paper (write out the bullet point and then answer if it doesn’t apply to write it and tell why it doesn’t apply). After developing the group according to the pre-planning stages answer these questions.

Questions 2-15: 5 pts each 2. What life cycle stage are most of the members of the group? 3. What needs are related to this life cycle and how does this life cycle influence the group’s interaction? 4. Take the reader through the first meeting if this is a group you are making up. If this is an already established group, discuss the development stage the group is in currently providing examples to support the group phase that you identified. 5. What can be considered a strength of the group? 6. Identify at least one activity or strategy you would use with the group for individual and or group empowerment. 7. Identify the major diversity(ies) in the group. The diversity may be based on age, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities, race, sexual orientation, social class, spirituality/religious belief, other. 8. Discuss the effect(s) such diversity may have on the individual or group. 9. Might the members be considered at risk or oppressed? If so, how and why. 10. develop a sociogram indicating what might take place among members. 11. What would be one indication for you to start the termination process with this group 12. Using your empathy skills, what are possible feelings members of this group might have or exhibit towards being part of such a group? 13. What feelings would you have if you were part of such a group as a member? 14. how will you know when you have or have not accomplished the goal (s)? 15. what method or tools will you utilize to evaluate? Research components 10 pts • Use the APA citation style. o .Read and give a summary of one article related to the type of population of your group • give the complete bibliographic citation of the article. • Find a relevant internet resource related to the population of your group; provide a brief summary of the web page highlights; provide the name and citation for the site. Provide the bibliographic and internet citations in proper format on the last page of the paper; if there is room on the last page put the bibliography on that page; you do not have to start a new page.

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Written Assessment

vulnerability was exploited to create the DDoS attack that impacted the Internet Written Assessment.

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Task Description

For this assessment you are to choose an argument and then present facts to back up your chosen position.

  1. Marketing of new products by global companies is beneficial to the culture of the individuals in the host country.

In order to complete this assessment:

  1. Choose a global brand, introduce the brand, define what is a global brand, and then justify why the brand you have chosen is a global brand.

Below are just some of the many global companies you might consider investigation for this assessment.

Fast foods: KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks

Motor Vehicles: Toyota, Mercedes Benz, BMW

Women’s cosmetics: Lancome, Shishedo, L’Oreal

Men’s grooming: Gillette, Colgate, Polo by Ralph Lauren

Men’s clothing: Hugo Boss, Armani, Calvin Klein

Women’s clothing: Versace, Coco Chanel, Stella McCartney

Laundry Products: Proctor & Gamble, Lever & Kitchen, Unilever

Technology: Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Google

Soft Drinks: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Red Bull

Fashion accessories: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier

For more ideas: Global Brands and Top 100 brands

  1. Choose a host country, preferably one with which you are very familiar. Describe in detail the host country culture prior to the introduction of the product.
  1. Critically examine the changes that the introduction of the global product has had on the host culture and the individuals within the host country.
  1. Provide 4 specific examples of how the product has been marketed in the host country using examples from the internet and explain how this meets the needs of the target market.
  1. To show that you have conducted sound research, you need to back up your arguments using 8 quality journals and reference them correctly both in-text and in the Reference List.

Reference: APA format

Word count: 1600

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Current national policy

Current national policy.

From a selected current national policy document [Department of Health (2010) Healthy Lives Healthy People], consider its impact upon the health of specific client/patient group and its relationship to nursing care.

– Explore the meaning of Policy in relation to this assignment. 
Present a definition of policy and discussion of the meaning of policy in the context of the health.

– Explore the political ideology underpinning the policy i.e. was it influenced by conservative, labour or liberal democrats. 
E.g. was it influenced by liberalism, socialism, neoliberalism etc. including some evidence of what are some of the key elements in the policy document that indicates to you that this was from a particular ideological perspective. 

– What is the impact on your chosen client group i.e. population/patient/clients.
(Please note this could be populations or specific diseases)
A clear identification of the chosen client group: The client/patient group I have chosen is ‘Obesity in children.

– Undertake a critical analysis of the impact of the policy on the health of the identified group/groups including how this policy is viewed by other groups and interest groups and consider the implications this will have on nursing practice with your chosen client group. For example how the policy document is viewed by academic commentators. The critical analysis must be reflected throughout the entire essay, not just in selected sections of your paper.

– In conclusion, draw together the salient issues discussed in your assignment

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Context Mobile Marketing – A Day in a Life 2020

Context Mobile Marketing – A Day in a Life 2020.

After reading Chapter 12, review the blog post “Context Mobile Marketing – A Day in a Life 2020 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” In about 500 words, describe your own “day in a life 2019” to showcase your knowledge of future mobile technologies. Make sure to follow the attached rubric before completing your response. Criteria

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EXTENDED ESSAY Write an extended 3 page position paper taking either an affirmative or opposing stance on the following statement: “The benefits of a college degree outweigh the significant costs associated with attaining it.” Your position paper should

EXTENDED ESSAY Write an extended 3 page position paper taking either an affirmative or opposing stance on the following statement: “The benefits of a college degree outweigh the significant costs associated with attaining it.” Your position paper should.


Assignment: Write an extended 3 page position paper taking either an affirmative or opposing stance on the following statement: 
“The benefits of a college degree outweigh the significant costs associated with attaining it.” 
Your position paper should take a clear stance on the issue and make it evident from the thesis statement. Be sure to create an outline which identifies your position and contains supporting reasons. These supporting reasons will serve as the guides to create topic sentences for your body paragraphs.

Your paper must contain: 
• A clear thesis statement which identifies your position (in favor or opposed).
• Contain references to multiple, valid outside sources in support of your argument. 
• Extended analysis of the sources you use to support your topic sentences in your body paragraphs. 
• Avoid personal examples and the use of second person (“you”, “your”)
• Academic Essay structure: please adhere to 5 paragraph structure. 
• MLA formatting (especially for citations)

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People Management and Development.

People Management and Development..

 The evaluation of learning and development initiatives is a valid but often neglected activity. critically discuss this statement drawing on relevant theory examples.

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E-Learning in Health Care Settings

E-Learning in Health Care Settings.


In your paper, you will be expected to: Discuss the role of informatics in the selected topic area. (5 points) Identify the history of the use of informatics in that area. (10 points) Select and discuss a current issue within that topic area related to the use of informatics. (15 points) Take a stand and defend that stand on the topic issue. (10 points) Discuss the future direction of the use of informatics in the topic area. (10 points) An academic paper must follow APA format and guidelines for writing. The length of the body of the paper should be 6 to 8 pages, plus title page, abstract page, reference pages, and any tables or illustrations you wish to include for clarity and organization. You may find the following documents helpful as you prepare your paper:

Topic: E-Learning in Health Care Settings

Telemedicine is one of the fastest-growing areas of healthcare information technology. For my topic I would like to discuss how E-learning is used in healthcare settings and its positive and/or negative effects on healthcare workers. Research is still up for discussion on the effectiveness of e-learning on patient outcomes. There are many topics in e-learning such as community-based telemedicine or e-learning for healthcare professionals in hospital or clinical settings. There is also peer-to-peer learning effectiveness through e-learning, and also elearning that provides training giving a certification

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Why should I vote?

Why should I vote?.

 This essay is on why I, a citizen of the United States should vote. This essay is a non-formal extra credit essay. Casual language is permitted. One way people do this assignment is just having many different sources, quoting it and then having commentary about. Lots of people put in personal opinions and experiences (I’m an 18 year old so if you want to make stuff up please make it believable). Since this is an extra credit assignment, I’d actually prefer quantity>quality. I’d recommend talking about the history of the US and because of of our history and current system, it is extra important to vote for everything. Be original and meet the word requirement. Works cited as well but it doesn’t need to be formally organized. Just the sites if you’d like. Thank you

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The restaurant service encounter.

The restaurant service encounter..

 Choose a restaurant(or coffee shop, bar, but no fast food restaurant!). Enter as a customer and participant observer. Making observation and writing report. 

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Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination

Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination.

Mo-Tech manufactures molds for the consumer products, automotive, medical, and computer industries. In 2007, it laid off its three oldest and most skilled mold-makers— Richard Rahlf, Frank Stelter, and Scott Johnson—in a reduction in force (RIF). When these three employees began working in the 1980s, molds were made manually. In the early 1990s, Mo-Tech began using a Computer Numerical Control machine (CNC) to help make the molds.

A CNC machine is programmed by a mold-maker to product specifications and directs the production of the mold. Clients often design parts for CNC-generated models, and the CNC technology makes the process easier and faster. Consequently, there is greater need for mold-makers proficient in this technology than for those trained in traditional manual mold-making. Despite the growing popularity of the CNC machine, Mo-Tech did not require or provide its employees with formal training on it. Instead, employees were trained on the job when CNC machines were available. Rahlf practiced on the CNC machines at work; Stelter and Johnson each attended CNC training in the 1990s. Mo-Tech claimed that its RIF was necessary to meet changing client needs and address anticipated reductions in workload and profitability.

The company’s stated goal “was to shift the work that remained to the more efficient and less labor-intensive CNC mold making process while reducing the total number of Class A manual mold makers employed to reflect the anticipated decrease in its workload.” To determine which mold-makers to let go, three Mo-Tech managers ranked the mold-makers based on several factors, including CNC proficiency, general mold-making efficiency, and their own observations of each employee’s work. Within one year after firing the plaintiffs, Mo-Tech hired new (and younger) mold- makers, and its sales increased. Rahlf, Stelter, and Johnson claimed that Mo-Tech’s stated reason for terminating them was pretextual on five grounds: (1) there was no need for a RIF, (2) Mo-Tech failed to review their performance evaluations, (3) Mo-Tech did not follow its own termination criteria, (4) Mo-Tech destroyed the evidence it relied on to make the decision, and (5) Mo-Tech changed its reasons for the termination. What must the plaintiffs show to establish a prima facie case of age discrimination?

Does the employer have a valid defense?

How might it have avoided this lawsuit?

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